Connecting an LTE-XV to a Vista-21iP

Connecting an LTE-XV to a Vista-21iP

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hi DLR is jowar from alarm grid and today we're going to show you how to install a Verizon LTE xvii communicator onto your vista 21ip as you may know the 21ip does have a built-in Ethernet communicator and you can also install the proprietary Vista GSM 4G communicator right onto the board the Verizon LTE xvii communicator though is going to let a system connect to the LTE network that Verizon has which is faster and more reliable than the older 4G network that you can install on the system downside to this though is that you're going to lose your Ethernet connection when you install this communicator so you won't be able to do dual paths with this system if you are using the cellular communicator the upshot though is that the communicator is working on the LTE network which is super reliable and will provide your system with a solid connection outward to report alarms or to support your Total Connect 2.0 Verizon does also so they're going to be supporting this network for a few years to come so it is going to be very reliable and if this does make sense for you to install this is a perfectly valid and fine upgrade to do this though there's a few things that we have to do the first thing we're going to do is we're going to power down the system then we actually have to move our jumper on the board to the off position which is going to turn off all of the onboard IP and cellular communication so you will not be able to use the Ethernet jack after we do that we're going to install the communicator and we're going to wire it up to the ECB bus and you're going to be good to go so first thing is let's power down our system 100% we have our main power from the AC transformer connected to this LT cable going into our power terminals so I'm going to unplug that and I'm also going to unplug our backup battery as you can see the system is a hundred percent powered off so the first thing I'm going to do is I want to move this jumper into the off position which is the bottom two pins next we're going to take our LTE xD and we're going to install it on the system so I'm going to take all of the the wires that come with it I'm going to slip them through this punch-out it's going to sit right there it also comes with a lock nut that will keep it in place if you are installing this at home I do recommend taking a screwdriver or some flat tool and making sure the lock nut securely holds your communicator in place it's just going to let you avoid any issues that you could have from the loose communicator today though I'm just going to tighten this up with my hand all right so our communicator is set and stable now I have to attach the wires to the ECP bus so as you can see we do already have some wires on our ECP bus I'm just going to loosen up these terminals and I'm going to slip the communicator wires right underneath what I'm going to do because we have so many wires under each terminal I'm just gonna slip out the whole bundle and twist them together so I can securely wrapped our communicator wires around them now everything is powered off so there's no risk of any shock just make sure that all your stuff is turned off before you do anything like this so there's our black bundle here's our communicator wire and we'll lay this here and twist it around the wires and now we're sure that we're gonna have a good connection on that one so next I'm taking the red wires it's going to place them together twisting around we'll take our red wire from our communicator right here I'll lay this next to it twist it around make sure it's nice and stable now ideally if you have a pair of pliers or lineman using a tool well save your fingers and it'll make this process much easier just grab it turn around and make sure your splice is nice and secure next eye of the green bundle oh my communicator wire right here lay it next to it twist it around and then I have my yellow bundle as the last bunch of wires and there's no rush with any of this make sure you take your time and that your your splices are good sometimes this will happen where a wire may break off and you have to restring seaweed if that happens we just restricter a pit around and it's ready to go so now we'll take our yellow wire twist off the end lay it in there twist it up cool so now when we install this back on our system where we know that our connections are likely going to be just fine so because our bundles are a little bigger I'm just going to make sure that my terminals are loose enough so that we can easily slip them under first we'll do the black then we'll do the red then we'll do the green and then we'll do the yellow all right so now Clark connections are all made up and ready to power the system back up first I'm going to do plug in the backup battery and then plug in the system and as you can see for communicator has some activity lights its powering up and the next step would be to get this activated with your alarm company so that the system can start to communicate using the Verizon LTE xvii you do have any questions about how to install the communicator the vista 21ip or alarm systems in general feel free to give us a call at eight at eight eight one eight seven seven two eight send us an email to support at alarm grid calm or I'd our website enjoy the video feel free to subscribe and if you want to be notified when we post future videos hit the notification button below and I'll send you an update when we do so thanks for watching and have a great day