"Peace of mind for me is priceless" Testimonial


Get Monitored! For this family, offers great peace of mind. For Chichi, who loves her children, the state-of-the-art all-in-one ...


Chichi: Hi, I'm Chichi and this is Tambile [SP] and Asanga [SP] and we are proud users and we've had this system for about close to two years. We were welcomed into the neighborhood with an attempted robbery. And I told Tambile he could research this really kind of state of the art system . . . Tambile: For me the most important thing was the fact that I my family is safe. One of my requirement was I wanted everything to be wireless. We didn't want anything on that's going to touch with the lane lines. Lane lines they run outside, so people can always cut it. So for me that was a definite no. The other thing is, it is such a user-friendly app. You have everything you need and I didn't have to switch and go to different ones. That I can do everything right there in my hands. I set it up in a way that I get video clips to just basically see who was coming in my house coming in my house at a certain time and those get recorded. Chichi: One thing that was great about the appointment for the install for the system, it was the easiest two hours of my life at least. They knew where to put the monitors without compromising the integrity of the home. You could tell they were professionals. They knew that added detail. Tambile: He was professional in that he showed as far doing his job and then still had enough time and be patient enough to walk us through, "This is how it works," and all that. Chichi: This alarm for me is priceless. It's a great alarm system and it's brought me comfort and safety for our home.