Checking The Simon XT Firmware Version Number

Checking The Simon XT Firmware Version Number

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In this video, Jorge from Alarm Grid teaches you how to check the firmware version for an Interlogix Simon XT Security System. This information can be accessed from the main screen of the system. It is listed as the "Revision Number". As of February 2020, the highest firmware version is Version 1.6.

Since the release of the Simon XT, Interlogix has periodically released new firmware versions. A particularly important firmware release is Firmware Revision 1.3, as that is the minimum firmware version needed to support a cellular communicator. You need a cellular communicator to connect the system with for monitoring service. Otherwise, the only way to monitor the system is through a phone line, which is strongly discouraged.

If an Interlogix Simon XT System is connected with, then you can have a firmware update pushed down to the panel to get it on the latest version. Please note that charges a small fee for this service, so you may be charged by your alarm monitoring company. However, if the system is not connected with, then it can be very difficult to perform a firmware update. In many cases, it may be easiest to just replace the panel entirely.

Although Interlogix has since ceased operations in North America and Simon XT Systems are no longer being manufactured, cellular communicators for the system are still widely available. If your Interlogix Simon XT System is running at least Firmware Version 1.3, then you can easily add a cellular communicator and get the system set up with These cellular communicators also double as functional Z-Wave controllers, so you will be able to perform smart home automation functions from Just make sure that you sign up for a monitoring plan that includes cellular communication and access to the platform.


hi-dee-hi wires I'm George from alarm gurth today I'll be showing you guys how to check your inner logic Simon XTS firmware version so today we have our Simon XT and it's disarmed at the home screen now checking the firmware version on the Simon XT is probably one of the easiest thing in the world to do you really just have to use these up and down arrow keys and it'll show you your revision number and that's what's uh that's pretty much how you're gonna check the firmware so just to show you guys a quick video you're gonna hit the up or down arrow key doesn't matter which way you go eventually you will come across the screen that will show you the revision now mine is on 1.6 so that is actually the latest firmware version or revision that the Simon XTS have however if you guys are looking to get monitored your system only needs to be revision 1.3 or higher so if your system is 1.3 or higher you guys can actually add an alarm comm communicator to your system now some of you are asking what is alarm comm alarm comm is an interactive platform that allows you to interact with your system from your phone or a computer anywhere in the world you can be on vacation you could be at work you could be in a different state in a different country as long as you guys have service on your phone if you guys have a connect to Wi-Fi if you guys get on a computer you can go to you alarm comm or the alarm comm application and you can actually control your alarm system from the alarm comm platform you can arm and disarm if you guys decide to get any z-wave devices as well you guys can control the thermostats locks lights garage door controllers a whole bunch of different z-wave devices that you guys can use you guys can create email and text messages text message alerts if you guys have alarm cameras you can also access the video camera footage from the application or the website basically alarm calm it allows you to include and add a whole bunch of devices to your system that you normally wouldn't be able do if you didn't have the system monitored now again if you're gonna be using alarm comm platform you need to have an alarm comm communicator and that's why you need to check your firmware version so if you have a Simon XT or if you're buying a Simon XT which most of these are actually discontinued now so just because they're discontinued doesn't mean we have stopped supporting them we still will monitor them if you have a Simon XT out there you don't have to replace it we actually sell communicators for the system LTE communicators which are long term evolution so those are going to be around for quite a while and they also have an internet path available for them as well it's going to be hard wired Ethernet so that's just something to keep in mind but yes you guys can actually connect an alarm com communicator and all you have to do again is just check the firmware version and if it's 1.6 if it's 1.3 or higher you guys are perfect you're ready to go you just have to buy the communicator get it installed into the system and just get it set up for one of our monitoring plans that include the alarm comm service now one of the other options that you guys can do is actually upgrade the panel to an IQ 2 plus a quote society YouTube plus so what the IQ 2 plus is is basically another system it has a built in 319 point 5 megahertz receiver it's this system right here that's on the wall right next to me the system will work with all your already existing inter logic sensors so you guys don't need to reuse the same Simon panel you guys can actually upgrade the panel to this alarm system it comes with Wi-Fi built in it comes with the LTE communicator built in it works with partitions it holds 128 sensors it works with power G if you guys have any sensors that couldn't reach before I guarantee what power G you'll actually be able to reach now power G sensors have a range of up to 2,000 feet and you can mix and match so you can use your existing sensors and add power G sensors on top of that for the sensors that may be far off the system has partitions has Bluetooth built in as well it works with alarm comm which is the same service that alarm whether that the Simon panel would use as well so that's also a very good option for you guys to think about doing upgrading to an IQ 2 plus that has a 3 19.5 legacy daughterboard card built-in and if you guys have any questions about the upgrade please just give us a call or just send us an email to support at alarm grid comm if you found the video helpful make sure you hit like underneath subscribe to the YouTube channel and hit that little Bell icon so whenever we upload new content you guys get notified I'm Jorge and I'll see you guys next time