Honeywell 5800C2W: Review of Honeywell's Wired to Wireless Converter

Honeywell 5800C2W: Review of Honeywell's Wired to Wireless Converter

Each 5800C2W will have a unique serial number ending in 0 so you simply change the last digit of the serial number to match the zone number for the particular C2W you are wiring up at that time.
Hi, when utilizing more than one 5800C2W due to more than 9 zones, how can the second one be programmed if we utilize the serial number followed by the number of each zone up to 9? So on the second one, do we enter the serial number followed by zone number 10 and up, and then just name that zone appropriately like "basement door"? Thanks so much for the very helpful videos and advice! Will make my purchase through you to support!
No, you will need a separate transformer and battery for each. Each 5800C2W does come with a transformer though.
I need 3 of the 5800c2w units so that all my zones are individually mapped. I have 1 PIR the rest are door reeds. Can I use 1 transformer and 1 backup-battery for all three units?
It should stay connected as far as I know.
Sterling, thanks for the response I have the L5100 wifi installed and the z-wave module. I changed my router that was using a Guest account as the pw on my main router was with a % symbol and the L7000 had no key entry for that. Once on the main wifi account I was able to set the ipad to link with the L7000 - great - thanks for the help. It does time out and require a setup each time - can this be fixed so that it is always connected or can connect without going to the L7000 delete and add? Oh - good news is the camera now interfaces. Now I need to get the C2W unit to interface?
Do you have an L5100-WIFI module installed? Are you using the 1234 default master code to access the Keypad screen?
I have the Lynx connect app on my iPad and did exactly what the app instructed to get to a screen where it should see my iPad and it says " no items to display". The L7000 is coded RF House Code 11 I think I have a default code or some fundamental setting that I have missed? As my 5800c2w is not communicating to the L7000
Click the icon on the top left. Then select the programing video.
Have you programmed the wireless zones on the panel using the serial number on the 5800C2W? You will need to program each wired zone as a wireless zone on the system. Check out our programming video (Video 3 in this series):
My 5800c2w is not seeing the L7000 even when I follow the setup address process. Is there a way to ensure that L7000 is linked to 5800c2w
Yes, it converts wired zones into wireless zones that can be programmed into the LYNX. Once the wired sensor is activated, it sends the signal to the 5800C2W through the wiring and then the converter sends the signal wirelessly to the LYNX panel.
Does the 5800C2W communicates wirelessly with the LYNX panel?
Thanks a lot for sharing!

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Honeywell 5800C2W:
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Sterling gives a quick run-through of Honeywell's 5800C2W, an excellent transmitter that can be used to convert wired zones into wireless zones for use with the LYNX Touch series security systems. While there are other products that do this same sort of conversion, Honeywell's high-quality name is behind the 5800C2W, and its ease of use is unparalleled. Watch Sterling's review, and subsequent demonstration of how to hook it up and program it to a security panel.