Connecting An August Smart Lock Pro with the August Home App

Connecting An August Smart Lock Pro with the August Home App

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August Smart Lock Pro - Dark Gray Z-Wave Deadbolt Lock, 3rd Generation
August Smart Lock Pro
Z-Wave Deadbolt Lock, 3rd Generation
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In this video, Joe teaches users how to connect an August Smart Lock Pro with the August Home App. Connecting your lock with the August App is necessary for getting the device paired with a Z-Wave network or with Apple HomeKit. You can also use the August Home App to control your door lock remotely.

The August Smart Lock Pro is an extremely versatile smart lock that makes a great addition to nearly any home. The lock can be used with both a local Z-Wave network and Apple HomeKit at the same time. This is a rarity, as most locks will only work with one of these protocols. But in order to join the August Lock with either protocol, you must first join it with the August Home App.

The August Home App is also used for controlling the lock. If you don't have a Z-Wave network or HomeKit, then you will need to operate the lock through the app. You can control the lock using the app through a Bluetooth connection between your smartphone. You can also use a WIFI connection if you have added an August Connect WIFI Bridge. The August Connect WIFI Bridge is paired using the app.

Pairing the August Smart Lock Pro with the August Home App is very important for achieving basic functionality. But you should also pair it with your Z-Wave network or with HomeKit if you want to include the lock with automated scenes. This way, you can have the lock respond automatically to certain events or based upon a set schedule. Other devices on your Z-Wave network or your HomeKit network can also be included with your automated scenes.

If you don't have a Connect WIFI Bridge, you can still technically use Apple HomeKit with the lock. You will need to have a HomeKit Hub like an iPad, AppleTV or HomePod setup within Bluetooth range of the lock. Bluetooth range is only about 10 to 15 feet, and you will need to have this hub within this stance at all times. Otherwise, you are better off adding a Connect WIFI Bridge.

Remember, you must have Z-Wave, HomeKit or a Connect WIFI Bridge to control your August Smart Lock Pro remotely. You will not be able to control your August Smart Lock Pro Remotely using a Bluetooth connection through the August Home App.


Hi, DIYers. Joe here from Alarm Grid. And today, we're going to show you how to connect an August Lock Pro to the app that you can download on your tablet or your smartphone. The August Lock Pro is a really nice device. It's a lock, obviously, that you can connect to a phone or a tablet, but you can also integrate it to your alarm system. And it does actually have a Z-Wave module inside of it, so you can interface it with that, too. Today, though, we're just going to show you how to connect it to your device to set it up. One thing that you're going to want to make sure that is on, though, before you start the connection process is that you have your Bluetooth radio turned on on the device. This is actually what it's going to use to communicate with the lock and connect to it. So let's begin. I'm going to head over to the iPad, and we'll just show you what this starting process looks like. Also keep in mind, we have already created an account and set up the app. If it's the first time that you're downloading the app and opening it up, you're going to see the prompts to create your account for the lock, which you'll have to go through. We have this on the FAQ for this video, but for right now, everything is all set up for us and it's ready to go to connect the lock directly to the app. So let's see what it looks like. So on my iPad, I'm going to click on my August Lock symbol. And as you can see, it says, "Welcome to August! Set up a new device," so I'm going to do that. So we're going to set up an August Smart Lock. I'm going to click that. And the model that we have is the August Smart Lock Pro, third generation, so I'm going to click on that. We're not going to install the lock on the door today, as we just have it sitting on the table. So I'm going to skip this process. I'm just going to connect directly to the smart lock. So we're going to set up the lock, which we already have out of the box and ready to go. I'm going to click Start Setup. Now we have to initiate the pairing process on the lock. So on our August Lock, if it's brand new out of the box, there's going to be a battery tablet which you can just pull. What we're going to do is pop one of the batteries out, put it back in, and then this little LED wheel right here is going to turn green. So if you press the bottom of it, the cover can come off. It's got a little magnet. I'm just going to pop one of these batteries out. Put it back in. Then pop the cover back on. Now, the initiation process was very fast. As you can see back on our tablet, it already picked up the lock as soon as we did that. So now we have to name the lock. We can call it Alarm-- oops-- Grid Office. And Lock Name? Let's just say Test Room. Done. Going to click Continue to add in the lock. Now it's setting up the lock. So as you can see, it's going to update the lock's firmware. It looks like we're good. Click OK. We don't need to calibrate it because it's not on the door, so this whole process would really be done if we actually had the lock installed. I'm just going to close this for all intents and purposes. And as you can see, we do have the lock showing right there and the next steps to calibrate it are needed. So had we installed this on a door, we would go through these other steps and this would configure the lock so it works properly. But as you can see, it is connected to our app and it is working just fine, which is what we want it to do. If you do have any questions, though, about the August lock, about how to connect it to your alarm system, or what other features you'll be able to get out of this device, feel free to give us a call at 888-818-7728, head over to our website,, or send us an email to If you did enjoy the video, feel free to subscribe. And if you want to be notified when we post future videos, hit the notification button below and we'll send you an update when we do so. Thanks for watching and have a great day.