Pairing the Qolsys IQ Remote With A Qolsys IQ Panel 2

Pairing the Qolsys IQ Remote With A Qolsys IQ Panel 2

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Pairing the Qolsys IQ Remote With A Qolsys IQ Panel 2


hey wires I'm George from alarm Girt today we're gonna be going over how to pair an IQ remote to an IQ to system so we already have a video on pairing the IQ remote using the access point mode but today we're gonna actually show you how to pair it using the Wi-Fi so the first thing you need to do is make sure you got your remote right here on the back you're gonna see a little you have your power cable that comes with the remote so all you do is just plug it into the back now one little thing about the remote is if it's not charged up to ten percent or more the keypad will not turn on if you guys have it below ten percent you'll see it try powering on it'll load the loading screen for like the it'll have like the three the three penguins and the closest sign but then it'll turn back off it's not that your keypad is bad it's just that it needs to be charged a little bit more so it's just something to keep in mind so after you've let your keypad charge up for a little bit you're gonna go ahead and press the little side button it's on the right-hand side if you're looking at it from the front and you're gonna hold it down for three seconds and then release and then the keypad should start powering on you see the sorry it's four penguins and then after the four penguins is going to go into a closest loading screen and then it'll bring up a screen where you can pair the the the keypad to the Wi-Fi so while that's going on I'm gonna talk a little bit about what's needed in order for the remote and the the IQ to system to actually pair so before you do anything your IQ to system does need to be on a firmware version 2.1 point 0 or higher if your keypad error i'm sorry if your IQ 2 system is on a firmware version lower than two point one point zero then you will brick the keypad and you will need to get a warranty replacement alright so it's just something to keep in mind that there is a required firmware version on the IQ 2 now if you bought the IQ 2 brand new you're more than likely are getting the IQ 2 with the brand new firmware version so you don't have to worry about getting that done if you do you can always upgrade the firmware directly from the panel or you can ask your monitoring company to send it down from alarm calm now as you see here the IQ remote it went to the Wi-Fi screen so the first thing you want to do is make sure that if you're doing the Wi-Fi way of connecting up pairing the both you want to make sure that the iq2 system is actually paired to a Wi-Fi network now to do that we also have an FAQ I'm just gonna go through it briefly I'm gonna go ahead and scroll down from the top hit settings from settings we can go ahead and go into advanced settings I'm gonna enter in my dealer or installer code so 1 1 1 1 or 2 2 2 2 will work now obviously yours may be different or if your your monitoring company has changed it so you want to make sure you use the correct codes after you go into here we're gonna go ahead and go into Wi-Fi and you'll see here it's already connected oops sorry mine's already connected to alarmgrid Wi-Fi ok so I'm just gonna go ahead and back out to the home screen again that was just to confirm that your panels connected to a Wi-Fi network and so you can realize or so that you can make sure and verify which network it is connected to so on the remote you can choose the same one I'm gonna go ahead and hit alarmgrid it's gonna ask me for my Wi-Fi password which let me see if I got this right hopefully that's the correct password and it does seem like it's working which is perfect alright so you want to make sure you enter in your network password when you're pairing the IQ remote and then after you enter in the password you just hit connect and it'll connect to your Wi-Fi and it'll actually confirm right underneath the network name it says alarmgrid connected now we're gonna leave the keypad as is now we have to do something on the IQ to remote same almost the same steps that we did to check what Wi-Fi it was connected to I have to scroll down from the top well you can either swipe down or press the button either one works you can go ahead and hit settings go to advanced settings again your dealer or installer code I'm gonna just going to use my default 1 1 1 1 after there I'm gonna go to the installation I'm gonna go to devices I'm gonna go to Wi-Fi devices right because this is a Wi-Fi device the keypad and from Wi-Fi devices I'm gonna go to IQ remote devices and I'm gonna hit pair once I hit pair it's gonna go into a learning mode so it's gonna look for a keypad that's connected to the same Wi-Fi network so if I hit pair on here it's gonna go into a learning mode and then I'm gonna hit pair on the IQ remote and it's gonna say trying to connect now this sometimes takes a little bit of time so just be patient you'll see here it says downloading patch so if there is any firmware that needs to be downloaded onto your keypad well your you know while the pair is happening it'll actually push that through automatically to your keypad so your eye to your remote keypad right so the IQ remote right now is gonna be loading but if you look about the closest screen up here it already has learned in the IQ remote one so after you get that pairing process this will this should load up to 100 pretty soon after it's loaded up to 100 this is gonna basically give you the same control that the IQ 2 as now you won't be able to do programming on the IQ remote but you can arm in this arm you can control your z-wave devices you can set off panic alarms there's a lot of different things that you can do with the IQ remote you just can't do any program with it programming is that the actual panel locally itself now one little caveat remember this is actually using your Wi-Fi to cut the pair to each other which means that if your Wi-Fi fails the keypad is not going to be able it's not gonna be it's not going to have any connection to the iq2 system so if your Wi-Fi fails your keypad will also go down but as soon as your Wi-Fi restores the keypad should come back up now for those of you who are wondering well what if my Wi-Fi is not that strong in my house or let's say you install the keypad in an area in your house where the Wi-Fi doesn't reach or it's spotty one thing you can do is pair the keypad using the access point mode which we actually have a video for as well but now keep in mind if you do the access point mode you're actually going to be disabling the Wi-Fi path on the IQ too which means the only communication path the IQ 2 will have would be the cellular now some people are fine with that you know cellular is it's basically a hundred percent reliable right so some people don't necessarily need the Wi-Fi path but again just something to keep in mind if you guys do through the access point mode so as you see here it's currently downloading the patch it's at seven percent we'll go ahead and wait till he gets to 100 just so I can show you guys a quick arm and disarm to show you what the screen looks like on the IQ remote once it's actually paired so as you guys see it's that 95 percent now so it should be done with downloading the patch file which is just a firmware update for the system once this have 100% it's gonna verify the patch once it's done doing all the menus it's gonna reboot and then it's gonna go ahead and load back up with the actual screen so that we can arm the IQ too so what I'm gonna do on the IQ 2 now that I know that it's efficiently paired I'm just gonna go back go ahead and back it out to the home screen you can easily do that there's a home icon at the bottom of the screen if you hit that it'll take you out to the main screen alright the IQ remote is powering back up so we just got to give it a couple more seconds again you just got to be patient with it and if it fails just try doing the pair process again all right so as you can see download sometimes does take a little bit of time so when the panel rebooted it lost connection to the Wi-Fi which is why you saw that loading screen right there but like I said if it's already connected and it powers off once it powers back on or even if the Wi-Fi goes down and comes back up the panel reconnects to it and it automatically brought us up to the main screen as the closest now you'll see here if I armed from the remote it brings it up on the iq2 system as well if I disarm from the remote and I got it there you go it also cancels the disarm let's see if there's any there's a z-wave door lock which you could control from the remote if you have any lights thermostats plug modules LAN modules anything like that anything home automation that's z-wave you can also control from the remote if you guys have any cameras this is a garage door opener I don't think I have any cameras on my on my iq2 system but if you guys have any cameras you should be able to view them from the remote as well but again that was just the pairing process for the Wi-Fi path light the access point video is a different video so this is the Wi-Fi pairing of an IP remote - the ID - if you guys do have any questions feel free to email us at support at alarm CARICOM if you found the video helpful make sure you hit like underneath subscribe to your YouTube channel and enable the notifications so whenever we upload new content you guys are notified thank you guys my name is Jorge I'll see you guys next time