Activating the Chime on a Qolsys IQ Panel 2

Activating the Chime on a Qolsys IQ Panel 2

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In this video, Jorge from Alarm Grid shows you how to activate the chime on a Qolsys IQ Panel 2 System. A chime is a noise that the panel makes when a sensor is activated or faulted. In order for the system to produce a chime, you must enable chimes both for the system and for any individual sensor.

Chimes are much quieter than system sirens and alarms. They are just designed to serve as a friendly notification letting you know that a sensor has been activated. A great aspect of the IQ Panel 2 is that the system offers support for many different types of chimes. Each one sounds a little bit different, and you can choose one to match the atmosphere of your home or business. There is also the option of "None", which turns off the chime.

The Qolsys IQ Panel 2 also allows you to set chimes for different sensors individually. This way, you can have some sensors set to trigger chimes, while others will not. This is very useful, as there are most likely some sensors that you won't want to have trigger chimes every time they are activated. Additionally, you can set different chimes for different sensors. This can be useful for quickly knowing which sensor was activated. The system offers many chimes to choose from, and you can certainly check them out.

Remember that the Qolsys IQ Panel 2 System will only produce chimes if you have chimes enabled as a general system setting. If you disable system chimes, then no sensors will produce chimes, even if you set the option for the zone. The chime settings can be found within the Sound Settings Menu for the system. This menu can be accessed using the Master Code, the Installer Code, or the Dealer Code.


[ALARM GRID SOUND INTRO] Hi, DIYers. I'm Jorge from Alarm Grid. Today, I want to be showing you guys how to activate the chime on your IQ panel 2. So to start off, we're going to go ahead, and there's three main things we have to pay attention to when we're enabling the chime. There is the chime volume, there's the sensor chime-- so each sensor, either you can switch it on the chimes or you can set it to none. And there's also the sensor chimes feature that needs to be enabled in the panel. Now usually, these are already defaulted at enabled. So normally, these aren't things you would have to change unless somebody has changed them for you or if you change and you may have forgotten. So I'm going to go ahead and walk you through with this. So the first thing you're going to need is to make sure you know that you have the master code, installer code, or the dealer code. If you know either of these codes, you're in a good position, and you can go ahead and enable the chime on any one of your sensors and for your panel. So the first thing I want to go in and do is hit the little gray bar at the very top. It's going to bring on our menu. We're going to go over to Settings. From Settings, we're going to go to Advanced Settings, and this is where I'm going to need the master installer or dealer code. I'm going to do the master code for now. My default master code is 1234. So if you guys have never changed your master code, it'll be 1234. Your default installer code will be 1111. And your default dealer code will be 2222. So essentially, if you guys haven't changed any codes and it is a brand new system, you can use any of these codes to get into this menu. 1234, 1111, or 2222. So now that we're in this screen-- if you're not in this screen, you may have something different, depending on the code that you typed in. But we want to find the Sound menu. So once we hit on the sound, this is going to bring us to all of the chime features that we're going to need to enable or to just make sure that they're checked off. First thing we're going to look at is volume. If you look at the volume, you need to make sure that beeps and chimes are turned all the way up. The other settings, you can go ahead and play around with those. But today, we're specifically talking about the chiming for the sensors. So you want to make sure beeps and chimes, the volume is set to seven out of seven. So you can actually just grab the bar, scroll down, scroll up. I'm going to leave it seven out of seven, and I'll hit Close. The next thing we need to do is go to Edit chimes. This is what's going to allow you-- if you have a whole bunch of sensors already programmed into your panel, you can go in and manually change the chimes for each of your sensors. So if I hit the little pencil icon next to the sensor I want to change-- so for instance, if I want to change my front door. So if I don't want the doorbell sound, I can switch it to different ones. So we have dear, dear sonar, F1. One you can scroll through all of them. I like leaving mine-- since it's a front door, I'll leave it as a doorbell. But you should also see, if there is a sensor that you don't want to chime on your panel, you can also disable it just by hitting none. So that'll turn off the chime just for that one sensor. All right, I'm going to leave mine as doorbell. I'll hit Save. If I go to my backdoor, if I hit Play, it'll actually show you the sound of that chime. So if I want to change the doorbell one, if I want to change to beep and I hit play, I can also do that. I'm going to leave mine set to the Pizzicato, which is what I had it as before. And I'll just hit Save. And obviously, I only have two sensors right now, so that's why only two of them are coming up. But if you have any other sensors like a whole bunch, you'll be able to change all the chimes from this screen. There's other screens where you can change it from, which would actually be in the programming screen of the sensor. You can actually change the chime there as well. This is just an easy view to get all of the sensors that have chime enabled, so that you can edit them all in one screen. And that will be the only setting you can change in the screen. So I'm going to hit the back arrow key because there's one more thing that we need to make sure that is enabled. If you go down to chime settings, if this is unchecked, your sensors will not chime, or your panel will not chime. You need to make sure that panel-- right now, it says, panel chimes are disabled. You need to make sure you hit that little green check mark to enable that. This is going to enable the sensor chimes. Now again, if you disable the sensor chimes, then the sensors will not chime. They might still do voice enunciation, which is a different setting. But if you turn off the sensor chimes, it will not chime. So you need to make sure that this is also checked off. So there's a couple of different things that you can enable. There's a lot of different settings that you can configure in the IQ 2. And there is an easy way-- if you just disable the wrong one, you could think that your system is messed up. But there's a whole bunch of different settings that need to be enabled as you see here. Now that is for the sensor chime. You can also turn off the panel voices. So if you don't want the-- like for instance, right now, when I have voice and chime, it would say-- it would give me the chime and then it will say front door open. If I just wanted to chime and not say front door, I would have to turn off the voice-- the panel voices. Or I can simply just turn off the sensor voices. So again, I'm going to leave everything enabled just because I like having all of these-- I like having the voice and the actual chime. I like hearing both of them. And I'll just hit the Home button after I'm done. And now I have a couple of sensors here. I have my front door sensor. If I move it away, you should hear front door, and you'll hear the doorbell. So they actually happen at the same time. It was the doorbell, and it said front door open. And I'll go in and close that. And then I also have my back door with a Pizzicato chime. And I'll go ahead and close that back up. And yeah, that's just a quick video on how to keep the chime enabled. As you saw, we also went into the voice enabling as well. So if you're using this video, you can go ahead and enable the chime. You can enable the voice. You can change the chimes on your different sensors. You can play around with the volume of the chime and the voice. And if you guys have any other questions about how to enable the voice or the chime on your IQ 2 and your sensors, feel free to send us an email to If you found the video was helpful, make sure you hit the Like button underneath. Subscribe to the YouTube channel and hit the little bell icon, so whenever we upload new videos, you guys get notified. Thank you, and I'll see you guys next time.