Honeywell L5100: Setting a Time-Out for the Backlight

Programming video showing how to set a time-out for the Honeywell L5100s backlight.

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This video is about Setting a Time-Out for the Backlight of a Honeywell L5100 Screen


Hi DIYers, Sterling from Alarm Grid here, and today we're going to show you how to set the key pad back light timeout for your Lynx Touch L5100 screen.

So many people ask us, "How do I have it so that the screen is not displayed at all times?" A lot of times it's because they have this panel in their master bedroom, and obviously with the screen nice and bright that would keep you up at night. Other people are worried about the screen burning out. That's not necessarily a real concern, but still we'll show you how to set it for a keypad back light.

So to set this you need to go into installer code programming. We hit more, tools, we enter our installer code which we have set to the default, 4-1-1-2. And then from the installer code section we enter programming, down arrow, system settings, and right here you can see back light time out. It toggles from no to 30 seconds. Those are the only options.

So right now we have it set to no, our screen will stay lit at all times. Set it to 30 seconds. Make sure to save because if you just back out it will not take the setting. If you go back in, you will see it went back to no. So we toggle back to 30, we save, we back out. Make sure to always say yes when this prompt shows you as you're exiting programming. We do want to allow the installer to reenter.

Back to the home screen, and if we wait 30 seconds, we're going to see that this nice color screen is going to go blank, so that again if it's in your master bedroom or in an area where the light would be distracting, it'll go blank. Give it a few more seconds here, and 30 seconds is up; the screen has gone blank. You can wake it up by hitting any of the buttons at the bottom or simply touching the touch screen. Very easy to wake it back up. So that is setting the key pad back light for the Lynx Touch L5100.

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