Carbon Monoxide Sensor Notifications from a Lyric via Apple HomeKit

Carbon Monoxide Sensor Notifications from a Lyric via Apple HomeKit

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hi-dee-hi wires I'm George from Lauren grid today I'm gonna be going over why you may not be receiving sensor notifications from your carbon monoxide detector on your lyric via the home kit app so first thing I want to touch base on is home kit and the lyric yes the lyric is compatible with home kit it does have home kit it can be integrated with home kit however in order to get home kit it does need to be activated by a monitoring company so if you're buying a lyric expecting home kit to work it does not work directly out of the box you need to have a monitoring company enable it which will require some level of service now I just like to make sure I let everyone know this before they get the lyric because a lot of people just assume that as soon as they get the lyric they're gonna be able to make it work with home kit that is incorrect you need a monitoring company to enable it second of all home kit and carbon monoxide detectors first thing you have to realize is home kit is very specific which means it only is allowed or it's only capable of reporting specific sensor names if they're set to an entry/exit perimeter and an interior follower or interior follower with delay what this means is entry exit and perimeter are usually used for door window sensors interior follower and interior follower with delay are usually used for motions so carbon monoxide has a different response type not any of those so whenever you have a sensor that's set to a response type that's not set to any of those for you just get general home kit notifications it'll basically just say your lyric whatever you name the lyric has been triggered but it doesn't let you know what sensor triggered it it doesn't really let you know anything it just lets you know that the sensors been going off so it could be a fire alarm it could be a medical alarm could be a co alarm you'll never know now to avoid these issues we recommend users that if they're signing up for service you might as well sign up for a service that has Total Connect almost 95% of our plans come with the Total Connect app Total Connect is Honeywell's app that's intended for Honeywell systems and you need a internet were a cellular connection to the system to the app so for instance my lyrics since it has Wi-Fi built-in I have it activated on a lyric system and Total Connect again is another subscription another app that you only get once you're monitored kind of like the same concept with homekit so Total Connect actually is an app made by Honeywell so it's very specific it lets you know who disarmed it how it was armed lets you know any specific alarm so it doesn't matter if it's Co fire or auxiliary medical the app will let you know and I'm gonna show you guys in a second the difference between homekit and Total Connect notifications alright so the first thing you want to do is I actually have my my iPad here setup so let me go ahead and get it ready for you one moment okay so let me set up the screen recording alright so the first thing you want to do in home kit is just make sure if you don't have the notifications enabled you enable it so first thing I'm gonna do is I actually have my home kit app in the bottom right corner I'm gonna hit home kit and I'm gonna go ahead and hit edit I'm gonna select my default room lyric and all I want to do is make go to status and notifications right in the middle and I just want to make sure that my notifications are allowed they're on yes if you have that set to off that could be one of the reasons why you're not getting in or any notifications on any kind of your sensors so you want to make sure you have a lot of notifications on once I've done that I'll just hit done I'll hit done in the top right I know that my home kid is ready so if I set off an alarm I should get some kind of alarm through home kit the other thing I'm going to do make sure I'm logged into my Total Connect app which it is cool I'm gonna stab the home screen and using my seal detector I'm gonna press the C old test button here I'm gonna hold it down for about one or two seconds and it will actually let me know the battery status the sensor life so I just said in five in five seconds the alarms gonna go off you'll see there that lyric home kit already lets you know right away that the lyric was triggered now I want you guys to wait and see until the Total Connect notification comes in now the home k1 is pretty much pretty much goes right away because it goes through the local Wi-Fi so it's basically connect has a direct connection to the lyric system the Total Connect one has to go through servers has to go through AlarmNet servers then it has to be pushed down to the panel or to whatever tablets iPads you're getting I'm also I also have text messages set up so I'm gonna show you guys with the text messages look as well first I just want to let the notification come through on Total Connect I'm going to go ahead and disarm it out the panel two times all right so as you guys can see it took a little bit for the CEO detection to go to go through Total Connect again it's because it has to go through multiple servers multiple layers but as you guys saw there when the homekit notified you it just said the default room lyric was triggered when the Total Connect notified you it actually says carbon monoxide detector sensor alarm has been reported at 9:36 lets you know the time the date and it lets you know what sensor was alright and then in a little bit it should say that the system was cleared as well but now I want to show you guys the text message as well so if I open up my text messages you'll see here it says alarm alerts office lyric sensor five carbon monoxide detector sensor alarm it gives me the day may 2nd 2019 at 9:36 a.m. I have the the camera this little camera up here it's enabled to take a picture anytime someone's disarms so to clear the alarm when I have to disarm the system so it took a couple of pictures you can access that through the Total Connect app only and then a couple of seconds later you'll see here that at 9:37 the very last text message it lets you know that the carbon monoxide detector sensor alarm was cleared alright so not only did I get specific notifications through a Total Connect I can also set up email and text message notifications through the app so you can get that in an email as well you can send it to as many phone numbers alright now that is the main difference between homekit and Total Connect as you saw their total connects events are now starting to flood in but you can see that Total Connect is just a little more specific and then homekit especially when it comes down to these kinds of sensors alright if you guys do have any questions about homekit how to get it activated how to enable it what sensors work with it what don't feel free to email us our email is support at alarm grid comm if you found the video helpful make sure you hit like underneath subscribe to the channel also enable the notifications so whenever we upload new videos you guys get notified I'm George and I'll see you guys the next time