Smart Locks

Smart locks can make a fantastic addition to nearly any home. These devices replace existing door locks so that you can lock and unlock your door from a remote location. This is done using a mobile app on your smartphone. A central hub is required for the smart lock. Buy smart locks from Alarm Grid.
Yale YRL256
Assure Lever Lock with Z-Wave Plus and Touchscreen Keypad
List Price:
Our Price: $308.99
Yale YRL236
Assure Lever Lock with Z-Wave Plus and Push-Button Keypad
List Price:
Our Price: $280.99
Yale YRC226
Assure Lock Interconnected Z-Wave Plus Lockset with Touchscreen Keypad
List Price:
Our Price: $421.99
Yale YRC216
Assure Lock Interconnected Z-Wave Plus Lockset with Push Button Keypad
List Price:
Our Price: $349.99
Kwikset 914
Z-Wave Deadbolt Smart Lock
List Price:
Our Price: $187.99

Smart locks represent some of the most commonly used smart home devices. A smart lock will be installed in place of your current door lock to give you automation control over your door. You can then control your door remotely to lock and unlock your home. This is surprisingly useful in many different situations. People use smart door locks every single day to make their lives considerably easier and more convenient.

Imagine you are coming home with groceries, and you don't want to have to fiddle around with your keys to unlock your door. You can just use the app on your smartphone to unlock your door keys free. Some smart locks like the August Smart Lock Pro support automatic Bluetooth unlocking to let you in without having to do anything. Many end users appreciate this functionality in being able to quickly enter the home.

Smart locks can also provide peace of mind for individuals who aren't sure if they remembered to lock their doors before they left home. This happens to all of us from time to time. We leave home in such a rush that we aren't sure if we remembered to lock the doors. This can ruin someone's day and leave them paranoid as to whether or not the door is locked. But with a smart lock, you won't have to wonder. Just open up the app on your phone and check to see if the door is locked.

Many users will use their smart locks for cases where they are leaving home while friends might be coming over. If your friend arrives early, you can unlock the door for them remotely, instead of forcing them to wait outside or in their car. This is great for people who often host and don't always know when their friends will arrive. No matter where you are, you will be able to let your friends in.

Smart locks are also great for combining with video doorbells. A video doorbell will allow you to see exactly who is front of your door. The video doorbell will alert you whenever someone rings the doorbell or when its built-in motion sensor detects movement. This is perfect for users who want to know who is at their door without having to get up and check. If it's your friend or a delivery person, you will probably get up and answer. But if it's a solicitor, then you might pretend you're not home.

Alarm Grid offers smart locks that use different platforms for remote access and control. The most common are Z-Wave and HomeKit. Z-Wave is a smart home automation platform used with my alarm systems. The alarm control panel operates as a Z-Wave hub. Z-Wave devices are enrolled with the panel. You can then control them from the panel or a keypad. If you have monitoring service, you can use an interactive service like Total Connect 2.0 or to control your Z-Wave devices remotely. On the other hand, many smart locks will connect with WIFI to be used with a HomeKit network. This is great for iOS users, as they can use the Apple Home App to control lock and unlock their doors remotely. They can even do this using Siri voice commands.

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