Catching Flying Squirrels Using Night Vision Cameras


Get Monitored! project manager, Pierre, explains how he used interactive services to get rid of rodents that were in his ...


Hi, my name is Peter, and I'm a Product Manager here at One cool way I used my system was to mainly capture some flying squirrels up in my attic. I was at home one night, and we had a whole bunch of racket up in the attic. We thought at first it was something really large cuz of the racket it was making. And so we tried to put some humane, little, have a heart trap systems up there and the trap would close and we couldn't figure out what was going in and getting out again. So I used one of our night vision cameras and placed it up in the attic, and we discovered that we actually had some flying squirrels running around up there. They were getting right in and out of the trap, no problem. So instead we got creative and we came up with a few homemade solutions to catch these little guys. We thought we had a great solution. We came up with a creative trap, but actually the flying squirrels could just jump right out of the trash cans, so they got us again. So at this point, I kinda feel like Wiley Coyote trying to catch Road Runner. So we set up a basic trap with a cooler and a propped up stick with a string on it. Then I just went down, sit down stairs watching TV with the family and as soon as we got the video motion push notification, I just ran upstairs and pulled the string. As it turns out, it was a pretty big family of squirrels. So we ended up actually catching six of them this way. The most painful part of the whole thing was releasing the squirrels cuz they're so darn cute. Problem solved, thanks to