Adding a Remote Keypad to the Qolsys IQ Panel 2



hi di wire's I'm Jorge from alarm grid today I'm gonna be showing you guys how to pair your IQ remote right over here to a Qualis IQ panel to or an IQ panel to plus alright so the first thing we want to understand about the IQ remote is that it actually pairs to your IQ 2 plus or to your IQ 2 system as long as they're connected to the same Wi-Fi network now for those of you who don't have a Wi-Fi network at the house and you're just using the panel on cellular there's also an access point mode that you guys can enable on your IQ or your IQ 2 plus that will actually let the system broadcast a signal so that the IQ remote can connect to it today we're gonna be showing you guys how to do the Wi-Fi pairing alright so I'm gonna be showing you guys how to connect it as long as they're both on the same Wi-Fi network now this is a lot different then what most keypads usually do because most keypads just connect to each other by learning in the keypad through the radio transmission that it's sending out as it's a bi-directional device and it sends out a radio frequency signal directly to the alarm system instead of using the Wi-Fi network to join together so I'm gonna be showing you guys how to pair that today so the first thing we want to go ahead and do is we want to check the IQ 2 or the IQ 2 plus to see what Wi-Fi network it's on if you guys have it connected to Wi-Fi so if you look at your system right over here if I go ahead and hit the little bar at the very top it brings down mine my menu my menu and the little second button right there the little Wi-Fi connection signal strength if you actually click on that it'll show you Wi-Fi connected and it shows you your SSID name mine is alarmgrid and it's letting me know that the connection is good so I know that my panel is connected to alarm grid alarm grids Wi-Fi network so now that I know this now that I know the Wi-Fi network that my IQ 2 is connected to now I'm gonna move over to my IQ remote and I'm gonna show you guys how to power it on how to connect it to the Wi-Fi network and then I'll show you guys the pairing process now we're going to be going to the IQ remote we've already confirmed that the IQ 2 or the IQ 2 plus is connected to the you've already confirmed the network name that your IQ 2 or your IQ 2 plus is connected to so now we have to power on the IQ remote there's a little button here on the right hand side if I push that button in it'll start my power a process now as it powers up it's going to bring you to a screen it's gonna ask you to connect to a Wi-Fi network that's going to be the screen that first comes up and it's going to show you a list of different networks so if you're in an area that has many different connections available you want to make sure that you're finding the one that your IQ remote is plugged into so just give it a second here sorry we actually have to press and hold the button down starting to get our start up screen gives you a little message good to see you now the cool thing about the new IQ remotes here is that it actually has a built in camera at the very top and you can also if you have live-streaming enabled to your IQ too you can actually push down the the live streaming from the IQ to over to your keypad as well and I'm going to be showing you guys how to do that once we start the pairing process here so this is our main screen I previously had my system connected to alarm grid let's just forget the network for now so this is going to be your main screen as soon as you power on your IQ remote when you get your IQ remote you're gonna see here a bunch of network names all right you're gonna want to find the one that your IQ - or your IQ 2 plus is connected to now like we said before ours is connected to alarmgrid so I'm gonna select alarmgrid and I'm gonna enter in my passcode for alarmgrid so one second after you've entered in the network password you should see connected on the alarm grid screen now that we're connected to the Wi-Fi network we now have to head over to our IQ 2 or our IQ 2 plus now that we're at the IQ 2 plus we actually have to put the system in a pairing mode so to do that I need to hit the little top icon again to bring down my menu I have to go to settings I'm gonna go to advanced settings and you can use your dealer code or your installer code dealer code is 2 to 2 to installer code is 1 1 1 1 these are the default codes yours obviously may have changed if you or your company has changed them alright I'm gonna use my installer code 1 1 1 1 1 I'm then going to go to installation from there I'm gonna go to devices because we're installing the device and this is a Wi-Fi device so I'm going to go to Wi-Fi device and we're doing an IQ remote so I'm gonna go to IQ remote now from here you see there's nothing there I do not have any remotes yet programmed in but I'm gonna hit pair the panel is gonna go into a pairing mode and now back to my IQ remote I now have to hit pair on my IQ remote and since now both devices are in pairing mode they should connect pretty immediately here and since I did this one before there was actually a patch note that came up on the IQ remote so if there's like a firmware update or anything that your IQ remote needs the system the IQ 2 will actually send it down to the IQ remote so after you have everything paired and correct I'm gonna just hit the Home icon here on my IQ 2 you should see the exact same screen on the IQ remote and the IQ 2 if I swipe to the left on the IQ remote it shows me my locks the same as it shows me on my IQ 2 if I swipe again it'll show me my panel camera now this panel camera is referring to the camera right up here it takes images whenever you disarm from the panel camera or from this second secondary keypad and then if I swipe one more time it'll show you it'll show you my live video cameras the same as I have them over here and the next one is Bluetooth but we don't that one doesn't show up but yeah so as you can see here live video camera will actually show up on the IQ remote as long as you have the feature enabled for your service now one important thing if you're not seeing live video cameras to the panel it could be because you don't have the feature enabled on your IQ too remote on your IQ too so to do that I'm gonna hit the little I'm gonna hit the little menu icon again go to settings advanced I'm gonna enter my installer or dealer code my installer code again is 1 1 1 1 it's defaulted I'm then going to go to installation installer settings and then you're gonna go all the way down and there should be one option that says stream live video cameras to Ike your remote if that does not have a checkmark next to it then you will not see your cameras on the IQ remote how I had just showed you right there but if it is check marked then any cameras that you have set to enable from the IQ to any cameras that are streaming currently to your IQ 2 will also be pushed down to your IQ remote which is actually a pretty neat feature so I'm gonna go ahead and hit the home icon real quick and I'm gonna slide to the main screen here now just to show you guys that the pairing process worked I'm gonna go ahead and hit system armed I'm gonna do an arm away and as you see both systems are now in an armed state I can disarm from my IQ remote and it disarms both systems so as you can see the IQ remote is basically a spitting image of the IQ 2 plus it does everything the IQ 2 plus can in regards to the z-wave video cameras any lights control a whatever you guys have thermostats or anything like that the one thing that you do want to keep in mind you cannot do programming from the IQ remote all the programming still needs to be done from the main panel the IQ 2 or the IQ 2 plus alright now again remember if you guys don't have Wi-Fi at the house and you guys aren't gonna be doing the Wi-Fi pairing process there's a way that you can put your IQ 2 or your IQ 2 plus in access point mode which will actually have the system broadcast a signal and then all you have to do when we initiated the panel how we connected to our Wi-Fi network you would just connect to the access point mode that the iq2 is broadcasting yeah so the exact same process except you're putting the IQ to an access point mode which we also have a video and an FAQ on that as well if you guys have any questions about getting the system paired to your remote if you guys have questions on monitoring if you guys just need help send us an email to support at alarm care comm if you found the video helpful make sure you hit like underneath subscribe to the YouTube channel and hit the little bell icon so whenever we upload new content you guys get notified I'm Jorge and I'll see you guys next time