Is There an AUI Keypad For The Lyric Security System?

Is There an AUI Keypad For The Lyric Security System?

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In this video Jarrett explains whether or not there is an AUI keypad for the Honeywell Lyric System. At this time, there is no official AUI keypad for the system. But the Lyric Panel itself is technically an AUI controller. A user can also use the My Home Controller App on a tablet as an AUI keypad.

AUI stands for "Advanced User Interface". Simply put, an AUI keypad refers to a keypad that users a touchscreen. Unfortunately, Honeywell has not yet released an official AUI keypad that is compatible with the system. As of this writing, the only official external keypad for the Honeywell Lyric is the Honeywell LKP500. This keypad uses push-button commands, and it features a text-based display screen. It is perfectly suitable as a secondary system keypad. However, it is not an AUI device.

But Lyric users who want an AUI controller should not panic! There are other viable options available for Lyric System owners who want touchscreen operation and control. First and foremost, the Lyric System itself is technically considered an AUI keypad. It features touchscreen control, and all operation can be performed directly from the all-in-one wireless panel. That is why the Lyric System itself serves as the perfect primary controller for the system.

If a user wants a secondary AUI keypad, they actually have a rather unique option. They can use an Android Tablet or an iPad and download the My Home Controller App. They can use the app to sync their Lyric Panel and have an identical display screen appear on the tablet. Many users will then mount the tablet to the wall and use it as a secondary controller. This way, the tablet itself will become a secondary AUI keypad for the Lyric System.

Although there is no true AUI keypad for the Lyric, there actually have been Honeywell AUI Keypads released for the older Honeywell VISTA Series of hardwired panels. These AUI keypads include the Honeywell Tuxedo Touch, the Honeywell 6280 and the Honeywell 6270.


Hey, DIYers, it's Jarrett with Alarm Grid here. Today we're going to be discussing if you can use an AUI keypad with the Honeywell Lyric System. Now an AUI keypad or advanced user interface is a graphical user interface that you would use to normally control or easily control a Honeywell VISTA System. Now the AUI keypads that are normally used with the VISTA systems is either the Tuxedo Touch, the 6280s, or the 6270 keypads. Now the Honeywell Lyric System itself is an AUI device. Because it does have an easy way to be able to arm, to disarm, bypass zones, and to easily program the system. Now if you do happen to need a secondary keypad for the Honeywell Lyric System, then you can use one of two options. First option would be what's called the LKP500 keypad. Now, the LKP500 keypad is not your normal touch screen, but it is a keypad nonetheless. Now it does use Honeywell's newest SiX technology. So basically this keypad is encrypted, and it does have a bi-directional communication with the Honeywell Lyric System, basically meaning that it does send and receive signals to and from the Lyric System. This keypad does have a 60-second interval supervision through the Honeywell Lyric, so if this keypad were to be disabled or taken off the wall by any type of intruder, then the Lyric System will be able to determine that there is something going on with this keypad. Now do just keep in mind that if you were looking to get this keypad, the furthest you can install this from the Lyric System with nothing in between it-- basically meaning any walls or doors or anything like that, furthest it can be from the Lyric is 300 feet. Now if there are any walls or doors or anything like that in between the Lyric and this keypad, it will cut that signal down in half to maybe about 100, 150 feet. So you do want to keep that in mind when you're looking at this keypad. Now if this is not an option you would want to go with, then you can use the second option, which would be using an Android tablet, using the myHome Control app. Now that myHome Control app, basically it's an application that mimics the Honeywell Lyric's home screen-- the security settings and everything like that. So if you're using an Android tablet, the reason why you can use it is because it works off of the local Wi-Fi, so does the Honeywell Lyric. So as long as you have a Wi-Fi connection to where you're installing the Android tablet using the myHome Control app, then you should be OK. All right. The reason why I would suggest an Android tablet over an iPad using the myHome Control app is basically because if you're using an iPad and then using the application, normally when you have the application open for a certain amount of time and there's no activity, the iPod would normally close out that app. So if you were coming home from work or anything like that, and you're trying to disarm the system in time, you have to reopen the application, wait for it to sync, and by the time it's done, your system could possibly be going off already. So just keep that in mind. If you're using the Android tablets, then you can keep that application open all the time. It doesn't matter if there's no activity or anything, you can always keep it open. So when you're coming home from work, you can automatically disarm the system right there. So to show you what the myHome Control app looks like, I have the application open. So as you can see, it does have the interface of the Honeywell Lyric's home screen. You do see Security, you see Automation, you see Video, and Smart Settings. So if you want to be able to arm the system, you just press Security. And as you can see, you see Arm Away, Arm Stay, Arm Custom, and you do see the zone-- so you can see your zone list. And you do see a system if you want to view certain system information. So to arm away the Honeywell Lyric, you just press Arm Away and you would type in your master code. Default master code is 1234. And as you can see, the Honeywell Lyric is arming away right now. So to disarm the system, you would press Disarm, and you would type in the master code again. So Disarm, 1234, and as you can see, the Honeywell Lyric is disarmed. And basically to go back to the main screen or the first screen that you were on, you just press Home, and it takes you to the original screen. And that is how you would use an AUI keypad with the Honeywell Lyric System. If you have any questions on Honeywell Lyric or alarm systems in general, please contact us at, or go to our website-- If you found this video helpful, please like and subscribe. And if you want future notifications on any future videos, please click the bell icon. This is Jarrett with Alarm Grid, you have yourself a great day.