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The Honeywell VISTA-21iP is an AlarmNet internet alarm control panel that supports the VISTA-GSM4G cellular alarm communicator and supports Total Connect 2.0.
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The Honeywell VISTA-21iP is an alarm control panel with an integrated AlarmNet internet alarm monitoring communicator. The VISTA-21iP internet alarm control panel is essentially a Honeywell VISTA-20P alarm control panel with a built-in AlarmNet 7847i internet alarm monitoring communicator. However, the VISTA-21iP includes both of those devices in a single integrated alarm control panel making your home security system installation as easy and clean as possible.

The Honeywell VISTA-21iP internet alarm control panel is the ideal alarm control panel as it has all of the amazing features of the VISTA-20P and is equipped with AlarmNet’s advanced internet alarm monitoring communications. The VISTA-21iP supports a total of (48) protection zones. You can wire any hardwired alarm device to the (8) built-in hardwired zones. You can use a Honeywell 4219 wired zone expansion module if you need more than (8) wired zones. By adding a Honeywell 5881ENH wireless receiver or a Honeywell 6160RF alarm keypad with integrated wireless receiver to your VISTA-21iP alarm control panel, you can use up to (40) wireless Honeywell devices. Once you have added a wireless receiver to your VISTA-21iP, you can also use up to (16) wireless key fob buttons for system control. The Honeywell internet alarm control panel can be controlled by up to (8) alarm keypads. Alarm Grid recommends adding at least (1) of the Honeywell 6160RF, Honeywell 6160V or Honeywell 6160 alarm keypad as each of these keypads are alphanumeric and will therefore be able to access the advanced *56 zone programming menus within the VISTA-21iP’s programming options. In addition to the (8) console alarm keypads, you can also add up to (4) touchscreen alarm keypads using the VISTA-21iP’s AUI device addresses. The Honeywell Tuxedo Touch or Honeywell Tuxedo Touch WIFI are great additions to a VISTA-21iP internet alarm control panel.

The Honeywell VISTA-21iP internet alarm control panel is compatible with AlarmNet’s advanced internet alarm communications. AlarmNet is Honeywell’s alarm communication division and has been providing security system owners with alternative alarm monitoring options since 1986. As more and more people are getting rid of their landline telephones, they need another communication option to be able to have their security system monitored by a central station. The integrated internet alarm monitoring communicator built into the VISTA-21iP alarm control panel provides a monitoring option that does not rely on a phone line. Instead, you can connect an Ethernet cable to your VISTA-21iP and all of your alarm signals will be sent to Alarm Grid’s central station using your home’s internet connection. Internet alarm communications are extremely fast and also very affordable. However, they are only as reliable as your internet connection. If your internet connection goes down for any reason, your VISTA-21iP alarm control panel will not be able to send any alarm signals to Alarm Grid’s central station. Therefore, you should consider adding the optional Honeywell VISTA-GSM4G cellular alarm communicator that snaps onto the VISTA-21iP alarm control panel and provides backup cellular alarm communications. With the VISTA-GSM4G installed, your VISTA-21iP can detect that your internet connection is not available and will automatically switchover to use the backup cellular alarm communicator. Dual path alarm monitoring, using the VISTA-21iP and VISTA-GSM4G, is the most reliable alarm communication path available.

Of course, as the integrated internet communicator and the VISTA-GSM4G are both AlarmNet alarm communicators, the VISTA-21iP is compatible with AlarmNet’s advanced Total Connect 2.0 service. Total Connect 2.0 provides remote security system control and instant text message or email notifications. You can access your Total Connect 2.0 account using any web browser or by using a free application on an iPhone, iPad, Blackberry; or Android device.

Please note Alarm Grid also offers a refurbished version of this product here.

Brand: Honeywell

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Easy after the initial learning curve
Submitted on 12/08/2015 Lee

Setting up this panel is pretty straight forward. The programming can be a bit of a pain and the documentation could be organized much better. I would recommend skimming over the entire documentation before jumping into the install.

I had never setup a security system before, although I am very technical. The most difficult thing for me was understanding "end of line" (EOL) resistors and the different resistors for zone doubling. There are some good videos on Youtube that explain it. Be sure to check those out!

Submitted on 05/03/2013 shane

Great system!

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