Enrolling a PowerG CO Detector to a Qolsys IQ Panel 2 Plus

Enrolling a PowerG CO Detector to a Qolsys IQ Panel 2 Plus

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hi Dors joy from alarm grid and today we're going to show you how to enroll a perigee CO detector to our Qualis IQ tube panel before we start though just know that if your closest IQ tube panel is on an older firmware version please go update it to the latest the two point 4.0 this updates the power G firmware on the system to eighty point two five which makes it compatible with all power G CO detectors that work with the system the older firmware version on the IQ two was running power G firmware version eighty point one seven which would have prevented any power G CO detector that was manufactured before March 26 2009 teen from working with the system and I know that's a mouthful but this is all written up on the fax so please reference it as need be but before you start doing this upgrade your IQ to to the latest firmware so you prevent any issues from happening I have a power G CO detector right here this is an older model and this one all I have to do is plug the the battery up to connect it to the system after I get the system into enrollment mode so the first thing we're going to do is jump into Auto enroll mode on our system slide down from slide down from the top click on settings Advanced Settings to to to to installation devices security sensors auto learn sensors so now on my CL all that I have to do is install the battery and it came up on the system I'm gonna click OK and this is where you would set up the CO detector as we see it has the correct sensor ID it's a CO detector for sensor type and the sensor group is Co we're not we don't have to adjust any of this for this installation I'm gonna click add new it's on the system and ready to be tested now whenever you do install a CO detector on your system you are going to want to test it to make sure that does work properly but before you do this if your system is monitored by a central station make sure you put your system on test it's very important with CEO testing as if the central station gets a false alarm you won't be able to cancel it if it came from a CO detector on your system so we actually reached out to DSC and asked them how to properly test a carbon monoxide detector because we were really curious and the response that we got is to really test these carbon monoxide detectors to see if they work using real carbon monoxide is to put them in some kind of bag spray the carbon monoxide detector in the bag and then wait for it to go off this is a real functional test and it's really going to tell you if carbon monoxide will set the device off and as you can see it's going to be convenient to do this before you install the device so do this when they're on the floor let's give it a shot so I'm going to put it in the bag I'm going to place it in such a way that the tamper button is held down I don't have the back plate at the moment and I have my can CEO right here so what I'm going to do is I'm going to spray this in the bag I'm going to seal it and then I'm going to wait and hopefully we got an alarm so I've now made a deadly environment inside of the bag and we're going to wait to see what happens and we got it so as you can see we got the alarm I'm going to disarm it and we're good make sure that when you do one of these functional tests it's going to take some time for the carbon to get out of the detector so it will keep triggering until it's out of the unit what you can do is you can simply take the battery out and just let it air out and clean itself out before you install it again or else you're gonna keep getting an alarm on the CEO but it works so again put your system on test before testing the CO detector if you do have any questions about this process feel free to give us a call at eight at eight eight one eight seven seven two eight send us an email to support at alarm grid comm or HUD or website wwlp.com you did enjoy the video feel free to subscribe and if you want to be posted or notified when we post future videos hit the notification button below and we'll send you an update when we do so thanks for watching and have a great day