Excluding a Schlage Z-Wave Lock

Excluding a Schlage Z-Wave Lock

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hi DIYs Joe from alarm grid and today we're going to talk about how to exclude a Schlage z-wave lock from an alarm system that has a z-wave controller inside of it today we're going to be working with the closest IQ - as we already do have the lock included to it z-wave controller already be excluded excluding is a process that is useful not only for z-wave locks but really any z-wave device it serves two purposes one is that if you have it programmed in to your z-wave controller excluding it is going to remove it from that controller so that connection that is between the lock and the z-wave controller it's basically finished and the lock is ready to be included into another z-wave controller or any z-wave device that you're working with the other thing that excluding does is it will actually clear out all the z-wave programming inside of the device this is useful because sometimes z-wave devices when you purchase them from the store they'll still have some programming in them from the factory from testing and if you go to include that device to a z-wave controller and they're still programming inside of it it may not include properly and it could give you a bit of a headache a good practice before including any z-wave devices to any z-wave controllers is to perform an excluded function on them first and then do an include function what this is going to do it's going to wipe all that z-wave programming from the device and it's going to get it fully ready to be included into a controller so if you do have a z-wave device and it's given you some trouble try excluding it first and then including it and you may find that it actually does work but this lock we already have into our iq2 so let's jump into the menu that shows where it is and then let's remove it from the system so I'm going to slide to the right we're on the main menu on our IQ - I'm going to slide down from the top click on settings to advanced settings into the - - - - default code go to installation devices and then z-wave devices now if I go to edit device this door lock side door this is our Schlage lock right here so when we exclude it it should drop from this menu so I'm going to click back I'm going to click on clear device and now the system is waiting for me to perform the function on the lock to exclude it before you do include or exclude any z-wave device expecially locks just check the documentation for your lock as each manufacturer has a bit of a different process but if you don't know exactly what to do and you miss a button press it's likely not going to work so to save yourself the time and trouble just check the instructions before you perform this function to make it easier for it so on our Schlage lock to do the exclude function I'm going to click on the Schlage button and I'm going to enter the programming code which you can find in the back of your installation manual that came with the lock ours is nine two five nine seven nine then I'm going to click on the zero button and as you can hear it was dropped from our Qualis system successfully and just to show that this is the case if I click on edit device you'll see that that side door that the lock was is not there anymore so it shows that we have successfully removed it from our iq2 if you do have any questions though about z-wave devices see you I've locks including or excluding quality systems or alarm questions in general feel free to head over to our website wwlp.com send us an email to support add alarm read calm or give us a call at eight eight eight eight one eight seven seven two it did enjoy the video feel free to subscribe and if you want to be notified when we post future videos at the notification button below and we'll send you an update when we do so thanks for watching and have a great day