John Betlem Uses NetAXS 123 and Total Connect

John Betlem Uses NetAXS 123 and Total Connect

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Kathy Betlem: At John Betlem Heating & Cooling we do a lot of different services for people's indoor comfort. We're celebrating our seventieth anniversary this year. My grandfather founded this company. It's actually the fifth generation of family.

David Betlem: When running the service side of the John Betlem Heating & Cooling, we do have parts in separate areas, and control to those areas is given to only certain employees.

Todd Julien: NET AXS123 was a really good fit for John Betlem, because they had issues with being able to control the flow of traffic through their employees, and in this case, AXS was a perfect fit, because they really wanted to have some door control. both externally and internally on the building.

Kathy Betlem: With the NET AXS we can also track whose coming in and out the doors just by the fob, when it goes through, it does log it and it's instant. We can watch it here on the internet, and we were you know, just plain getting used to it, and we can see people going in and out the door, which is nice.

David Betlem: The fob helps out access to those areas and helps us keep better control of the inventory.

Todd Julien: The second component was they all live probably a half hour to 45 minutes away and they really wanted to be able to arm and disarm the system remotely, instead of driving in even several times at night to let technicians in to get certain parts.

David Betlem: We were running 24-hours a day, a technician would generally give me a call, and they do need a part and access to the building. They'd have me meet them at the office, tell them to disarm the building, and then get access to the parts room, it slowed them down. It added hours to their day. When Doyle initially proposed the system, they said we could do it by a computer and that was great, and then told us about Total Connect, where I could actually do it from a phone and that was excellent.

Kathy Betlem: With the Honeywell Total Connect System that we have there's an app, and it acts just like my keypad, inside the building. I can get on it turn on and off the alarm. I can check, "Oh, yeah, we're set." I can go to bed and not worry about it.

Todd Julien: Well, from my perspective, it's always fun to see a customer that gets excited, once you put a product in. They had a technician that had to go get a part, and it happened to be at 2 o'clock in the morning, so it's an emergency call. So Kathy was able to take the call from the technician, disarm the system, log the technician in, got the parts, take care of the customer without having to get up and drive. So she called us the next day, and she was just ecstatic about getting a good night's sleep, and really being actually more efficient for the customer, too. They really got the parts there quicker. The addition of Total Connect Video does a lot of great things to the customer. It also aligns with our mission statement to provide peace of mind, and the video is really what provides peace of mind for this customer, because the application that they want to take care of is when a tech comes in at night, and they're not around to see it. They want to see who the tech was that came in, and they want to verify what components they took out of inventory. Did they just take some ducts versus a whole furnace? That's what they want to know, and that's what the video did. They know exactly who came in, because they can see him, and they'll know exactly what components they took, and that provides peace of mind for the customer.

Kathy Betlem: It's very important to John Betlem Heating and Cooling to be on the cutting edge, and to be the leader out there for Rochester, to give that to our clients. It shows the value and that's what we always want to do is be out there, to be on the latest technology, so that our customers will have the best of what's available.