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Interlogix simon xt

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The Simon XT is a wireless all-in-one alarm panel from Interlogix. It includes a touch-button keypad for controlling the system. The Simon XT Panel is fairly limited on its own. However, the system is greatly upgraded by simply adding a cellular communicator. Purchase the Simon XT right here.
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The Interlogix Simon XT is a basic all-in-one wireless control panel that serves as the central hub for a home or business alarm system. It includes its own push-button keypad that allows for quick programming and easy operation for home and business owners. With the proper upgrades and add-ons, it can perform most of the features found in a more advanced touchscreen system. Overall, the Simon XT is a solid, no-frills security panel for users who are looking for a basic plug and play setup, with the potential to upgrade to a more advanced system later on. The Simon XT is also sold in two touchscreen models: Simon XTi and Simon XTi-5.

As a panel, the Simon XT will support up to 40 total zones. Two of these zones have the option of being used as wireless zones or hardwired zones for normally closed hardwired security devices. The rest must be used as wireless zones. This is plenty of zones for most households and small businesses. Like most Interlogix alarm panels, the Simon XT interfaces with sensors that communicate at a wireless frequency of 319.5 MHz. This makes the system compatible with all GE/Interlogix and Qolsys wireless sensors that operate on this legacy frequency. The Qolsys encrypted S-line sensors are not compatible.

Out of the box, the Simon XT can only communicate using a POTS (plain old telephone service) connection. The system requires an additional module to utilize cellular communication which is highly recommended. You can choose between the Verizon, AT&T and Telus (Canada Only) cellular networks. By using a cellular radio, the Simon XT can interface with the platform. This service allows users to remotely arm and disarm their system, check the status of their sensors and control Z-Wave devices. also allows users to control the Simon XT using certain smart assistants, including Google Home and Amazon Alexa. is constantly expanding their lineup of cloud integrations with brands like Nest thermostat, Liftmaster MyQ and Lutron Caseta. This makes the Interlogix Simon XT an affordable basic option for users who are looking to integrate their alarm system with the robust interactive service.

The Simon XT can also interface with up to 232 different Z-Wave home automation devices. This will require one of the radios since the automation controller is integrated into the same module. The Z-Wave nodes are limited to controllable devices such as lights, locks or thermostats. The system will not support Z-Wave versions of burglary, life safety or environmental sensors. These devices are considered separate from the 40 main zones on the system. With all that said, adding an cellular communicator to your Simon XT adds a ton of value and really cannot be matched with phone line monitoring service. Cut the cord and get a cellular radio if you are on the fence.

Another helpful feature of the Simon XT is its spoken-voice capabilities. This function enables the Simon XT System to verbally announce the name of any programmed sensor that has been activated. With this feature, users will have an easy time identifying a faulted or troubled sensor. The panel also offers options for chimes and confirmation beeps. Many users program chimes so that they receive an audible alert whenever a door or window has been opened. Meanwhile, the push-confirmation beeps are helpful for many users in making sure that their panel commands are going through properly. A user can enable or disable these system sounds at any time.

The Simon XT will support up to eight programmable access codes. For situations where a greater number of users will need to access the system, we recommend choosing a more robust panel like the IQ2 or GC3. Additionally, new users should be aware that the Simon XT can have a slightly more difficult learning curve than a system with a touchscreen display. But for those who are seeking a very basic wireless system with the potential of doing more, the Interlogix Simon XT is a very capable choice.

Please Note: The former GE Simon XT was simply rebranded as the Interlogix Simon XT. Also, if you end up installing an cellular communicator, it will occupy zone 40 on the Simon XT. A replacement power transformer for this system can be purchased here.


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