Lyric Security System: Change Date and Time

Lyric Security System: Change Date and Time

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Unless your home or business is in the Eastern Time Zone, you will need to update your time settings to that of your area. That is necessary because the system communicates through the cellular network with the servers for live monitoring which are located on the East Coast.
Live monitoring is where the real value of the Lyric Security System lies. You can rest easy knowing that help is moments away in the event of an emergency with our team on standby ready to assist you. But for accurate communication between your Controller and the servers, the right day and time settings are crucial.
This video will show you how to update your time zone. Alternatively, you can set the correct time manually. However, the former is a more reliable method because it will update with Daylight Savings Time changes as they apply to your area.
Your current settings are visible on the right side of the Home Screen along with the weather and temperature. Note that the default time is AM/PM as opposed to military time. This video will walk you through the process using both the master and installer code methods for making changes.
The process is simple with either method. Access varies slightly, but the procedure is essentially the same. You’ll access the settings through the Tools menu with the master code. This area gives you access to other admin functions such as user management and events which are covered in separate videos.
The installer code takes you to the System Programming menu along with other administrative settings. The advantage of using this method is that it gives you more options for time zones for international locations. The procedure is identical to the above for accessing the keypad for entering your master code. You’ll see the same options as detailed above including Daylight Savings Time.
You must use one of these IDs to access these settings. If you need to change your master code, our video on resetting it will explain what you need to do. Once you’ve set the correct time, you can then set up home automation rules for all the sensors and devices on your security system. Our tutorials will show you how to customize each unit to fit your needs.
The Date/Time menu will also allow you to set your Daylight Savings Time setting by choosing whether your area follows these rules by indicating Yes or No. You can also change the start and end times if necessary. Once they’re set, you needn’t worry about the system updating when the time changes. It will go to the right time automatically each spring and fall.


Hi, DIYers, Sterling with Alarm Grid here. And today, we are going to show you how to change the date and time on your Honeywell Lyric wireless security system. So, this Lyric has already been associated with monitoring service and therefore, it's got the Wi-Fi communications active with the router. It actually has a cellular card installed as well. So, it's communicating to alarm net via Wi-Fi and cellular and it's actually grabbing the date and time based on the server time. So 6:01 p.m., it's already grabbing that time from the server. However, if we were in non-Eastern Time zone, this time would be off, all right?

It's smart enough to grab the time from the server, but it needs to be told what time zone the system is in. And so, if you're Pacific Standard Time and you want to change so that this timing is not three hours in the future, you have to hit security, tools. You can go at this two ways: installer mode or master programming mode. If you do one, two, three, four, which is the default master, you can hit date and time. You could select your custom date, but it's going to override when the server is active, so there's no point in doing that. Just hit the down arrow twice and now, you have this selection to choose Pacific. And if you save it on Pacific Time and come back out to the home screen, it will take a minute to update but this 6:02 time will fall back to 3:02 because there's a three-hour time difference between East Coast Standard Time and Pacific Standard Time. And because we've locked in that date/time selection, once the server updates, which we should be able to force it to update. Well, we could run a re-boot but it will update after a time and fall back to that 3:02.

Again, if you are not East Coast Time zone, you want to make sure you change your time zone selection in your panel to make sure that your server updated time updates to the proper time and you could see just right there, it fell back to 3:03. Now that we've changed it to 3:03, we lied. We are not in Pacific Time. We are actually in Eastern, so let's show you using the installer code, how to change it back. So, we did it with the master code programming one, two, three, four before. Now, we are going to do four, one, one, two, which is the default programmer code and when we hit program, we have date/time as an option. Same exact process. Down arrow twice, toggle it until it says East Coast. You'll notice also different than Lynx Touch, they've added a few different time zone options for people that aren't even in the United States. That's cool as well if you're one of our international customers.

So now that we've saved it back to East Coast, that one updated even faster. Right away, went to 6:04. We're back to the right date and time. So that is how to program the date and time. Really, once you're live with monitoring, which we urge every Lyric system to be monitored, the date and time portion will update live but the time zone portion of the date and time is very important in that you know how to select that. And that's what this video shows you. So, we hope you've enjoyed it. If you've any questions on how your date and time works on your Honeywell Lyric system, please e-mail us, And make sure to subscribe to our channel as we'll be releasing a lot more videos about this great new, revolutionary new Honeywell Lyric security system.