Honeywell L5100: The difference between the Master Code and Installer Code

The Master code and installer code are very different. Sterling explains what is different about each one here.

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This video is about Difference Between Master User Code and an Installer Code


Hi DIY-ers, Sterling from Alarm Grid here. Today, we're going to show you the difference between the master user code and the installer code. This is a question we get a lot, [many] of our customers don't realize that there are separate codes, one for programming the system, and then one that's meant for the end user to get in and out of programming.

As we deal with a lot of do-it-yourself-ers, this issue of keeping out a programmer from actually arming and disarming is something that a lot of people don't even realize, so we're going to show you the different codes and the different screens between the master and the programmer. So, we're going to first hit more at the bottom right, then tools. We have our master set to the default, 1-2-3-4, you enter that code and you can see that this is our master programming screen. We have users, events, test, keypad, date/time, reminders, slide show, and Wi-Fi config; so you get some basic programming here, things that the end user would need to do, no zone programming or all the other stuff that's done under the installer code programming.

So, we always recommend that you change your code from the 1-2-3-4, for security purposes. What you're going to do is go into users, you've got master, that's the code that's currently set to 1-2-3-4; you select it, hit edit. You can see that the master user code is actually in the user code slot 02, and again, that's because the installer code is actually 01. To set the code you just simply toggle into the user code with the four asterisks, and you would set any other code that you're going to use. 2-5-8-0, for instance, done, make sure to save; otherwise it will not take that change. Back to the user code screen and you can back out to the home screen.

Now, to arm our system, 2-5-8-0, system armed. We have set our master code. 2-5-8-0, disarm, so that is how you change your master code and get into the master code programming section. If you have any questions on this, please leave us a comment in the section below and make sure to subscribe to our channel.