Lyric Security System: Join Lyric to WIFI using WPS

In this video tutorial you will learn how to join your Honeywell Lyric control panel to your existing WiFi network using WPS.

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The new Honeywell Lyric control panel doesn’t need a WiFi module installed by the end user to take advantage of wireless network communications. Honeywell has included the WiFi module with the Lyric.

All that is left for the end user is to enable wireless communications and connect the Lyric Security System to the home WiFi Network. This video will show you step by step how to connect to the wireless network in your home using the WPS option.

There are numerous advantages to joining the wireless network. The most obvious is for communication to the alarm monitoring company. However, the remote system Total Connect 2.0 also uses the wireless network to allow remote monitoring and access to the system as well as text and email alerts to your phone from the system.

There are two ways to join the wireless network. This video will cover the WPS method which may be needed in case you don’t know the password or the password contains special characters that are not on the Lyric keypad.

Access the Tools menu from the home screen. When asked for the code, you can use either the master code or the installer code. This video will use the master code first.

Enter your master code and select security. You will see the security options listed on the screen that are available to the master user. From this screen you will press the “WiFi Config” option. The video will briefly discuss the other options on this screen before moving on to the WPS configuration.

Before you can go further on the Lyric Security System control panel you need to place your wireless router in WPS mode. Refer to your specific router user manual for instructions on how to do this.

Generally there will be a WPS button on the top or front panel of your router. Pressing this button will enable WPS mode for a few minutes. During this time, any device with WPS capabilities and in range of the router can join the network without entering the password.

Once you have enabled WPS on your router, return to the control panel and press the WPS button on the screen. The control panel will scan for a WPS enabled access point and when it is found will enroll itself into the network.

Once you are connected the control panel will alert you to a successful connection and you can press okay and return to the home screen.

Be sure to return to the home screen after you are connected to the wireless network, all settings will be locked in to the system and should remain unless you change your wireless password at some point in the future.

You can view our other videos for other methods of joining a wireless network or any other feature of the Lyric Security System.


Hi, DIYers. Sterling with Alarm Grid here. Today we're going to show you how to use WPS encryption to join your Honeywell Lyric Security System to your router that supports WPS encryption.

When joining any Wi-Fi capable device to your router, there's a couple of different ways to do it. One is through WAP or WPA or WPA 2 security. That typically entails, on the device that you're connecting, going into the device's Wi-Fi connectivity options and selecting the network you want to join to and typing in the router's security password. We have a video on that. It's the Wi-Fi connection video.

Basically, we've already shown you how to use the WPA 2 using the security password and how to join a Lyric with that method. Now we want to show you how to use the WPS encryption mode. With WPS no security password is needed. The whole idea is, with the device that's in the house, in range of the Wi-Fi network, you're initiating WPS enrollment from the router. That's a manual action. You're telling the router to go into that mode. When the router's in that WPS learn mode, any device that supports WPS that is then put into WPS mode will automatically talk to the router, handshake, kiss off, give a good connection on the security password, it hands it off without having to type the security password in. It's an alternative way to connect to a Wi-Fi router.

The reason you may do that on a Lyric is because Honeywell doesn't give you every single possible character for a security password. For instance, if your password has an equal sign, this system, if we go into the Wi-Fi config option, and if we were to scan for a network and try to type our security password, you can see that even if we toggle over to the numbers there's no option for an equal sign. You can go and you put a dash or a little dash, you can put a period, you can put an ampersand, a dollar sign, but certain special characters are not yet available on the screen. This is a firmware updatable panel, perhaps character changes will come.

If you have that equal sign, perhaps eventually you'll be able to type that in. But if you have an equal sign today and you don't want to have to change your router's password, you just have to do WPS encryption instead. You'll still be able to join to your Wi-Fi network and it will still be secure. We're going to show you, there are two ways to do this. Just like we did on our Wi-Fi connectivity video, you can hit security, tools, and either type the default installer code, which is 4112, and you hit save. You ignore the AlarmNet 360, which has to do with connecting the system for monitoring. This system is not yet enabled for monitoring. We're just ignoring that 360 message.

From this screen, we can do comm diagnostics, configure Wi-Fi, and then WPS, and we'd be in the WPS enroll mode. The other way to do it, or the alternative way if you're not the installer, as long as you have your master code, you can hit the master code by default, it's 1234, and we're into this level here. You can see Wi-Fi config. This is the same exact screen as the programming screen that we saw when we used the default 4112 installer code. At this point, two different ways to get to here but this is how you do WPS.

You could see, it says right here, "Press WPS on the Access Point," then this WPS. Which means put your router into WPS mode, then press the button on here. I'm going to shout out to my partner and have them put our router into WPS enroll mode. On most routers your WPS button is labeled, it will either be two chasing arrows or it'll actually say WPS. You press and hold the button on the router. I just heard my whistle from my partner, let's me know he's now in WPS mode.

If you try to access WPS at the Lyric and the router is not in the WPS mode, it will not connect. That's why it's secure, because you're manually putting the router into that mode. With the router in that mode, you just hit WPS and it says, "Please wait." Our Wi-Fi indicator before had an exclamation mark letting us know we are not connected with the network. Now that it's cycling, that's processing the WPS connection. We can now see, "Device has been successfully added to the network." If we hit okay and we come back out, or actually if we go to Scan Access Points, you can see we once again have a check mark next to our Wi-Fi connection.

We had purposely put in the wrong network password to break the Wi-Fi connection. Now, because we've successfully enrolled it via WPS, we can see that we're now back online. That's how you would connect your Honeywell Lyric system to your router that supports WPS. We hope you've enjoyed that video.

If you have any questions on connecting your Lyric to your router via WPS encryption, please let us know. We invite you to subscribe to our channel so you're up to date on all of the new Honeywell Lyric videos that we release as we continue to evaluate this brand new system.