John in Nebraska wants to know how to turn the chime mode on or off on his LYNX Touch Wireless Control Panel

Turning the chime mode on and off on your Honeywell LYNX Touch L5100 is simple. Learn how to do it on your L5100.


John in Nebraska wants to know how to turn the chime mode on or off on his LYNX Touch Wireless Control Panel


Hi DIYers. This is Sterling with Alarm Grid. Today we're going to be answering a question from John in Nebraska. John wrote in asking how to turn his chime mode on and off on his L5100 LYNX Touch Wireless Alarm Control Panel.

It's a very simple process. For those that don't know what chime mode is, basically what it does, is it triple beeps at the control panel every time a protected door or window is open or shut. So if you have a wireless door or window sensor on your door or window, and you open it, it's going to beep at the panel. And it's a global setting, so you turn it on in the panel, and then each individual zone can be programmed to have chime on or off. So certain doors can have it and some can't. But you need to have it on at the panel for any of the ones programmed to chime to work.

So the way you do it is very simple. You hit settings, which is the one with the gears.

You click more, then you click the settings witht hte two gears.

On here at the bottom you chime, and there's a little radio button next to it. It will show up green if it's on, and gray if it's off. So now it's off. SO with it off, if I open my door and my magnet comes away from my 5811 wireless transmitter that we have here, nothing will happen at the panel, no noise is made.

So we're going to put that down, we're going to click chime on, click save, then click back, we're back at the home screen. When we open the sensor ro the door, you heard the panel make the chime. You can also see on the panel, when you pull it away, it shows you fault two front door which is the zone that this is programmed to.

So when the magnet is together, the system is happy and quiet. As soon as the door opens, you get the triple beep and the system will actually annunciate with the zone descriptor that you've programmed for your wireless sensor. And so John, that is how you turn your chime mode on or off on your L5100 wireless control panel.

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