Connecting the 2GIG GC3e to WIFI

Connecting the 2GIG GC3e to WIFI

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In this video, Jarrett from Alarm Grid shows you how to connect the 2GIG GC3e to a WIFI network. The 2GIG GC3e can use WIFI connectivity to communicate with the servers. However, it cannot be set up for WIFI connectivity alone. requires that a security system also has a cellular communication path enabled. While no additional hardware is needed for connecting to WIFI, you will need to add a separate cellular communicator to set up the required cellular communication path.

Communicating with is an essential component of monitoring service for the 2GIG GC3e System. The panel sends signal to the servers during alarm events. These signals are sent across WIFI and cellular. Whichever signal reaches first will go through, while the other signal will be automatically discarded. This prevents any incoming command from going through twice. forwards incoming alerts to a central station and/or the end user directly via text and/or email depending on the user's monitoring plan.

In order to connect the 2GIG GC3e to WIFI, you will need to access the appropriate menu on the system. This will require providing either the Master Code or the Installer Code for the GC3e System. For reference, the GC3e default Installer Code is 1561. When connecting with the WIFI network, you will be required to provide its network password. Make sure that you know that information. Also make sure that the GC3e Panel is within range of the WIFI router. You can connect the 2GIG GC3e to either a 2.4 GHz WIFI Network or a 5 GHz WIFI Network. Keep in mind that WIFI connectivity will only represent one communication path for the GC3e. If the internet ever goes down, then the system will still be able to communicate with using its cellular backup.


[MUSIC PLAYING] Hey, DIYers. Jarrett here from Alarm Grid. Today, we're going to be going over how you would set up the Wi-Fi on a 2GIG GC3e panel. It's very simple to go ahead and set up the Wi-Fi in a GC3e. Just a couple of steps to go through and it's quite simple. I mean, you'll be able to get it done very quickly. Now, the thing is about setting up the Wi-Fi in the GC3e or the GC3e, I did just want to let you know here that it is-- like, if you're looking to set up monitoring services with the system, you want to make sure that the system still has a cellular communicator installed. So setting up the Wi-Fi in a GC3e, it can be very important, because it gives the system. another method of communication for monitoring services. Now, you can't setup just a Wi-Fi connection with the system so for it to be monitored, that's why I say, you have to have the cellular communicator installed, because the platform it uses, which is requires that system and the main systems to use that cellular communicator. It's something that they have in place for redundancy for the alarm system to make sure that if anything happens, your system can still communicate. Now setting up the Wi-Fi on there is just setting up like a secondary communication method on the system. It's still going to be using the cellular communicator, but it's going to have that Wi-Fi connection as another method to be able to communicate. So essentially if you're using, or if the alarm were to trigger and is sending out alarm signals, it's going to send out the signal through both the Wi-Fi and also the cellular connection. So it's good to set it up if you wanted to. It's not exactly needed, but if you wanted to do or if you wanted a little bit of a faster connection with the system or anything, then you set it up with the Wi-Fi. Now, if you want to go ahead and set up the Wi-Fi, what you're going to need is the master code and/or the installer code. If you don't have the master code, you can use the installer code to go ahead and get to that setting so you can set up the Wi-Fi. So when setting up a cellular communicator with the system, you actually have to you can choose from. There's a Verizon LTE version and there's an AT&T LTE version. The Verizon version is called the 2GIG LTE V1-A-GC3. The AT&T version is the 2GIG LTE A-A-GC3. You can find both of these on our website. If we want to go ahead and order these, they're both available. And these are going to work for both the GC3e and the GC3 system, if you still have one of those. Now if you wanted to set up the Wi-Fi in the panel, as I said, you can go ahead and use the master code and with the installer code to go ahead and access that programming so you could set up the Wi-Fi. So what you want to do here in the GC3e is at the bottom right, you see system settings, just tap on that, and it's going to bring up a keypad. So this is when you enter your code. We're just going to use the default master code, which is 1111. If you didn't have the default master code and you only have the installer code, you can go ahead and use that. But the default installer code is 1561. So you're going to scroll down here in this next window, you're going to look for network settings. Just go ahead and tap on that. So now what you want to do is go ahead and tap on wireless. And it's going to take you to this window here with a different Wi-Fi networks available. So you're just going to go ahead and look for your Wi-Fi name that you have set up. If you don't see it immediately, just scroll down the list, and you should be able to find it. Now if you're not seeing it, you can hit the Refresh options. You can just refresh it at Wi-Fi networks that pop up. See if you can find yours. Or you can just go ahead and join another network and enter everything manually. In this instance, we're going to be connecting us to the Alarm Grid Wi-Fi. And it is actually currently connected. So what we're going to do is just forget the network, so that we can go ahead and re-add it. So we're going to tap on forget network here. And if you ever do need to set up your system with a different Wi-Fi network, this basically what you would do is you would just go into that Wi-Fi network that the systems currently connected to, and then click on forget network, so you could just forget it, and you could re-add it to a different one. Now that we did go ahead and forget that, as you can see it's no longer connected to the Wi-Fi network. So if you just tap on it, it's going to bring up this window. This is where you just enter the password for your Wi-Fi network. Once you've entered the password, then you're just going to tap on next at the bottom right, and that will take you to the next window to fall through with the next steps. So we're just going to enter our password here. All right. And now once we've tapped the next, and just going to go ahead and start loading everything here in this next window. And in some occasions, it's going to pull this up, where it doesn't show you an IP address or anything here. That's OK. Sometimes, it does that. If you want to make sure that it's connecting to an IP address, you just hit the back arrow, go back into it, you can go ahead and see that. Or you can just let it sit here and load. Sometimes, it could take a few minutes for it to show those different settings. Now that it did-- we gave it the chance to go ahead and load, it's pulling up everything right here for the network. We have the IP address, subnet mask, gateway, DNS, server, everything. If you did want to go ahead and manually enter a static IP or anything like that, you could just tap on here. And you can see, this is on auto, and then up menu up here. But now, we are successfully connected to the network. So once you've done that, just hit the back arrow. And you can see right here, we are connected. So to go ahead and save the changes, just hit the back arrow again, and again. At this point, you're just going to go back to the main menu. So that is how you set up Wi-Fi in a 2GIG GC3e. If you have any further questions about a 2GIG GC3e or alarm systems, in general, please reaches at, or go to our website If you find this video helpful, please like and subscribe. For notifications of future videos, please click the bell icon. This is Jarrett with Alarm Grid. Have a great day.