Adding a User Code to a Qolsys IQ Panel 2



hi di wire's I'm Jorge from alarm grid today I'm going to be showing you guys how to add user codes to your quotes this IQ panel - and if you have an IQ - plus it's the exact same thing so the first codes I want to go ahead and go over are the three main codes that come with the system the dealer code installer code and master code so the dealer code has access to change to dealer code installer code the master code and any other you could any other user codes in the system the installer code has access to access to change the installer code the master code and any and any other user codes and then the master code has any has access to change the master code and any other user code so if you're catching my drift here it's kind of like a hierarchy dealer code is at the top installer code is next at the bottom and then master code is at the bottom and then all the other user codes are beneath that so it kind of works from top level all the way down so normally I would recommend if you guys have it using the dealer code if you guys buy a bent by a brand new panel and you guys are looking at changing codes or doing anything like that if you want to have access to all of your codes including dealer installer master and any sub-user codes the dealer code is gonna be the one you use now most of these panels if you're buying them brand new they're gonna come with the default codes dealer code is going to be two two two two installer code is going to be one one one one and the master code is going to be one two three four now I would say normally the installer code and the dealer codes don't really need to be changed mainly because of the fact that you normally aren't going to be disarming the system with an installer code or with the dealer code you normally are going to be using your master code or your other sub-user codes that you create which I'm going to show you how to do that now now the reason I'm telling you not to change the installer or the dealer code is because those codes if you change when you forget them and you're not monitored you've kind of locked yourself out of the system and then the other thing is a lot of people are well you know what if somebody knows the default installer code or do your code they just disarmed my system the way that these systems work are intended that if somebody arms the system with a master or another sub user code the dealer and the installer codes cannot go in and disarm the system because then that would basically give you the alarm company to enter your house at any point date wanted and disarm the system and that's not the way that these systems are made that's not what the systems or what the manufacturing companies want these alarm companies to be able to do you know since they're going into your home so it's just something to keep in mind installer code and dealer code usually can stay the same you you usually just want to change the master and sub-user codes now to get into these fields I'm gonna go ahead and show you guys real quick so you're gonna hit the top button at the very very top of the iq2 screen right here you tap on that you're gonna go to settings now from settings you have to go to advanced this is where if you're adding a master code or any other sub user code you can just use your master code to go in there if you're trying to change your dealer installer code then you're going to use your dealer or installer code depending on what level of access you want I'm gonna show you guys the dealer access right now so I'm gonna hit - - - - as that is my default dealer code and then from there you just have to go to user management you should see get let me hit the back arrow key you should see user management on all three screens no matter what code you type whether it's the dealer code the installer code or the master code all right so you should see user management now from here like I told you since we use the dealer code we can actually change the dealer installer duress and the master code and we can add any other sub user code so that's why mine shows all of this depending on what code you typed in when you when it asks you for the code you might not see dealer code you might only see installer and up or you might not see installer you might just see master and the the duress which is always going to be defaulted but then after that you can add any user codes so since I use my dealer code we see every single code that we have here I'm just gonna go ahead and show you guys how to add a user real fast I'm gonna hit add user you can enter in a name so from there I'm gonna click on the box to open up my keypad and from here I will type in my name J oh I'll hit the little keypad to bring the the keypad down if you want to answer in the last name you can I'm just gonna leave that blank for the user code now you can enter in any user code that you want now the thing is you want to make sure you know you're entering in a user code that is not already in the system if you try to enter in your user code that's already in the system it's gonna give you it's gonna give you an error all right so you do need to use a user code that's not in the system I'm gonna go ahead and use four three two one alright well why didn't hit the little green button so go to the next field confirm user code it's gonna ask you to confirm it just to make sure you didn't make a mistake and the type of user you can either set it as a guest or a master I'm gonna set as I'm gonna set it as a guest code and the expiration date so if you actually only want to allow if you only want to allow users a certain amount of time for them to use their code during like a certain amount of days so like this is very helpful if you're renting a place if your air being being which is very common now if your air breeding being and you only want something like the guests that are coming in to have access to the system during their stay you can actually set set up the date on of where you want the code to expire so let's say I wanted mine to expire on Monday their checkout date right so this code would work basically until Monday March 16th of 2020 and from there you hit add user after you add the user you now see the cat that get the code has been added it has the expiration date the other codes say unlimited because there is no expiration date on them and yeah you can go in into these as well if you wanted to change your master code you just hit the pencil icon and you would enter in a different code now real quick the duress code that is a codec comes with the alarm system it's right now mine is defaulted at 999 8 so if you're wondering what it or what a duress code is is basically if you're entering the home and a burglar is telling you to disarm the system and you want to disarm the system but you also want to set off a panic signal and you know you're not gonna be able to answer the phone on the Central Station calls you would enter in your duress code which is a four-digit code that would disarm the system make it seem like everything is ok but it's also at the same time that it disarmed it sent a burglar panic signal over to the Central Station which will then start you know dispatching the authorities out to the house so duress is really good for you guys to know in case of a situation like this it's usually defaulted but again if you guys need to change it to something else that's easier for you to remember you again uhip hit the pencil icon and you go ahead and you change it now as you can see here one thing you cannot remove a master code a dealer code or an installer code these are all hard-coded I'm sorry yeah master code installer code dealer code and the duress code these are all hard-coded codes that go into the system and they cannot be removed so they're always going to be set to something there's no way to actually remove them all right so after we've added in the user codes we're gonna go ahead and back out to the home screen now I'm going to show you guys how the user code actually works now for some of you guys out there if the panel is defaulted or if you guys have the feature enable the where it doesn't ask you for user code when you hit the arm away button it'll probably just arm the system automatically with a default master code however if you guys have the feature where it requires a code when when arming and disarming this is what you're gonna see so I'm gonna hit arm away now it's asking me for a code this is the normal screen that normal alarm users are used to they need a code to arm in to disarm so after I see this now I'm going to use my code remember it was 4 3 2 1 it starts arming I have 60 seconds to exit the house and make sure all my entry exit doors are closed now if I want to cancel the arming or if I want to extend out I could do a plus 60 but if I want to cancel it I hit the X it's gonna ask me for a code and I'm gonna enter in my user code again 4 3 2 1 and the system will stay this armed the user code that I entered in work now the other real quick tip for you guys out there if you guys are adding user codes to your quotas IQ panel 2 or your IQ 2 plus and if you guys have an active subscription with alarm calm and the company that you're with gives you login information to alarm calm you can also create user codes from the alarm calm mobile app or from the alarm calm website if you guys want more information on how to get access to or if you need monitoring service we also offer a lot of monitoring plans that will give you access to this kind of service and to Central Station monitoring if you want to find out more go ahead and give us an email send us an email to support at alarm grid comm if you found the video helpful make sure you hit like underneath subscribe to the YouTube channel and hit that little bell icon so whenever we upload new content you guys get notified I'm Jorge and I'll see you guys next time