Adding the ADC-T2000 to an Account

Adding the ADC-T2000 to an Account

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hi diy-ers this is michael from alarm grid and today i'm going to be showing you how to add your adc t2000 thermostat to your account uh the adc t2000 is a z-wave plus thermostat and you can pair pretty much with any z-wave plus or standard z-wave controller or hub now to get it to show up on your account you have to pair it with your security system as a z-wave device and then once does a sync with your system your system syncs with um it will show up on your account and so really you just pair it with your security system most security systems either they have built-in z-wave or the the communicator is a z-wave controller so you just pair with your system and how exactly you're going to do that will depend on the system you're using but today we're using the qolsys iq panel 2 plus behind me and we're going to show you how to pair it with um pair the thermostat with your qolsys high key penalty plus so that way when it does the sync it will show up on your account also show you the thermostat briefly on the system and i'm going to show you our alarmgrid demo account for that you can access if you whether you're monitored or not uh just to play around with and see how it works and i'll show you where you find the thermostat on there once you've added it so let's get into it so we have our thermostat behind here we don't need to touch it right now we're going to start with our qualsa sidekiq panel 2 plus um so we're going to press the small gray bar at the top and we're going to choose settings and we're going to choose advanced settings and then it's going to ask us for a code here in our case we're going to use the installer code which ours is at the default of one one one one and we're going to use installation and we're going to choose devices and we're going to use z-wave devices and then what we're going to do first we're going to do the exclusion process this is always a good idea just to wipe out any residual z-wave data even if your thermostat's brand new um and fresh out of the box you still it's still a good idea to do this just to in case that it was tested for factory testing purposes and there's some data in there it's always a good idea to do this so we're going to choose clear device and now what we need to do we need to go to our thermostat we're just going to press a button on it to light it up and we need to get in into off mode off mode doesn't mean that the thermostat's off it just means it's not controlling the hvac system so it's not heating or cooling so what we want to do we want to press this middle button with the three circles we're going to press it again so that way it actually is lit up we're going to press this until there's no nothing under here and then we're going to press and hold the down button until we get a little wireless symbol like that and cleared from the network successfully and you see we get the the notification on our qual system panel 2 plus we'll press ok and now we're going to do the pairing process which is the same thing the thermostat uses the same process for um inclusion as it used for exclusion which i just showed you so now we're just going to choose add device and we're going to press include and now we're going to go back to our thermostat here we're going to light it up and you see it's already in off mode so we're good to go no symbols are under there right now that's how we want it and we're just going to press and hold the down button then we get this to show up and we should get a notification on the panel um yep it looks like it's going to be device number nine okay and um we can um we have id number nine that's fine that's just the node number to let us know um you see our type is thermostat that is correct we're gonna we can set a different name for it if we want uh we'll set rs2 we'll do a custom name and we'll we have to do a custom description we'll just do alarm grid just like that we press the space button down there you see that at the bottom and it looks like that's alarm grist not alarm grid so we'll get that correct and now we'll press the ok button right there the green button right there and we'll press add to network and you see it added it to um our network so we have it successfully paired with the system now just to show you uh what it looks like on on the panel um if we press the home button at the bottom here we can go back to the main screen and we can scroll over and you see we have our thermostat here if we wanted to power it on we just press the power button here and we can choose one of the modes um it's hot today so we'll do cool if we wanted it to you know start cooling you seen it it we i heard like a little click so it did change on the thermostat but we can go and set it to a different temperature such as 69 and we'll keep it at 69 degrees and it will be setting the target temperature so now let me show you what it looks like on the alarm grid demo account if you were to access it from okay so now we're at the mobile app and i'm going to show you how to log into the alarm grid demo account so you can test out and where you can see the thermostat you can do this whether you're monitored by alarmgrid or not um if you want to test out it's a great way so what you want to do for the username it's an email address you want to do a g for alarm grid cust for short for customer at so at alarm grid dot com and then for the password this is case sensitive so be careful here lowercase m and then we're gonna enter in uh six two and it's a capital z and then we want i g capital u e f and q then we can log in and you see we're at the main screen of the after logging in and the locations may be different depending on whether you're using android ios or the website but uh we're going to press the the menu button in the upper left corner and we're going to choose thermostats and you see it displays a living room thermostat the name will be different depending on what you named it on your security system but once your system syncs with this is where it will be so this is how you can access the thermostat so that is how you add your adc t2000 smart thermostat to your account if you have any questions about the adc t2000 thermostat or or alarm grid monitoring services send an email to support if you found this video helpful make sure to give it a thumbs up below to like the video and remember to subscribe to our channel for updates on future videos we hope you enjoyed the video thank you