Ask Sterling: Deleting a sensor from the L5100

Deleting a sensor fromt the L5100 is simple, but if you don't know how to do it, it might eb frustrating. Sterling explains how to delete a sensor from the L5100.

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This video is about Ask Sterling - How to Delete Sensors from the L5100


Hi DIYers. This is Sterling with Alarm Gird and today, I will be answering a question from Susan in New York. Susan wants to know how to delete a wireless device that she's already programmed to the L5100 LYNX Touch Wireless Alarm Control Panel.

So, Susan, it's a very simple process, very similar to when you added your sensor. Right now, I have a 5811 wireless door and window sensor with the magnet and this has been programmed to our control panel using zone 2.

When I move the magnet away from the sensor, the front door chimes and you see "fault - zone 2" on the panel which shows you that this sensor has been programmed. So if you ever want to delete it because you no longer use the sensor, what you should do is click on Tools and enter your installer code - not the code you use to arm and disarm, it has to be your installer code which is a 4 digit code. The default installer code with your Honeywell system will be 4112.

It timed out on me so again, Tools, 4-1-1-2. Now, we're into the installer mode programming and you see all the different options. What we're going to click on is Zones. I'm sorry we're going to click on Program. Now we're going to click on Zones.

Now because we've have it programmed zone 2, front door, that's the one we'll be deleting and it's a very simple process. We're going to click Front Door. It's highlighted so as you can see which one we're working with and then we're going to press Delete. It wants to make sure you're sure because you don't want to delete something by accident. Click Yes.

Now if you go into it to do an edit, you'll notice that everything is gone - no serial number, no sensor is learned. If you were to back out and go back to the home screen, we have our sensor, which was programmed previously. Now when we move the magnet away, nothing happens because this L5100 LYNX Touch panel no longer sees this as a device that's learned.

So, Susan, that's how you delete your sensor. I thank you for watching. If anyone else has any questions, please e-mail and we will answer the question on our website, or we may even choose your question for our next video.