Honeywell L5200

LYNX Touch Wireless Home Security System and Alarm Control Panel

Honeywell L5200 - LYNX Touch Wireless Home Security System and Alarm Control Panel

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Flash-upgradeable, wireless, and compatible with almost every Z-Wave product, the Honeywell L5200 is the most full-featured security system ever released.
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The Honeywell L5200 is the newest security system released by Honeywell. Replacing its predecessor, the well-known L5100, The L5200 has some welcomed new features to the LYNX Touch line of wireless security products, including the ability to view film on the system's new, bright, high-resolution LCD screen.

The L5200 has the ability to be monitored over WIFI or GSM, or, if you'd prefer, it can be monitored using both pathways for additional security. Designed with the end-user in mind and not just installers, like some of the more complicated wired panels, the L5200 is simple to program and install. It is capable of monitoring 84 total zones, just like its slightly more robust wireless contemporary the Honeywell 7000.

The unit is a full-fledged system with Honeywell's legacy in mind, continuing the company's commitment to Z-Wave technology. With the simple addition of the L5200's z-wave module, this unit can easily be made the brains of your home, controlling both your security and satisfying your home automation needs.

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SmartHome Capabilities
Submitted on 01/23/2015

Not only is the L5200 an excellent security system, it also caters to almost every aspect in your home such as lighting, temperature, door locks, garage doors and even water valves! When I "arm away", all of my interior lights turn off. The lights are also on a timer with the alarm panel so I never come home to a dark house. This system with AlarmGrid is extremely powerful and practical.

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No, you can't hook up smoke detectors to zone 1. The hardwired zone won't allow you to program it as a fire sensor.
Since the Lynx will support a hardwire zone (, Could I use my smoke alarm circuit as this zone? Smoke alarms go to a relay that is NC, when it opens on alarm this zone triggers. The Lynx doesn't know what is on the zone specifically, just that it is "zone 1" and that it has alarmed, correct?
Yes, you will want to use the 5853 wireless glass break sensor ( for the L5200. It has a 25 foot radius of detection. The only way to integrate thermostats and lights is to get the L5100-ZWAVE module ( and purchase Z-wave lights ( and thermostats (
are there glass break or other sensors i can use on a lynx 5200.. the glass breaks i found say only 5800 or something.. i want to add to my system with thermostats and lights and more sensors because i cant use motion because of my animals
Hi Troy, The cleanest way to install the panel is to wall mount it and snake the power cable to the nearest AC receptacle. Here are some of our installation videos with the options: Wall mounted with snaked cable: Wall mounted with wire track: Desk mounted: I hope these help with visualizing the 3 install options. Please reach out with any further questions at Sincerely, Frank
Is there a clean way to install this so you won't have the power cord going down the wall?
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