Enrolling an IQ Fob with a Qolsys IQ Panel 2

Enrolling an IQ Fob with a Qolsys IQ Panel 2

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hey DIY is dirt with alarmgrid here today we're going to discuss how you can enroll a Qualis IQ key fob with the closest IQ panel to now there are two different key fobs you can use with the Koala suspend or at least the closest version of the key fobs which is the closest IQ fob and then there's the closest IQ fob s which is basically the s-line version of the Koala key fob really the only difference between the quasi key fob and the IQ 5s it's just the encryption community the encrypting communication between the system and the key fob now we do have a key fob right here this is the closest IQ fob S version we don't I didn't bring the non s-line version but it is going to work exactly the same exact way just like the closest IQ fob and the enrollment process into the koala same exact thing know when you're setting up a key fob with the system mainly you would use the key fobs so that when you're let's say leaving the home and don't necessarily want the armament and try to head out the door you just head out the door lock it up and everything and then just armed the system with the key fob or when you're coming up to your home you can disarm the system with the key fob you can also set up a panic button as well so that if anything were to happen whether it be a medical emergency or even something going on with theft then you can trigger a panic and have the police dispatched immediately if you do have a central station set up these key files will work with the closest IQ panel to Plus as well but it does have to be the three nineteen point five megahertz version which is a legacy into logic version of the closest IQ panel to plus it also obviously can't work with the normal call psychic panel too now if you want it to set up a key fob with your quotes like a panel to plus or even closest like a panel to you just follow these simple steps so on the panel what you're going to do is tap the small gray bar at the top you're going to go to settings you're going to go over their advanced settings and you're going to type in the installer code default installer code is 1 1 1 1 then you're going to go to an installation devices security sensors and we're just gonna auto-enroll we're just gonna oughta learn this key fob into the system so you're gonna go into Auto learned sensor and now it's gonna bring you to this menu so what you want to do to enroll the key fob is just hold down the lock and unlock button both at the same time so the system can pick it up and once it picks it up it'll ask you whether you want this sensor to be enrolled or not so what we're gonna do just hold down the lock and unlock button as you can see the closest immediately picked it up it's asking or saying sensor 9 co c FB is requesting to be added to your list if you want to just make sure that it is the correct sensor normally be on the back of the key fobs you can see a sticker and it shows DL which is matching up which is actually showing 9 Co c FB which is showing up here as well so that's how you can determine whether this is the correct sensor that return or a roll or key fob so you just press ok so now it's gonna bring you to this menu this is where you can just edit the information however you want it to be we have the sensor type which you always want to have the key fob if you're enrolling key fob and we have the sensor groups okay there's three different sensor groups you can choose from there's mobile intrusion there's fixed auxilary and mobile auxilary one four and six basically mobile intrusion is for the key fobs it's generally used for the key fobs this is if you're wearing this around or it's just casually sitting on your keychain or anything and if you press a panic button it's going to trigger a police panic on the system then you have mobile axillary which is sensor group six this is mainly for like emergency pendants or emergency panic buttons like you can wear the emergency pendants on your as a watch on your wrist or you can use that as a necklace as well and if you hit the panic button it's going to trigger an auxilary panic on the system this is mainly for medical emergencies so that if anything happens let's say you know somebody falls you were to press that panic button and you want to have you want to have it set to mobile exhilarate central group 6 and then we have central group 4 which is fixed salary this is mainly for like panic buttons in a commercial area or say your home so this is where you keep in like a key fob stationary on a nightstand or you have a panic button underneath the desk if you hit the panic button it's gonna set off an auxilary a panic on the system but for this we're going to keep it on mobile intrusion and then you have sent your name we're just going to keep it two key fob you have the chime you can set any time you want to for the key fobs you have voice prompts and the source which is if if you have the closest IQ fob or the closest IQ father s-line this is where you want to choose which one it is right now this is the s-line version so once you've confirmed everything is okay just gonna press add new and now you have successfully added the key fob to your closest IQ panel - so to go back just hit the house button takes you all the way back to the main menu and then you're set to go and if you ever if you wanted to do it you just hold the lock button and then you can have the system going to that arm staying mode or even armed away right now I just went into an armed stay mode if you want to disarm it you just hold down the unlock button and then you're gonna have a disarm you want to set up a panic then at the top right you'll just hit the panic button we're not gonna press that right now don't really need the siren going off and that is how you enroll the quasi key fob with the closest IQ panel - if you have any further questions about the closest IQ fob or alarm systems in general please contact us at support at alarm grid comm or go to our website alarm grid comm if you found this video helpful please like and subscribe you know notifications of future videos please click the bell icon this is Jerry with alarmgrid you ever self a great day