Honeywell L5200: Features & Differences of the New LYNX Touch Unit

The L5200 is the newest consumer panel by Honeywell. Sterling gives a great explanation of its new features showing users what they can expect from their L5200.

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The L5200 is the newest consumer panel by Honeywell. The panel replaces the old L5100, though much of the programming on the new L5200 reflects the old AUI programming found on the L5100. This makes upgrading your panel easier. But don't be fooled by the similarities. The value of this incredible panel is in the new, though not obvious differences. In this video Sterling gives a great explanation of its new features showing users what they can expect from their L5200.


Now, we are on to the new Lynx Touches. This is the L5200, just recently released, and this is the L7000. Okay, this panel has yet to be released. We are expecting it sometime in 2014. Honeywell has not given us a release date, so don't hold us to that. This is a beta panel, so we do have some information about it, but things could change, so keep note of that. Anything we tell you about this panel is not for sure, but it's as much information as we have now. So, first the L5200. As you can see, very similar body to the older Lynx Touches. Key difference, only two buttons at the bottom, and the home screen looks very different, whereas the old L5100, you had quite a few options on the home screen. The L5200 strips it down to the security side of things and the automation side, so really, it's breaking it down to the smart home system and the security system, navigating both from the home screen. Diving into the security, you'll see very similar icons to the older L5100. In fact, as you go through programming, if you've upgraded from an L5100, everything will look very familiar to you.

Things program very much the same, both in the master code programming and the installer code programming, so not a whole lot of new things there. If you're used to the Lynx Touch programming, you will have no problems with the L5200. The key differences are the number of zones. The L5200 can do up to 64 programmable zones, one hard-wired zone, same as the older ones, and up to 16 key fob zones. So, they have added a few more zones compared to the L5100, up to 64. In user codes, while the old Lynx Touch could do 16 total user codes, and again that's including a master code, an installer code, a guest or babysitter code, and a duress code, while the older panels could do 16 total, the L5200 can do 32 user codes, so they've added quite a bit of user codes to this one. Another key difference, this system is the first Lynx Touch system that you can view cameras right from the screen. It only supports AlarmNet IP cameras or any camera that may be connected to the Honeywell AlarmNet Analogue Converter Unit, the ACU.

But now, if you have a Total Connect camera, not only can you see it from the computer and the smart phone, you can also see it right from the panel. Big upgrade there. In terms of Z-wave, it can do the three garage door zones, the same as the older Lynx Touches, it still can do three thermostats, four locks, and 4-D light switches; switches, receptacles, dimmers, that kind of thing. So, similar, but some key upgrades, okay?