August Smart Lock Pro: Connecting to WIFI

Connecting August Smart Lock Pro to WIFI

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In this video, Michael from Alarm Grid shows users how to connect the August Smart Lock Pro to a WIFI network. This is done using an August Connect WIFI Bridge. By connecting the Smart Lock Pro to a local WIFI network, you are able to control the lock remotely through the August Home App.

The August Connect WIFI Bridge allows you to connect your August Smart Lock Pro to a local WIFI network. This device effectively serves as a middleman between the lock and the IP router. But keep in mind that the August Connect module is optional. There are other ways you can operate the August Smart Lock Pro remotely that don't involve the August Connect WIFI Bridge. The other options include using Z-Wave connectivity or using a Bluetooth connection through a HomeKit Hub for connectivity with Apple HomeKit.

Interestingly the August Smart Lock Pro cannot connect with Apple HomeKit through WIFI, even if a Connect WIFI Bridge is set up. All HomeKit connectivity for the August Smart Lock Pro is done through Bluetooth. This means that you must always have the August Smart Lock Pro within Bluetooth range of the dedicated HomeKit Hub. The HomeKit Hub can be an iPad, AppleTV Gen 4 or higher, or an Apple HomePod.

The only other option besides Apple HomeKit for controlling the August Smart Lock Pro remotely is through a Z-Wave network. The August Smart Lock Pro can connect with a Z-Wave hub with no hardware needed. You just need to have a Z-Wave hub. Many security systems like the IQ Panel 2 Plus, the 2GIG GC3 and the Resideo Lyric Controller can serve as an effective Z-Wave hub. You can then control the August Smart Lock Pro remotely an interactive service platform like Total Connect 2.0 or This will require active monitoring service.

By connecting the August Smart Lock Pro with Apple HomeKit, you can use your iOS device to operate it remotely. This includes the ability to control the lock through voice commands made through SIRI. You can do this from virtually anywhere, as long as your iPhone is connected to the network.


Hi, DIYers. This is Michael from Alarm Grid, and today I'm going to be showing you how to connect your August Smart Lock Pro to a Wi-Fi network. Now to do this, you will need the August Connect Wi-Fi Bridge. Which we have ours already out of the packaging, you see this is just the outer cover here. And we have our Connect right here, the module, right here, that we will be plugging in. But the benefits to getting your August Smart Lock Pro to a Wi-Fi network, I do want to make it very clear, first of all, the August Smart Lock Pro can't do Wi-Fi, unless you have this Connect Wi-Fi Bridge. Without this, it can't get on to a Wi-Fi network. Now the advantage to getting it on to Wi-Fi is that you will be able to control the Lock remotely through the August Home app. Because otherwise, the only way that you can communicate with the Lock would be through Bluetooth, and you're acting remotely, you're not within Bluetooth range. You're away from your home or business, and you're not within Bluetooth range, so you need to have the Lock on the Wi-Fi network, so that way you can control it remotely through the August Home app. Now I do want to be clear that the Connect Wi-Fi Bridge it's not for HomeKit. HomeKit can't communicate with the Lock through Wi-Fi, that's all done through Bluetooth. So if you're doing HomeKit, then you would have to have the Lock within Bluetooth range of your dedicated HomeKit hub. So go check out our HomeKit video for more information on that. But we're not worried about HomeKit today, we're worried about the August Smart Lock Pro and the Connect Wi-Fi Bridge. So that way you can control it through the August Home app. So let's get started with this, we already have our August Smart Lock Pro enrolled with the August app. We've gone through the initial setup and everything, and what we're going to actually be doing is adding a new accessory in the August app. We're setting up a Connect. So, let's do that. We have our iPad here, that's what we'll be using today to complete the process. And we're going to click on the August app here, and then you see we're at Dylan's house. Dylan changed the name on our iPad, in the August app, but that's fine. And we're going to click the hamburger button, the three horizontal bars in the upper-left corner here. And we're going to set up a new device, looks like it's Michael test. And we're going to choose set up device at the bottom here. And then we're going to choose set up a Connect, that's what we're working with here, the August Connect Wi-Fi Bridge. So step one, set up Connect, let's add a remote bridge for your Lock. So we're going to start. And then before you get started, make sure the phone is connected your home's Wi-Fi network. We've done that. So we're going to continue here. And now we need to plug the Connect into an outlet, so I'm going to do that real quick. We have an outlet down here, and we'll just plug that in. Let's see, there we go. And we just want to confirm that it does make some colors. There we go. It is turning green, so that's good. So now let's continue here. We're going to-- we've plugged it in as close to our door-- which we don't have a door, we just have the lock, but that is pretty close. So looks like we're good here. And we're going to click OK. The Connect is plugged in, and we're going to press and hold the front button on the Connect for 5 seconds, then wait a moment for the green light to begin blinking slowly. So, let's see, we're going to press and hold the button on here until we get the green LED. There we go, we got the green LED, and now we're going to click OK. The light is blinking green, and now it's scanning for the Connect, so we're going to let it do that. OK, now we're connecting our Lock to Wi-Fi-- or connecting the Bridge to Wi-Fi, not connecting the Lock yet, connecting the Bridge to Wi-Fi. So we're going to start. Now we have confirmed that our iPad is connected to a Wi-Fi network, it's connected to the Alarm Grid network. But it does list our current Wi-Fi network, null. But-- and it does say here that 5 gigahertz networks are not supported, so make sure you're on a 2.4 gigahertz Wi-Fi network. And we're going to begin Wi-Fi set up here. And it looks like it's scanning, and now it's gathering information about our network, preparing. Just kind of wait through this here. OK, and this accessory's going to be set up to join the Alarm Grid network, which is the one we want. That's what we're connected to. We're going to choose Next. And you see it's joining Alarm Grid. OK, and then it says set up complete, this accessory joined Alarm Grid. We'll just press the Done button here. And it says please wait while your Bridge comes online, so we'll wait for that. And then there we go, set up is complete. We've got our Connect connected to Wi-Fi. It says our Bridge has been added to null. It should say Alarm Grid, but that's fine. We'll do Finish, and then it allows us to test signal. So, yeah, we better do that. We'll go and test the signals here. And it looks like we had our good Bluetooth connection. Bluetooth range is about 10 to 15 feet, and we're clearly within 10 to 15 feet, so that's fine. So we'll go Continue here, and now it says, congratulations, you have set up your Connect Wi-Fi Bridge. We've done it across Wi-Fi, it shows it on the screen. We'll press Continue. And now we can go back to Dylan's house, and click on that. And you see it gives us the Bluetooth logo in the upper-right corner here. If I click on it, it actually is going to say that it seamlessly switches between Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. So if we took this further away, if we went on a walk somewhere, then it would probably switch to Wi-Fi. Which I need to be in front of the camera, so I can't test that right now. But, that's what would happen, if it switches between Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, it says seamlessly. And we have found that it does seamlessly switch. So if you're too far away for Bluetooth, then it will use the Wi-Fi connectivity. And like I said, that's needed for controlling it remotely, because if you're trying to do the August Home app to control your Lock, and you're not within Bluetooth range, well then it's going to have to rely on Wi-Fi. So that's why you need this Connect Bridge set up. So that's why we did that today. But we're too close to the Lock to show you right now, because it's only going show Bluetooth. OK, and you can see that this is what it looks like if you move out of Bluetooth range, and it switches to Wi-Fi. You can see, in the upper-right corner, that it shows the Wi-Fi logo, instead of the Bluetooth logo, letting you know that you switched over to Wi-Fi. And now it's using the Connect Wi-Fi Bridge to communicate. That is how you connect your August Connect Wi-Fi Bridge to Wi-Fi, and how you get your August Smart Lock Pro connected to a Wi-Fi network. If you have any questions about the August Connect Wi-Fi Bridge, or the August Smart Lock Pro, or about alarm monitoring services, send an email to If you found this video helpful, make sure to give it a thumbs up below to like the video. And remember to subscribe to our channel for updates on future videos. We hope you enjoyed the video. Thank you.