Honeywell L5100-WIFI: Installing in the L5200

Sterling installs an L5100-WIFI into the L5200 security system. Very simple explanation on how to do install the wifi board.

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Honeywell L5100-WIFI - AlarmNet LYNX Touch L5100 Security System WiFi Alarm Monitoring Communicator
Honeywell L5100-WIFI
AlarmNet LYNX Touch WiFi Alarm Monitoring Communicator
List Price: $104.00
Our Price: $68.99

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Sterling installs a Honeywell L5100-WIFI module into the L5200 security system. This communicator allows the wireless security system wireless communication using the router. It is not as reliable a pathway as a cellular security system, however, it is a perfectly respectable pathway for those looking for a cheaper, but reliable option for their home system. The most secure communication pathway would be a L5100-WIFI combined with the 3GL.


Hi, DIYers. Sterling with Alarm Grid here and today we're going to show you how to install the L5100-WiFi board, which is a Wi-Fi Internet communicator for a LYNX Touch Security System. We have our LYNX Touch L5200 on our nice desk mount so that we can conveniently use the panel from our kitchen counter. We are using the Honeywell LT-CABLE to provide power to our panel, which you can see how to install that in our L5200 installation video. And now we're going to show you how to install the Wi-Fi communicator. The reason you would add this piece to your LYNX Touch System is if you wanted to get Total Connect Service and/or Central Station Monitoring Service. The L5200 does not come included with the Wi-Fi board. It is an add-on module. It fits inside the panel, allows you to connect your unit with your Wi-Fi router, and then you can get monitoring services. Total Connect is not available unless you have this unit or one of the other communication paths, the ILP5 hardwired Ethernet cable communicator or the GSMVLP5-4G communicator. If you choose to go Wi-Fi, it is a Wi-Fi connection back to your router. You do not need an Ethernet cable. And as a backup path, you can marry the Wi-Fi with the GSM for the most secure communication path. It would be Wi-Fi primary, cellular backup. So now that we've explained why you would be getting one of these units, we're going to show you how to install it. First thing you need to do is open up the L5200. To do so, just like on every LYNX Touch, there are two tabs on the top. Simply depress one tab, pressing forward towards the front of the panel. You'll hear a cover tamper, and it'll start to beep to alert you that someone opened it. You can press the button at the home, the home button, to silence that beeping. And then you do the same to the second tab. The front panel swings down. We have our LT-CABLE providing AC power here. We have our battery connection here. Before we install our Wi-Fi, we always want to power the system down. So we're going to disconnect our LT-CABLE. We're going to disconnect our battery. Now the panel is powered down. You look at the front. It's dark. No buttons work. To install the Wi-Fi, it always sits underneath the speaker. If you install it on the wrong side, because there is a matching connector on this side, it's tough to tell because we have our Z-Wave module in there. But if I just slide the Z-Wave out, you can see there are matching connectors, so that is a point of confusion; Z-Wave always on the left, Wi-Fi always on the right. So the Wi-Fi sits in this little slot, and you just put a little pressure on the right side of this black connector, force it into the board as much as it will go, and it sits right under the speaker. Before you close the panel, you should make note of the MAC and CRC numbers which are displayed on a sticker on the Wi-Fi board. You can find those same numbers on the side of your Wi-Fi box. The MAC address always starts 00 delta 0 two delta and then it's a custom six digits after that. And the CRC is an alphanumeric four-digit number. Those are the two pieces of information you will have to give to your monitoring company for them to activate your Wi-Fi communicator. We should also note that Rev 5.0.6 is the version of the L5100 Wi-Fi board that you need when you're doing the L5200 control panel. So now that we're installed, we know how to find our MAC and our CRC, we're going to power the system up. First we plug in our AC power. Then we plug in our DC battery. We close up the panel, and we wait for it to boot. It goes through the normal boot sequence. We come up with red, system standby. We can give it a minute, and it will go over to green, ready to arm. Or if we don't want to wait, we press and hold the home button, forces over to ready to arm in green. You'll notice that we now have a Wi-Fi indicator icon on the main home page. The system sees that it's got a Wi-Fi board, and it will show you whether or not you're connected to the Internet. You will need to connect to the Internet before you activate your monitoring, but that is how you physically install the L5100-Wi-Fi module. If you have any questions, send us an email at and make sure to subscribe to our channel to see all the rest of our LYNX Touch installation videos.