Connecting a Lyric Alarm to the Local WiFi

Connecting a Lyric Alarm to the Local WiFi

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hey di wires I'm George from alarm grid today we're gonna be going over how to connect your lyric controller to your local Wi-Fi so there's gonna be two different ways of doing it I'm gonna show you both ways when it's going to be using the master code and the other one's gonna be using the installer code now right now we have the default we have the Lear defaulted so the master code is one two three four and in the installer code is four one one two though they're the default codes which will come with the default lyric panel unless you guys have changed them or your monitoring company has changed them so the first thing we're gonna want to go ahead and do it was on the lyric controller go ahead and hit security make your way over to tools we're gonna use the master code this is gonna be the first way so we're gonna enter in one two three four once you're there you can easily go into Wi-Fi config bottom right corner you're gonna hit scan access points it's gonna take you to a screen it or it it already may have some networks pull it up but if you don't see yours just go ahead and hit scan again just to refresh it it'll bring up any networks that it picks up on now one important thing with the lyric controller it does only pick up on 2.4 gigahertz frequency so if you have a router that only those five that will not work you want to make sure that whatever Wi-Fi router you're using it does transmit a 2.4 gigahertz frequency as that is what the Lear controller can connect to yes so it cannot connect to five gigahertz so after you've scanned you see mine's already connected but I'm gonna go ahead and reconnect just to show you guys so I would highlight it it's gonna highlight it blue and then you hit edit on the bottom left it's gonna have your SSID name it's gonna have your wpa2 the security type network type and then password this is where you're gonna need to enter in your Wi-Fi password to connect so I'm gonna go ahead and click on the box it's gonna pull up a keypad you're gonna enter in your Wi-Fi password and then you're gonna hit save mine's already connected to it so I'm just gonna back out of there but you save would be to the bottom right you get saved once you've entered it in I'm gonna cancel out since mine's already in there and then it would show your password there actually I'm gonna go ahead and do it just for now give me a moment someone enter that in it save it would have your password in there once you hit join it will start joining once it's connected connected successfully the panel will say join successful device has been successfully added to the network you're gonna go ahead and hit OK hit OK and then just hit the back arrow key all the way out to the home screen again so you back out and then the bettors back button at the bottom rate now if you look at the top left it will have your Wi-Fi signal right now I'm getting 3 out of 4 bars so that's the way to do it through the master code if you were using the installer code you have to go through a little more submenus but it can still be done I'll show you now I would go to tools instead of entering in the master code I enter in the installer code we'd remember I have it defaulted at four one one two I go to program I'm gonna head over to comm Diagnostics hit the configure Wi-Fi button and then scan access points and again this is now we're basically in the same menus that we were when we were just doing it using the master code so again if you don't see it you can hit scan it'll scan for the local areas if you don't see it on the first page you can hit the down arrow key you there's there could be multiple pages so you want to go ahead and scroll through the pages mines on the first page so again just highlight it blue hit edit type in the password hit join and then back out if you've joined it through the installer screen again back out all the way to the home screen yeah so it'll bring me here stirring up a comm trouble because the panel is not registered I'm just going to tap out of it so that's going to be the easiest way to connect your lyric to the wife I do keep in mind it only connects to 2.4 gigahertz frequencies I'm gonna repeat that one more time 2.4 gigahertz frequency so if your router does both you want to make sure that the 2.4 frequency is enabled so that you can actually connect your lyric to the Wi-Fi if you guys are using legacy IP cameras these are the old honeywell IP cameras you can actually stream those through the panel as long as they are both on the same Wi-Fi network there's also a lyric owned controller app again you do have to make sure that both the smartphone and the tablet or whatever smartphone or tablet device you're using is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as a lyric but what the app does is it acts as an emulator for the screen so it is a free app that you can find in your app store Play Store all you got to do is download it as soon as you open it it's gonna give you a couple of steps to follow it's gonna have you connected to the same Wi-Fi network it's gonna ask you for it's gonna show up a code that you can enter in that's the pair the lyric controller to the iPad now this iPad is actually connected to another lyric that we have you here in the office but just so you guys can see what it looks like it emulates the same screen as the lyric controller you can go to security it's gonna have the same thing you can arm away arm stay if I did arm away it would arm a different controller but the app basically emulates everything that you can do on the lyric controller the only thing that it will not do is the actual programming of the lyric so you can view and stream your old legacy IP cameras you can control any z-wave devices that you have learned in you can arm away you can disarm arms stay our night whichever when you do the sites do but again it does need to be on the same Wi-Fi network and it only works locally so if you leave the house and you try using this app it will not function as it should as it only works locally if you guys wanted to control your system remotely that would be Total Connect which is included in most of our monitoring plans and then you can always find out more by contact so again guys this is just a quick video on how to connect your lyric controller to Wi-Fi there's two ways of doing it using the installer code and the master code and there's a couple different screens when you guys saw which I walked you through if you guys do have any questions you can always contact us at support at alarm grid comm yeah if you guys found this video helpful make sure that you could like underneath subscribe to our YouTube channel and enable notifications so whenever we upload new content you guys do get notified I'm George with alarmgrid thinking guys very much I'll see you next time