2GIG GC3: Setting Date & Time

Setting the date and time is one of the first steps you’ll take when installing your new security system. Our video shows you how.

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Setting the date and time is one of the first steps you’ll take when installing your new security system. Our video shows you how.

Your home security system is designed to keep you safe around-the-clock. But the system still needs to know the correct date and time for your location. This video shows you how to set the date and time for your 2GIG GC3.

Installation is covered in the previous video. After installation, the first step you’ll want to perform is setting the time and date. Fortunately, as the video illustrates, the process is simple and quick.

Once the GC3 is up and running, you’ll start the process by accessing the home screen. This is the main screen of the unit which displays current security settings, weather and the time/date. Note that the time currently displayed will likely be incorrect.

In the lower right corner of the home screen you’ll find a blue System Settings bar. Touching that opens up a screen where you’ll be required to enter your access code.

There are two types of access codes. The default installer code is used for initial setup while the master installer code is created by you for your specific unit. The installer code is only used to enter and exit the program. Additional details on access codes are provided in our next video.

Next, you’ll see the main interface. The video devotes some time to explaining the difference between the main interface of the GC3 and the previous model. Where the GC2 had a question-based installer toolbox, the GC3 has a grid of icons with more options outside the toolbox.

The video shows you the exact position of the Date/Time icon. Touching this button will take you a separate screen.

You don’t enter the date and time directly with a number pad. Instead, you scroll through virtual wheels to select the month, day and year. The time is AM/PM without a military option. Once you’ve selected the correct day and time, you’ll save your work by touching the green checkmark in the upper left of the screen.

The video then covers the use of the new home button. Both the GC3 and the previous model have a home key located on the right of the unit. It’s a physical button you can press to be taken to the home screen at any time.

While the home button in the GC2 had an illustration of a house, the button on the GC3 has changed to a square. Even though the functionality remains the same, we discuss why we actually prefer the earlier design. For new users, the house image is a bit easier to understand.

After returning to the home screen, the current date and time should be displayed. Not only is this convenient for the homeowner, but it also allows for feature scheduling.

Overall, setting the date and time is intuitive and easy. Plus, as one of the first steps you’ll perform, the process is a great way to become familiar with your new alarm system.


Hi DIYers. This is Frank at Alarm Grid. We're back in the Alarm Grid lab working on the 2GIG GC3 alarm system. We just did our install video. And the first thing we're going to do today is set the date and time on the panel.

So we'll first pop into programming. On the home screen of the GC3, you'll see that there's kind of a little bit of security and weather mixed right on here in the home screen. I really like the new interface. And you can check it out here.

But basically. We have 2:14 AM. It's obviously not that right now. So the first thing we'll do here is we'll hit System Settings on the bottom right. That'll bump you into this screen where it's actually going to ask you to enter the access code.

The default installer code on this is 1561. We'll get into the differences between the master and installer code in the next video, though it is a very important distinction. The installer code should only be used to enter and exit programming. So we'll enter 1561. That'll get us into this main interface here.

You'll already see, compared to the GC2, instead of this question-based installer toolbox, there's basically some other icons here outside of the toolbox that allow you to change date and time and do all of this right here. So we'll hit Date and Time. And we'll basically be able to set the date and time here. So today, we'll just jump right to-- you just use your finger to scroll up and down.

Today is May 4, 2016. And it is 9:55. Jump all the way up. And then we'll hit this green check here. That's to save. And that's pretty much as simple as that.

Once you're in this screen, you can hit the Back key here. You can also use this Home key-- different than the GC2 with the Home icon on it. They changed this to a square. Not really sure why. We don't love it, but it is what it is.

So here's the Home screen. So if you're ever in a different menu, you can hit this Home button and that'll back you to the Home screen. So now you'll notice it says 9:55 AM on Wednesday, May 4. So that's how you set the date and time.

That's it for this video. So if you have any other questions on setting the date and time on your 2GIG GC3, you can email us at support@alarmgrid.com. And don't forget to subscribe to our channel.