Changing the Volume of a Qolsys IQ Panel 2

Changing the Volume of a Qolsys IQ Panel 2

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In this video, Jorge from Alarm Grid shows you how to adjust the volume on a Qolsys IQ Panel 2 Security System. This is very important if you ever want to make the panel louder or quieter. There are unique volume options for Voices, Beeps and Chimes, and Media on a Qolsys IQ Panel 2 Security System.

The Qolsys IQ Panel 2 System produces audio during many system events. For example, if a sensor is faulted on the system, then the panel can produce a chime and/or verbally announce the zone descriptor based on the settings for that zone. This is good for letting you know about any system events that may occur. But if you find this sound to be too quiet or too loud, then you will likely want to adjust the volume.

It is important to understand the differences between the types of sounds on the system. Voices are for verbal announcements made by the system, such as when it reads out a zone descriptor or the system's current arming state. Chimes and beeps are audible chimes that occur when zones are faulted. You can choose from a wide selection of different chimes, which allows you to personalize the system to your liking. Media refers to helpful tutorial videos that the system, as well as using the panel for live-streaming from compatible Cameras.

In order to change any of the sound settings, you will need to access the Sounds Menu. This requires knowing either the Master, Installer, or Dealer Code for the system. Remember that the three volume settings are adjusted individually. Voice volume can be set from 0 to 15. Beeps and chimes can be set from 0 to 7. Media can be set from 0 to 7. Setting a volume option to 0 will mute that sound selection.


hi-dee-hi wires I'm George from alarm grid today I'm gonna be showing you guys how to change the volume on a closest IQ panel - or IQ panel - plus so first of all why would somebody want to change the sounds or the volume on some certain sounds on the panel so the panel gives sounds literally for almost every single action when a door is open when there's a trouble whenever you guys are pressing buttons on the system if you guys are looking at videos if you guys are enabling devices if you guys are setting chimes for certain sensors it literally has a sound and a volume for almost every single item the in order to change the volume of one of the sounds or one of the features on the IQ tube or the IQ - plus you are going to need the master code the installer code or the dealer code the master code is usually defaulted out one two three four your installer code is usually defaulted at one one one one and your dealer code is usually defaulted out to two to two now all of these codes may have been changed so they're not always defaulted if you have a current panel that's monitored the monitoring company may have changed the install and a dealer code but you should still be able to access the sound menu with the master code alright so to do that I'm gonna show you guys how to start off so you have to hit the little grey tab at the very top you just select it you're gonna go to settings now from settings you're gonna go to advanced settings and doesn't work you're gonna enter and you use your code I'm gonna show you guys real quick using the master code mine is one two three four I go to sound again I go to sorry advanced settings I can also use my installer code one one one one and I can go to sound I'll hit the back arrow key again and I can also use my dealer code two two two two and it also brings up the sound so every menu is going to be completely different but every single menu is gonna have the sound feature so when I go to my sound now here is where you guys are going to be able to change the volume so if you hit the volume you're gonna be able to change the voices the the volume of the voices you can change the beeps and chimes volume and you can change the media volume so the voices that's gonna be the one the panel speaking to you front door back door is system disarmed system armed any vocal auditory sounds that the panel is making those are all going to be the voices the beeps and chimes these are gonna be like the trouble beeps these are gonna be the chimes for your sensors solo battery's tampers your front door going off if you have like a dingdong chime for it again there's a bunch of chimes that the sensors have that you can play around with so beeps and chimes is gonna play around with that value the media volume are gonna be any recordings such as if you have video cameras if you have the video camera also takes in sound that's going to be what's considered media now if you set any of these you can just slide them down if you set any of these to zero you are technically muting that that feature so if you set it to zero you're muting them I'm gonna leave all of mine on seven I'm just gonna hit close and as you see here you can actually it actually has a menu here where you can go in and change the chimes and yet I'll have a list for all your devices so instead of you having to go into the actual sensor programming and doing every sensor one by one it actually just brings up the chime for your whole list of sensors if you have a whole bunch of you ceiling we have the motion detector which I don't want to a chime I'm emotion so it says none right now but I can always edit it just by hitting the pencil now from the same menu right so that's how you can change the volume of these devices you can let me just go back here real quick you have 15 out of 15 from voices 7 out of 7 for the beeps and chimes and media volume is 7 out of 7 you can also configure what you want enabled and what you don't want unable these are going to be if you just scroll down on this sound panel voices if I disabled the panel voices then basically what I did with the volume for the panel for the voices it's gonna basically just stop all of that and you see here we have censor voices or the sensors being vocalized the notifications system disarms system armed activity if you guys have any activity sensors that's what that's referring to any z-wave devices so these are all voice settings so anything voice that you want to pre configure specifically you can change around right after the voice settings we have the chime settings so if you don't want the panel to if you don't want panel chime sensor chimes you can just disable all the chimes activity sensors as well but you also have the trouble beeps now some of these you may want to disable or you may want to leave them in and leave them enabled I know tampers are very important panel tampers the low battery tampers the maybe the trouble beeps timeout you don't need to have those the touch sound so you can see that the sounds and the volume just through this screen are very customizable and you can play around with your IQ to make it however you like whatever is comfortable for you so that it's not bothering you and going off all the time if you guys have any questions about any of these settings always feel free to email us at support at alarm CARICOM if you have an IQ - that's looking to get monitored please contact us as well if you found the video helpful make sure you hit like underneath subscribe to the youtube channel and hit that a little bit bell icon so whenever we upload new content you guys get notified i'm georgia and i'll see you guys next time