Honeywell L5100: Getting Back Into Programming After Being Locked Out

Getting locked out of programming on the Honeywell L5100 is a problem more common than we'd like to admit. If it's happened to you, follow the steps shown in this video to quickly get back in.

I assume you mean you're tapping the "Program" button after tapping Tools and entering the proper installer code and that doing so does nothing correct? If so, that simply means that whoever last exited programming chose the option of NOT letting the installer back into programming mode. You can use the video above to solve that problem and just make sure to always answer Yes when asked about allowing the installer back into programming mode when existing programming. If you're actually saying that hitting the 'Program' button causes the screen to blank out entirely, that would be something we've never seen before. Can you take a video of that happening and send it to
Question. Have you ever seen or heard of this, I can get into programming mode, but whwn I prwss tge programming button, the screen becomes blank. I can open any other site on that screen, pressing the programminf button, nothing. I've installing these for a year and the only thing that I can think is it's only allowing partial installer access due ti a programming error.
The Initiate Download option is used for Compass software which is special alarm company dealer software for remote programming that system.
I have an L5000 ; on the "program" page there is an "initiate download" option . I can't find any reference in my manuals about this . Can you provide some insight ? Thanks .
Do you have an L5100 or an L5000? The way to tell is to look at the four physical buttons under the touch screen. If your buttons have words AND symbols, you would have the older L5000 model. If you have just symbols on your buttons, you would have the L5100 system. If you only have 2 buttons, you would have either an L5200, L5210 or L7000.
My screen is white for 30 mins
Please email with "off topic" questions so we can keep this discussion relevant to the issue in the video. With that said, any motion you set as 'Interior Follower' or 'Interior w/Delay' for the Response Type will automatically be ignored when arming to the Stay mode.
Off Topic: Is it possible to preset customized Zones for a Stay Alarm with the L5210? I'd like to set Stay Alarm without the motion detectors? How can I preset this? Thanks
This FAQ is for an L5200 but it will help for an L7000 as well -
Can you help with a LYNX Touch 7000?
You may find the default code works. Most people don't know the installer code is different than the master so you may have been using the installer code this whole time, not realizing that 1234 will allow you to arm/disarm. If it doesn't work, brute forcing the code would mean trying all codes 0000-9999 to disarm the system.
I have not tried the default code 1234, if it doesn't work how do you brute force the code as the unit is not monitored. After this I bet I join a monitoring co.
Hi Gary, If the system is armed, the back door programming trick won't work as you have experienced. I would try the default codes of 1234 and 4112. If those don't work, then you must have somehow changed your code to something else and then armed the system with a quick arm function. The only thing you can do now is try and brute force the code or if you are monitored, your monitoring company may be able to remotely change the code.
Also just a note, my lynx is one year old bought new and has worked perfect up to this point. One thing odd, I have always had to enter my code after pressing arm stay, the night it locked up it went straight to arm stay when pushed without entering my code. Wondering if I could have pressed another button by accident??
Great video, however my lynx L5100 is locked in the armed stay mode, I've tries all codes and rebooted the power with no luck. Can you advise how I might unlock my Lynx
Happy to help!
you just saved me what likely would have been many hours of frustration....worked perfectly and let me back into my system --- thank you thank you!
If that is the case Fred, you must have a used panel that has codes already programmed. If you don't know the codes, and have no way of retrieving them from the previous owner, there is no way to use the system.
I have the same problem. I don't even have anything program in yet. default master code or installer code will NOT disarm my system. it stuck in "Armed Stay" mode. Please help.
As a security measure, the backdoor programming trick doesn't work if the system is armed. Try disarming with 1234. You may have been using the installer code to arm/disarm and your master code may still be the default 1234. If that doesn't work, do you have a key fob you can use to disarm the system?
is there a way to completely reset the system? my code will not work to disarm the system. I had to unplug the transformer and disconnect the battery. When I plug back in, I again can't disarm. for some reason it will not take my master code. every time I plug it back in it opens in "arm away" and I can't disarm it. it will not take my code. I try and try until the horn goes off again. only way I can shut it off is unplugging both transformer and battery. is there something I can do if I open the panel to just reset the system. I can easily re-program the components and just start over.
Well you should never have a system where an intruder could get to the alarm panel without first tripping a zone. Also, the Tools menu is not active when the system is armed so no, it is not a security risk.
Is this not a security risk? An intruder can quickly reboot the system and get the code....
Glad to hear the video helped you out Mark. If you ever wanted to consider switching to us for monitoring, we have some great no-contract options at and we specialize in the LYNX Touch.
the amazing thing is that neither the alarm company nor the installer knew this funny little detail!!! Thanks for the help!

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This video is about Getting Back Into Programming After Being Locked Out on a Honeywell L5100


Hi DIY-ers! Sterling from Alarm Grid here. Today we're going to show you how to get back into your LYNX Touch L5100 System Programming screen if you have locked yourself out. This will also work if you don't have your current installer codes. If you bought a house that had a LYNX Touch and you weren't sure what the installer code was, this will allow you to get into the programming, where you can then change and access that installer code programming.

This is one of the most popular questions we get. Not exactly sure why Honeywell added this feature to this panel. It's a unique thing to the LYNX Touch that no other Honeywell system has, but we're going to highlight how you, first of all, are locking yourself out, so you can avoid it in the future. Then for those people who have locked themselves out, we'll show you how to get back in, so you can continue to use your system.

First, we're going to show you, getting into programming, you hit more, Tools, enter your installer code. We have it set to the default, 4-1-1-2. We're not quite into programming yet; we're on this screen here. But if you hit Program, you see at the top it switches over to System Programming, and we are now into all the options that allow you to program your zones, and your other system settings. Any time you're making your changes and you get to this screen, if you hit the back arrow, you're asked this prompt: "Allow installer to re-enter programming?" This is the key screen, and this is where everyone gets tripped up. If you were to hit Yes, you're telling the system, Yes, do allow me to get back in. If you hit Back, More, Tools, enter the installer code, and hit "Program," we're back in, no problem. If we hit Back and we happen to inadvertently say No, or we don't know why they're asking us this and we hit No, they do ask you Are you sure? Which should prevent some accidental lockouts, but if you're confused, you don't know why they're asking you, and you hit Yes, and then we back out, we will no longer be able to get back into programming.

A weird quirk is that we are allowed to get back in as long as we've just said No, so it's about a minute or so would have to elapse before you would actually be locked out. To avoid having to wait a minute, I'm just going to arm my system, then do a disarm. Now if I try to go back into programming, I'm allowed to get to this screen, Program, Test, Rules, Events, Initiate, Download, and Schedules, but if I try to hit Program, the screen doesn't go anywhere. We have people call us all the time and say, hey, my LYNX Touch is not working, what's going on? If I ask them, is it because you can't get into programming, and they say yes, we know that they've been locked out. We've now locked ourselves out, and we're going to show you, if you've done this, how to get back in. What you're going to need to do is power-cycle your panel. There are three different ways to power-cycle a LYNX Touch. You can use the tabs along the top, pop them open, open the case, remove the battery on the inside, and unplug your transformer. That would fully power the system down, then you can power back up.

A much easier way to do it is by doing a system reboot, from the panel programming. You can do it from two screens. You can do it with your master code. You can go to Test, and you have a handy Reboot right there. The system would power-cycle and we'd get back in. We're not going to do that yet, because I want to show you the other way to do it, which is by going to the programming section, punch your installer code, 4-1-1-2. We still can't get to Program, but we can go to Test, Diagnostics, and then Reboot. You hit Reboot. It will ask you, are you sure? We are. We do want to power-cycle the panel. The panel boots up. You get this pretty little prompt as it loads up everything for the panel. We're going to wait for this screen to go white and then come back up. Load in all the files, screen goes white, goes black, then comes back up. As soon as this comes up, red system standby, you have to press and hold the Off key, which is this open padlock. You have to press and hold until the red bar at the top switches green, ready to arm, then you let go and press it again. You have a keypad, and this is what's important clear; you hit Clear, and then 0-0. Then, now when you hit Program, you're back in.

Obviously, that was perfect for when we locked ourselves out. Again, if we did not know our installer code, and we weren't necessarily locked out, but weren't able to get in because we didn't know the code, that's a way to get in without knowing the code. Now we're back in, and if we were to exit, and we say yes this time, our system is unlocked and we're back into programming. Hopefully, this will help you out if you've locked yourself out. If you have any questions, or you're not able to get back in, please leave us a comment below. Make sure to subscribe to our channel.