Lyric Security System: Reset Master Code

In this video tutorial you will learn how to reset the default master code on the Honeywell Lyric Security System control panel.

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When you first install your Honeywell Lyric Security System control panel, it will come installed with a default master code. The master code is the default primary user that will use this code to arm and disarm the system as well as enable features and functions on the control panel.

Every Lyric system comes with the same default master code. It is imperative to change the code as soon as possible to avoid possible by pass of your system. However, sometimes the new master code can be forgotten. This video will teach you how to reset the master code.

Unlike changing the master code, a rest of the master code will set the code back to factory default, which is 1234. To reset the master code you will need to know the installer code. If you are looking to change the master code, and not reset it, we have a tutorial video on that process in our video library.

To reset the master code, follow along with the video. You will start on the home screen and access the Security menu and then the Tools menu. You will need to enter the installer code when prompted for a code.

From the Tool sub menu you need to enter Program and then press the down arrow. The video will take you through each step of the process. One of the options you will see will be “Reset Master Code.”

When you press “Reset Master Code” you will be shown a confirmation prompt. The only options are yes and no. If you press no, the system will return tot he previous menu and the prompt will disappear.

When you hit yes, to confirm you want to rest the master code, the prompt will disappear and you will also be returned to the previous menu screen. The difference here is that the master code for the Lyric Security System control panel has been reset.

As the video will explain, there is no confirmation that it was changed, it just changes behind the scenes to the factory default code of 1234.

Press the back arrow until you are back on the home screen and then enter the tools menu again. This time, use the default master code of 1234 to access the master level of programming. You will access the master level menu, which tells you the code has been reset and that it works.

From this point you should view our video on changing the master code and change the master code to a 4-digit code you will remember.

While it is advised to never write down any code for your Honeywell Lyric system, the number you change it to should be easy for you to remember but difficult for others to guess.

You can browse our video library to view our other video tutorials to learn more about the master code or the Lyric Security System.


Hi, DIYers. Sterling with Alarm Grade here, and today we're going to show you how to reset a master code on your Honeywell Lyric System, alright? We have another video on how to change your master code. To change your master code, you need to know what your current master code is, and sometimes you don't know what your current master code is, alright? So if you don't know your master code but you do know your installer code, or if your installer code is left default, 4112, then without needing to know your master you can simply reset your master. Once the master is reset, it's back to the default, 1234, and then you can get in and change it from there.

So this video is for people that have the installer code. Either the installer code has been changed and it's been given to the un-user or the installer code is still left default 4112, but the master code has been changed and somehow forgotten, or whoever is trying to access the master code programming doesn't know that code. In this video, we'll show you how to reset that master code using the installer.

So the first thing you want to do is hit security, then tools, and because we don't know our master code, we're typing our installer code instead. 4112 is the default code.

Once we get into programing--ignore this screen, this system's not yet set up for monitoring--we're going to see this asking us if we want to join to Alarmnet 360 or associate it. That would be if you were going through a monitoring provider, which, in the end this system will, but for now we're just going to ignore that prompt. When we hit program, if we hit the down arrow, which is off to the right here, you can see "reset master code." By tapping that you have a yes or no prompt. In case you hit that by accident, you can back out and say no, but in this case we do want to reset it because we don't know what it is now. When we hit reset, it doesn't give you any confirmation, it just resets it. And now, if we hit the back arrow and do tools, and type 1234, which is the default master, we are now into the master level programming screen.

So again, if you have your installer code and you're able to get into programming, but you're not able to get to this screen because you don't know what your master code is, that is the step. That is the process to reset the master code back to default 1234, and now you have full access to go in and change the master code to something you'll use. Of course, the installer code will stay with whatever you had set before.

We hope you've enjoyed this video and we hope that's helped you get your system programmed the way that you would like to use it. If you have any questions on resetting your master code, or any questions at all about your Honeywell Lyrics System, please let us know. We'd be happy to help. And make sure to subscribe to our channel so you're kept up to date on all of the great new videos that we'll be releasing about this revolutionary new Honeywell Lyric System.