Honeywell Releases Voice Activated WIFI Thermostat

CNET's Scott Stein puts Honeywell's new voice-activated thermostat on display in New York.

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Honeywell's got some awesome new products coming out. Not all of them are compatible with Honeywell's security systems yet. But usually when they release a technology for one of their lines, it starts to creep into the other, more popular segments of their business. In this case, CNET is showing us Honeywell's voice activated thermostat. From what we can tell, this looks as though it is compatible with Honeywell's Total Comfort app (which is very different than the very popular Total Connect app). So while it's not something that will be integrated into the security system like the ZWSTAT, this technology is definitely the kind of thing that we could see being added to all sorts of Honeywell's devices. A smart home of the future may include voice activated security systems, voice activated thermostats, voice activated smoke detectors, televisions, and more.


Hi I'm Scott Stein here in New York. Have you ever wanted to talk to your thermostat? Tell it to be a little hotter and a little cooler? Well that Jetson's future is here. The Honeywell WIFI smart thermostat with voice control, is coming at the end of October for $349. Now Honeywell has already had a WIFI smart thermostat before, and it connects to a very popular iOS and Android App that allows you to adjust the temperature. Now it’s got Voice control. And it’s actually cloud connected. So right now, you can say, “make it warmer, make it a lot warmer, make it colder, make it a lot colder, one degree, four degrees,” and, you have to say, “hello thermostat.” Like everything in your home, maybe you’ll start having conversations with it. And, there is a capability, apparently, of learning. So maybe in the future you can say other things like, “oy it’s schvitzing in here,” and you can get a little cooler or warmer, whatever you want. Talk to your thermostat, if you’d like to do that. But the WIFI Smart Thermostat will be available soon. I’m Scott Stein with a quick look at the WIFI Smart Thermostat here in New York.