2GIG Go!Control: Disarm the system

Sterling explains how to disarm your 2GIG Go!Control.

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Knowing how to disarm your 2GIG Go!Control is essential for anyone who owns a security system. While simple to do, for those who are not familiar with their system, this video should serve to show exactly how to disarm a system that you have already armed. Occasionally, while arming the system with the master code, some will try disarming the system with their installer code, which will not work. Arming the system with the master code will mean you need to disarm with the master code. In this video Sterling takes 2GIG Go!Control users through the process of disarming their panel!


Hi, DIYers! Sterling with Alarm Grid here. And today we're going to show you how to disarm your 2GIG Go!Control panel. We've previously shown you how to arm the system, both to away mode and to stay mode, which is one of the most critical system functions that you need to know. Because otherwise the system's never going to protect your home. So now that we know how to arm the system, we have to know how to disarm it as well.

So first we're going to arm.

Arming away. Exit now.

We're going to allow this to fully arm the system so that we can see from an armed screen how to then disarm the system. So arming the system makes it ready to activate an alarm. If you open a door in the disarmed state, that's a fault, not an alarm. It would chime, if you have chime turned on, so you would know that a door was violated. But once you're armed and the door opens, now you're active in a full alarm mode. So when you're leaving the house, make sure you arm and arm to away.

If you're in the house and you want to arm your perimeter, but leave your motions off, that would be the armed stay mode. And either way, you will be armed. Once you're armed, then when you come home, you have to disarm. Or if you're in the stay mode and you want to disarm to leave, or take the system out of an armed mode, you would disarm the system.


System armed stay.

All right, so you can see, system armed stay. The home icon is lit up red to indicate that the system is currently armed. And now to disarm, can't get much easier. You hit the disarm button and you type in your master code or any valid sub-user code. We have our master set to 1234.

System disarmed.

Type it in, system is disarmed. So now you know how to accurately arm your system, and more importantly, how to disarm the system. We hope you've enjoyed this video. We hope that-- So now that we've disarmed the system, you know how to get your system back to a disarmed, ready to arm state. We hope you've enjoyed this video and we invite you to subscribe to our channel. If you have any questions on disarming your 2GIG Go!Control panel, please email support@alarmgrid.com.