Honeywell Home PROA7PLUS: Compatibility

Honeywell Home PROA7PLUS: Alarm com Compatibility



hey diy-ers george here from alarm grid today we're going to be going over whether or not the honeywell home pro a7 plus works with so the quick answer to that is no there are no communicators built into this honeywell home pro a7 plus security system in order for a system to work with it has to have an communicator which probably means you're going to be using a cellular communication path as that is pretty much the minimum requirement for an system but it also needs to be an compatible device this system it doesn't work with it works with a very similar feature called total connect 2.0 which we also have a video on that but real fast for those of you who do have honeywell systems out there specifically a wired honeywell vista 15p actually let me start off the vista 10p vista 15p vista 20p or the 21ip these vista panels since makes an communicator for them they're called the system enhancement modules sem and they come in either verizon or att dual path uh if you add one of those to your vista security system that is the only way you can essentially get service on a honeywell system is if you have a vista 10p 15p 20p or 21 ip with the sem now what is it's very similar to total connect for those of you who have it um is basically a web-based platform or cloud-based platform that allows you to access your alarm system remotely using a computer your phone a tablet as long as your alarm system is being monitored and it has an communicator you can use the app or website to arm and disarm get email text message alerts whenever alarms go off you can control z-wave devices lights locks thermostats garage door controllers light modules plug-in modules outlets blinds z-wave water valves if you guys are using you can also view cameras they also offer a stream video recorder which allows certain cameras to record 24 7. um and then depending on the system you can even live view the cameras from the touchscreen system as well um these are that that feature is going to be for certain systems only not every system that does does the live camera footage on the panel itself uh for this system however like i said you won't be using you'll be using total connect which also offers the same uh functionality the same features it's kind of like say apple users and android users they're both different platforms operating systems but they both essentially do the same thing you can browse social media you can make calls make text messages go on the website or surf the internet um it's just different platforms right so honeywell systems use total connect 2.0 unless you have a vista with an communicator and then there's other systems that have communicators specifically made for them 2gig dse uh qolsys interlogix simon xt panels um there's a bunch of systems out there that makes communicators for so if you guys are interested in and you want to find out how to make your system compatible with it as long as it's not a pro a7 plus we might be able to help you so make sure if you have questions send an email to support if you found the video helpful make sure you guys hit like underneath subscribe to the youtube channel and hit the little bell icon so whenever we upload new content you guys get notified i'm george and i'll see you guys next time