Pairing the Lyric Alarm System with Apple HomeKit

Pairing the Lyric Alarm System with Apple HomeKit

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In this video, Jorge shows users how to pair a Honeywell Lyric Security Panel with Apple HomeKit. By pairing the system with HomeKit, a user will be able to ...


hey guys I'm George from alarm grid today we're gonna be going over how to pair your lyric controller to home kit so first thing we want to make sure is that but your lyric system is connected to the Wi-Fi now one little caveat about the home kit is it does come with the latest panel so if you buy your lyric new you should come with the latest firmware version your now it comes with it in the firmware version however it still needs to be enabled by a monitoring company so you can't just buy the system and expect it to be home kit compatible right away you actually need a monitoring company to enable that feature for you yeah it's the way Honeywell has made it so if you're looking to use home kit and you're getting the lyric controller you need to make sure you're on the latest firmware and you also need to make sure that your monitoring company supports it so that they can enable it for you now little thing about this you do want to make sure you have the lyric connected to the Wi-Fi and here I have a tablet that's also connected to the same Wi-Fi you're going to need this for the pairing mode so the first thing I'm gonna do let me go ahead and get my iPad ready here alright so first thing I'm gonna do is open up the home app as soon as I open it up I've actually I have a fresh fresh screen right so my first button that I can press is add accessory so when I hit add accessory it's gonna ask me to use the home kit setup code look for the code in that accessory or its packaging and position it in frame however we don't have that code so what we're going to do is don't have a code or can't scan once we press that it gives us the different option now it's looking for nearby accessories that have the home kit capability and that are connected to the same Wi-Fi so this lyric here is on the latest firmware version and it does have the home kit enabled so that's why on our iPad we actually see the only accessory available is the lyric and then the rest of those letters there so once I click it it's gonna ask me to setup the code and on the lyrics screen you actually see it's asking me to authorize the pairing so it actually is asking for your master code so I'm going to enter in 1 2 3 4 my 4 didn't read and he cuz again it's gonna give me a code that code is what I'm gonna enter in here at the at the setup screen for the home kits so it's seven one one three zero five nine two now you see it starts adding it and as soon as it's done you should see the lyric come up on your home screen now here you can automatically see it says the lis default room lyric right now it's currently off meaning it's disarmed if I just press on that press and hold I believe give me one moment well actually I'm sorry yeah it's just asking me if I want to name it I'll name it I'll leave it as a lyric I'll make sure I haven't included as my favorite so that it shows up on my home screen once I hit done now it shows up right there I can actually it's a press and hold right so you press and hold and then you can set it to either away which if I do it should arm my system to away works almost instantaneously it's pretty fast so if you see the system right now it says armed away exit now and then all I'm gonna do press and hold I'm gonna do off home I believe is stay yep see it works right away I'll press off again and it'll disarm now again you can exit out of the app you will you've already paired the lyric to home kit so anytime you exit the app and enter back in you can simply boom bring it right up it's right there I believe it also works with series so if I tell Siri armed lyric away it should work what try it out armed lyric away now you can use Siri to arm the system but you cannot use it to disarm the system I believe that would cause a big security risk so I'll go ahead and try just to show you guys this arm lyric I'm happy to help you secure your home so it does look like it'll actually have a capability but you do need to have a code set up for this basically meaning not just anyone can tell Siri hey disarm the lyric if it does that you'll need to have a passcode setup so that then they can enter in the passcode so it's almost like hitting the disarm button on here and entering in your code it would be the same thing using the Siri let me go ahead and disarm it before off yeah now if you guys ever need to reset homekit so if you guys had it paired and you guys need to reset it I'm gonna show you guys how to do that we're gonna go ahead and hit security tools one two three four that's my default master code yours may have changed depending or a few or your monitor company changed it I then hit advanced and you see the reset home kit so if you're looking to pair a home kit to a new device you would just do the reset home kit and then you compare it to a new device now notice how I told you this is on the latest firmware version it has that reset home kit button here I have a lyric that's not on the latest firmware and when I go to advanced on this I'm actually going to show you guys here there is no reset home kit there's no reset home kit bought a button at the bottom you just want a moment see no reset home kit so if you guys don't see a reset home kit option on your system that more than likely means you guys are not on the latest firmware version and it's as simple as just letting your monitoring company know hey I need a new firmware update and I need you guys to enable the home kit so I can use it now again that was just a quick video on how to pair home kit to the lyric controller if you guys do have any questions you can email us at support at alarm grid comm again just a quick reminder before I in the video to enable home kit or to have Home Kiren 8 to have home kit on your lyric it needs to be enabled by a monitoring company yes I hope you guys found this video helpful make sure you hit like underneath subscribe to your YouTube channel and enable notifications so whenever we upload new content you guys are notified I'll see you guys next time