Alarm com Mobile App: Setting Up Multi System Access



hi diy-ers this is michael from alarm grid and today i'm going to be showing you how to set up multi-system access in using the mobile app so you've actually been able to do this for from the website for a while but they recently added the feature to the mobile app so multiple system access multi-system access so when you go into you have your username your account you log into your account and you control your security system it's pretty simple now if you have only have one security system most users do they just have a home and you know it's very simple they're just controlling their one security system but if you're a multiple property owner maybe you have a summer home a vacation home maybe you're a business owner you have some rental properties and for whatever reason you have multiple systems that you control and they're all under they're all covered by for their interactive platform and you want to be able to go into and link a system so that way you just have the one password and you can switch between different systems and control them all from the same place well it turns out that it's possible and that's what i'm going to show you how to do today we've done a few faqs on this before we've covered this content um you know fairly extensively so there's some good stuff to read about as well if you're more into that but we have the video here today um and like i said it's been possible to do from the website from a web browser a compatible web browser for a while but the mobile app it's it's it's new um well i'm a common mobile app's not new but the ability to do this um we just figured out that we could do it from that place as well so that's what i'm gonna show you today um so what i'm gonna do i'm gonna go into the mobile app right now we already have an account parent so i'm gonna show you what it looks like with an account paired and then i'm gonna show you how you would go about adding an account do keep in mind there will be some sensitive information so we will be censoring email addresses and passwords and such so don't expect to get any way into an account but um but we are going to show you what the process looks like so and hopefully that will help you set it up when you go to do this so let's get into and show you what it looks like so you can see that we're at the main screen of the mobile app we're already logged in we've already done our username and password and you can see at the top here it says video iq2 plus so this is actually the account for our video room qolsys iq panel 2 plus security system and what i can do is i can click on it and it actually gives me another option alarm grid system and that's actually another system we enrolled it actually happens to be the simon xt security system the push button um wireless system um behind me here um so so we have it uh set up you know on both accounts so i can control the simon system and i can control the iq2 by selecting them so i can switch between the two just um going like that so let's go to the iq21 now and see we're back at the iq21 so that's that's how i can switch between systems once i've already added a system but as far as adding a new system goes uh let's show you how to do that so we're at the main screen of the mobile app and make sure that you're using the account that you want to uh have for the the multiple system access so this is the account that i'm logged in right now is the one that i'm going to be using to access all all three of these systems because i'm going to be adding a new system right now so make sure you're on the right account you want to be logged in to the one that you want to use for multiple system access and then you're going to be adding other accounts you're going to be linking other accounts to it so we're going to click the small gray bar in the top left the menu icon the hamburger button if you will and then we're going to choose login information down here towards the bottom and we're going to wait for that to to pull up here yes wait for it to load and then we're going to choose um linked systems here you see that it did display some email and some username information there we likely cover that up but anyway um when you get to the linked system page it tells you about the feature right here did you know that you can link another system to this account just add tap just tap add and enter the login credentials for the other system and you'll be able to use that same login and password for both systems and you see we have our information for alarmgrid we're the alarm dealer here so what we can do we can set a default system if we wanted to change it right now we have our video room iq2 as the default system but i could choose another system i could choose the alarm grid system one if i wanted to have that one i can go down here and i can search for systems which is that could be important if um you know maybe i'm i own many properties i own many businesses many business locations and you know there's multiple locations i'm managing and having to navigate through the mall could be a bit of a challenge so it's it's good to have that option as well to be able to search through them but if i click the add button what i can do is i can link a new system to this account so i'm going to go ahead and enter the information here and it's actually it's actually my email address [Music] so we're going to do that and then we're going to do the password here which will likely be hiding this okay so we have the password entered now so now i'm going to choose next in the top right corner and we're confirming that we want to link a system you know to this uh this account this test one 7728 account and the system we're actually linking today is the gc2 we have a 2gig gc2 system that's activated for monitoring and we're going to go and link it so what we want to do is we want to press the confirm button in the upper right corner and then it says that this system is successfully added so what we're going to do we're going to close the app and we're going to go back into it we're going to see if the new gc2 system has been added to the account so uh let's log out of now we're back at the screen so i'm going to log into now so we're going to probably hide this part let's go ahead and get into okay so we're back into and you see we're at our default system the video iq2 and now if i click um the button i have the gc2 added as well in addition to the alarm grid system that we had linked before so we had to you know just reload the app log out log back in and now we can control the gc2 so we have all our accounts linked so that's how you can go and link accounts for multi-system access in so that is how you set up an account for multi-system access using the mobile app if you have any questions about or about alarm monitoring services send an email to support if you found this video helpful make sure to give it a thumbs up below to like the video and remember to subscribe to our channel for updates on future videos we hope you enjoyed the video thank you