Including the August Smart Lock Pro to the Lyric Controller

Including the August Smart Lock Pro to the Lyric Controller

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August Smart Lock Pro - Dark Gray Z-Wave Deadbolt Lock, 3rd Generation
August Smart Lock Pro
Z-Wave Deadbolt Lock, 3rd Generation
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In this video, Michael from Alarm Grid shows you how to include the August Smart Lock Pro with the Honeywell Lyric Alarm System. The Pro version of the August Smart Lock offers Z-Wave capabilities, which allows you to pair the device with a Z-Wave hubs and controllers. The Lyric actually has a built-in Z-Wave controller, meaning that you can easily pair the lock with your system

All navigation for the August Smart Lock Pro is done through the August Home App. You will need to set up your August Smart Lock Pro using the August Home App before you will be able to pair the lock with your Lyric System. This app is also what you will use for pairing the lock with the Lyric. You can download the August Home App for free from either the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store on your iOS or Android device.

When pairing the lock, you can go straight to the inclusion process. There is no need to exclude the device from the network, unless the August Smart Lock Pro has already been included with a different network. The August Smart Lock Pro is a very smart Z-Wave device, and the app will know whether or not the lock is paired with a Z-Wave network. This is pretty unique for a Z-Wave device, as it is usually recommended that you clear the device from the network before attempting to pair.

As for the pairing process, it's very simple. You will simply put the Lyric into its Z-Wave inclusion mode and then activate the lock's inclusion function through the August Home App. The Lyric should receive a Z-Wave signal from the lock and add it to the network. Remember that your phone will need to be within Bluetooth range of the lock, unless an August Connect WIFI Bridge is being used, in which case, the range increases to WIFI range. Also, the lock should be in close proximity to the Lyric during the pairing process.


Hi, DI wires. This is Michael from Alarm Grid. And today, I'm going to show you how to pair the August Smart Lock Pro with the Honeywell Lyric Controller. Now the August Smart Lock Pro, it's a multi-protocol door lock. It can do Bluetooth. But today, we're focusing on the Z-Wave function, which allows it to pair with the Lyric system, which has a built in Z-Wave controller. So the way you set this up with Lyric, you do pretty much all of it through the app, the August Home app, which you can download for free from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store, whether you have an Android or iOS device. And you're going to do most of the setup through the app. We're not going to go through most of the app setup. We're just going to strictly focus in on the Z-Wave pairing, which you do in the app. So we have our tablet device here. We're using Android here. And we're going to pull up the August app. Like I said, we already went through most of the settings and everything. We just haven't gone through the process of actually pairing it with the Lyric Controller through Z-Wave technology. So we have ours right here. It's an Alarm Grid headquarters, which is where we are. And our lock is appropriately named Front Door. That's a very creative name. And so we're going to click this Setting icon in the bottom right corner. And we're going to go to Lock Settings. And the Z-Wave settings will appear once I-- it registers the lock. Once it connects the lock. It can usually take a second. In the meantime, let us turn our attention to the Lyric Controller. We're going to go to Automation. We're going to press the down arrow. We're going to go to Tools. And we're going to go to Include Devices once we get this to recognize. I'm actually going to back out a second here on the app. It is connecting. We do have our lock here. Sometimes it takes a minute for it to notice. So we got it here. Go back to Lock Settings. And it's saying to connect to a lock to adjust these settings, even though we have the lock connected. And let's see. There we go. Z-Wave settings has appeared just now. It just took a moment. It wanted to wait around for a moment. Sometimes it will do that. So we're going to go to Add Z-Wave Network, this blue button at the bottom here. And we're going to put our hub, our Lyric Controller into its inclusion mode by clicking Include Devices. And we're going to press the button "My Hub is in Inclusion Mode." This is on the app. And it's verifying the setup right now. And on the Lyric, it says that the device is found. And it has successfully paired. Now, we are getting a message on the August app on our tablet device that the Z-Wave hub that's being used is using S0 security protocol, and they recommend using S2 protocol, which is a newer, more secure protocol. This is completely normal, depending on the Z-Wave controller you are using. In our case, the Lyric uses the S0 protocol. So that's fine. We're just going to click Got It. And it shows that our lock has been successfully added to the Z-Wave hub. So that's all we need to do. It may take a few minutes for the lock to fully appear on the Lyric system so that you can control it from the panel. It will also get pushed over to the Total Connect 2.0 if your system's monitored and you have access to that service. But that's how you pair an August Smart Lock Pro with a Honeywell Lyric Controller. So now that we have the August Smart Lock Pro paired with the Lyric system and we gave it a chance to register, get organized with the Z-Wave network, we can actually show you how the lock would open and close, lock and unlock. We don't have our lock attached to a door. As you can see, it's in my hand. So you're just going to hear a sound effect. But if you go into Automation and you go into Locks, ours is lock 241. 240 is a different lock we were working with. You can see that it's in its locked state right now, and if I press the button, then you'll begin hearing a nice sound effect. And if it were in a door, then it would be unlocking the door. But we have ours in my hand rather than a door. So that's how you would use the August Smart Lock Pro on the Lyric system. If you did like this video, please give it a thumbs up below. And remember to subscribe to our channel to get updates on future videos. And if you have any questions, feel free to email us at We hope you enjoyed the video. Thanks.