Honeywell 5834-4EN: Program to L7000


So now that we've programmed a 5834-4 key fob. We're going to show you the same process for the 5834-4EN, same exact fob, just a very much different style. You get the nice, glossy finish, instead of the matte finish. And you get the nice silver background around the keys, as well as a nice silver at the bottom for our beveled edge, where our key chain ring is. So to enroll this key fob, we're going to use the same process we did for the other one. However, we're going to show you how to do high security mode on this one, as well. High security can be done in this one, as well. It can be done on any 5834 series key fob. We're just going to use this video as an example to show you the difference between high security and standard security. With high security mode, the key fob is sending a different string of digits to the panel each time it's transmitting. OK. So that way, if someone ever tried to spoof your key fob and steal the encryption mode as it's transmitting, they would then have a simulator fob to arm and disarm your panel. With the high security mode, it sends a new rolling string of digits to the panel each activation. So there's no way to spoof it. So it's a seldom used option. But it is very good for better security to avoid someone from getting their hands on a device that they could use to arm and disarm your system without a security code. So to program the fob, we go to Security, More, Tools and type in our default installer code, 4 1 1 2. It takes us to this screen, where we can hit Program. And again, you can program through the Zone screen, but you'd have to do each button as a different zone. And you have to remember loops, and this button and this loop and all the more complicated stuff. It's much easier to just go to Keys, Add New, and we have Key Type 4 Button. We do want to use all four buttons on this one. So we're going to do serial number. And just like we did on our last key fob, if we press and hold the button, that activates our device. Press and hold again. It activates again. And the third-- oh, it actually did all three there. It kind of took both together. But we now have our serial number. We have all four buttons mapped, arm, away, disarm, arm stay. This one can be changed so that this button is a panic. We're going to leave that off for now. We showed that in the last video. In the last step, selecting it to an available user, which is master. That's the only user code we have set in this panel. So we have our master code set, and we Save it. Now once we save it, we now have both key fobs. We have our zone 140 and 143, these four button. We have our zones 144 through 147 for this one. So we're good. We exit the Home screen. And this device is arming and disarming the system. Disarmed. Ready to arm. Chime.