Connecting an iPhone to the Lyric Alarm System

Connecting an iPhone to the Lyric Alarm System

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Honeywell Lyric Alarm System
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In this video, Joe shows users how they can use an Apple iPhone to manage a Honeywell Lyric Controller, including arming and disarming the panel. One way ...


I do I was Joey from alarm Greta and today we're going to talk about how to connect an iPhone to a lyric security system today I have my iPhone 7 right here and we have a lyric right up here on the wall and we're going to talk about the two ways that you can connect it one way that you can connect it is using the free app called my home controller you'll be able to download this on the apple app store or on the Android app store it's a free app to download and it connects the phone to the system over the Wi-Fi network it's limited on what it allows you to do but it will allow you to arm and disarm the system activate any z-wave devices you have programmed and check out I older model IP cameras that you have associated with the system it's really easy to set up and we actually have a lot of customers that use it with a spare tablet or phone they have in the house as a spare virtual keypad really convenient to use and very easy to set up all you have to do is on the system first we're going to click on tools enter the master code one two three four and then from here we're going to click on keypad with this menu load it up on our phone now we're gonna click on the my home controller app and as you can see the phone is on the same Wi-Fi network as the lyric and it instantly will join up to it as long as we have this menu loaded up on the lyric itself the app itself has very a very similar if not identical user interface and as you can see you can do security you can arm the system you can check the zones any system information I believe this is for bypassing yep you can bypass all it's the same menu that's on the lyric itself if I go home and we click on automation you'll see it's the same automation menu as on the lyric and you can't do much more with it you won't be able to activate any scenes and rules that you have programmed to your Total Connect or on the lyric itself but it's an easy way to turn something on or close something if it's open so that's the my home controller app it's simple in nature but it works great for what it is now the other app that you can use is told Connect 2.0 for Total Connect access you're going to have to get the system monitored but Total Connect is a much more robust app it can actually communicate to the system over cellular or Wi-Fi depending on how the system set up so if you have your system on a dual path set up it will be able to connect to that obviously if the Wi-Fi drops and it's just on cellular connect it can connect and it can also connect to the system over only Wi-Fi so Total Connect will allow you to edit users set up text and email notifications program in addition to activate any z-wave device on your system you can manage multiple locations through the app and there's a bunch of other cool stuff you can do with it it's a very popular app and a lot of people will activate their system just to get access to Total Connect as far as the setup for Total Connect goes that's going to be handled by your security provider when they activate your system then they'll be able to set up your app send you an email which is going to have a link in it which will let you create a password validate your email address and login so the setup goes it's very easy on your phone once you download Total Connect 2.0 it's free to download on either store and if you actually want to check it out you can download the app and if you click on the test drive button it'll load up a demo of it so you can see what it looks like and play around with it there's also a web interface for Total Connect if you go to Total Connect to comm and click on the test drive button you'll be able to try a full demo of that too but as you can see it as touch ID so if I put my finger here will login now this Total Connect app is actually connected to a different lyric security system but for all intensive purposes you're going to see the same stuff as you would no matter which system it's connected to as you can see you can arm and disarm right here on the main page we have the weather enabled we have our automation tab down here we had z-wave devices on the system they pop up right here under cameras we do have a whole bunch of cameras at our program to the to the system as you can see we can scroll down and look at all the different ones and then under more you have all your different app settings it's a great app to use honeywell may be a little under a year ago they just revamp the entire app cleaned it up made it work much better it has a modern look now and it works great so those are the two ways that you can connect your iphone into a lyric security system if you do have any questions about this feel free to give us a call send us an email or jump on chat if you liked the video feel free to subscribe if you want to be updated about future videos when we do post them click the notification button will send you an update and reach out with any questions have a great day