Honeywell 5800C2W: Connecting the Battery

Honeywell 5800C2W: Connecting the Battery

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The Honeywell 5800C2W is one of the most a


And now it turned into a low battery problem. That's the other thing wrong with the front door. Again, how can a front door that's a simple reed switch have a low battery problem?

The low battery is indicating that our 5800C2W has a low battery. So, we take our battery leads. We slide them on, okay? Now, it takes a little while to clear a low battery. What we're going to do instead is disconnect power. We're going to unplug our transformer, disconnect the battery lead. Plug our transformer back in. Plug our battery back in. And all of a sudden, our zones are happy, because we now have our battery connected and we have the cover tamper on. So, that's a very key piece of information about the 5800C2W.

We're using zone one, okay? That's not the reason it was reporting on zone one. It will actually report troubles and tampers for the 5800C2W on the lowest program zone. So, if we had started on zone two and we did zones two, three and four, it would have reported whatever is the lowest zone programmed into the control panel. Let's say zone two on here was programmed 8052. On zone six on here, it would still show zone six, low battery zone six trouble tamper if that was happening with the C2W. So, that's something important to remember when you're setting up your C2W is, you want to have the cover on with the tamper, and you want to have a battery backup attached.

So now, to demonstrate that our zone is working properly, we have our panel here. We have our zone. Our zone is happy. We have chime turned on. We have our zone programmed for chime "Front Door". We pull our magnet away, and just as if this was a regular wireless switch, when we pull our magnet away, it reports the fault and it chimes "Front Door," on that particular zone.

It really is that easy to go from a wired sensor to a wireless zone on the Honeywell LYNX Touch, all right? So, this is our demonstration of our 5800C2W wired to wireless converter. It's a great option for switching over wired zones that you're leaving behind, to upgrade to the future with a wireless system that does all of the great features of the LYNX Touch. This converter unit is compatible with all of the LYNX Touch, and really compatible with any Honeywell wireless device. We hope you've enjoyed this video. If you have any questions on installing or programming your 5800C2W, please send us an email;, and make sure to subscribe to our channel for all of our future videos.