Disable the Chime on a Lyric

Disable the Chime on a Lyric

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This video is about how to Disable the Chime on a Lyric.


adi wires I'm George with alarmgrid today we're gonna be going over how to disable the chime on a lyric controller so I have my lyric controller right here and then I actually have two sensors thrown into it a front door and a back door so right now if I open up any of these sensors it's gonna announce e8 and it's gonna chime the back door and the front door the easiest way to disable the chimes is going to be by going to the main screen of the lyric so this would be the primary screen where you see security automation video smart scenes notices settings you're gonna hit settings once you go to settings if you see voice and chime if it's highlighted blue then that means they're currently enabled if you just click on them it's gonna unhighlight it and it'll be a normal white button what you're gonna want to do is you're gonna want to make sure you they say well Bothan right so I just unhighlight it the voice and the chime and then once you've done that you want to make sure that you hit save so that the work that you actually did is saved if you guys just hit the back arrow key if you see I'm gonna go back in it didn't save because you did not hit the Save button that's not the bottom right of the screen so I'm gonna go ahead boys chime save and now the system says ready to arm if I grab my sensor pull them apart the system will not chime or do any voice enunciation but you will see that the system says not ready to arm if you want to look at the fault hit security and it'll show the fall right there open back door when you close back up it'll say back into ready to arm now one little caveat if you guys are messing around with the chime and voice enunciation feature in settings if you guys enable chime you'd save it's not gonna do the voice it would just do the chime if I want the voice I hit voice then it'll go back to normal now the caveat is if you guys try to do just voice and you disable the chime the voice will not work it's a weird glitch in the programming of the actual system but watch I'll I'll show you guys right now so I'm gonna deselect the chime I'm gonna leave voice enabled this is for the people who just want to do voice without the chime you're gonna see that it's not gonna work I get saved so right now voice is the only one I open it up boom nothing happens at the system it does say ready to arm you can see the faulty door but there was no voice this time bad goes back to ready to arm so again if you want it to do voice and chime you need to have both of them enabled is so the panel it can only do chime it can only you can disable them but it cannot do voice only all right so I'm gonna leave it like that for now another way that you guys can disable the voicing chime is gonna be in the actual zone programming so let's say I leave this enabled so right now my backdoor it's gonna go off now let's say you don't want voice chime enabled for a certain zone what you're gonna do you're going to go into programming so you're gonna go to security hit tools you're gonna enter in the installer code for one one two now again this panel is defaulted so the default installer code for all your wall systems is for one one two that'll get me into the programming screen so now I hit program I'm gonna go over to zones and it's my backdoor that keeps going off let's say I don't want to get a chime or voice enunciation on it I'm just gonna go to backdoor hit edit and then in chime that's another thing you can actually let me disable you can actually scroll through all the different times that are available for the zones yeah so before the panel was really interrupting me if you don't want the chime enabled just go ahead and hit disable on that and then again you always want to make sure that you get saved and then back all the way out to the home screen and now when I open this it'll just say faulted but it will not do the voice enunciation or any other chime so that's another way that you can go ahead and disable that time for a certain zone I do want to touch on something the difference I want to touch on the different chime options right so all I did with there was just go back into programming which was security tools installer code for one one two unless you have changed it or unless you're monitoring companies change it again I'm gonna go to zones and you want to highlight the zone hit edit and I'm just gonna scroll through my different Chinese I just wanted you guys to get a clear view of every single chime that was available we have standard which is the one that comes with the system normally let's say for the back door I want to set it as a melody I'll hit save back arrow all the way out to the home screen and now when I do this one that's the melody chime that we just gave it and the enunciation but my front door has the standard chime so that'll actually give me the three beeps yeah so you can play around with the different shines you can give different in your zone different zones different sounds that you want it to give in case you associate one with the other but again guys this is just a quick video on how to disable the chime just a quick recap you go to home settings unhighlight then save and that's all it is if you guys do have any questions feel free to email us at support at alarm grid comm if you found this video helpful make sure that you like underneath subscribe to the youtube channel and also enable notification that way whenever we do upload new content you guys get notified my name is Jorge thank you guys see you next time