Qolsys IQ Remote

IQ Panel 2 remote touchscreen keypad

Qolsys iq remote iq panel 2 remote touchscreen keypad

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Any home or business that uses the IQ Panel 2 could benefit from owning the Qolsys IQ Remote. The IQ Remote is a secondary tablet which pairs directly with the IQ Panel 2 device through the built-in router.
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The IQ Remote allows users an additional way to arm and disarms the panel without relying on the smartphone app or manually selecting an action on the device. The remote also shows features that aren’t available on the Android app such as chimes, emergency panics, and a siren. The IQ Remote requires firmware revision 2.1.0 or higher on the IQ2 control panel. Failure to update firmware to 2.1.0+ on the IQ2 before pairing the IQ remote will brick the keypad and require replacement. Alarm.com offers over-the-air (OTA) firmware updates for the IQ2 so remember to ask your alarm company before pairing this device to your control panel.

Just like the IQ Panel device, the remote software automatically upgrades as soon as updates are available. The device is easy to use and can be used in any part of the house or building that is protected by the IQ Panel 2. This remote is a “must have” and offers added security and control for any user of the IQ Panel 2.

Benefits of Owning an IQ Remote

If you already use the IQ Panel 2 on a daily basis and control all the settings from your smartphone and have even enabled the Bluetooth to disarm your system, you may wonder why you might benefit from owning an IQ Remote.

Do you live in a big house, own a large office building, or just want to feel added security and control in your bedroom or a different part of your home? If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, an IQ Remote might be a great investment. Better yet, you can connect up to 3 remotes to the IQ Panel 2 device.

Placing a secondary tablet in the master bedroom or in another part of your work complex can make checking your security and controlling your thermostat or lights that much easier. Maybe your smartphone isn’t handy, or you don’t want to walk to the where the main panel is located.

Sometimes your phone goes missing, or you are too tired to go downstairs and activate your IQ Panel, wouldn’t it be nice to have a little added security and a backup device?

A Closer Look at the IQ Remote

The IQ Remote does all the things that the IQ Panel 2 does as it’s directly connected to the panel through the WiFi and the built-in router; this connection remains private and secure. The remote mirrors some of the same alerts as the IQ Panel, such as chimes, to indicate that a door or window is open or someone is at the door.

Like the IQ Panel, the remote has an emergency panic option which is easily accessible from the home screen. This feature can be lifesaving and come in handy if you have been injured and need medical attention or have become trapped in an area of your home due to a fire. You can select the appropriate type of help (i.e., police or fire) and get assistance immediately.

Similar to your IQ Panel 2, the IQ remote is easy to navigate through finger touches, swipes and scrolling. Swipe down to access settings and swipe left to dismiss a page (or go back). Your message center, which is much like the “mail” icon on your smartphone has tutorials, contact information, and messages/alerts/alarms.

The IQ Remote allows specific users, such as the Master, to maintain control of specific settings to ensure security and peak performance.

IQ Remote Specifications

The seven-inch LCD touchscreen is nearly identical to the IQ Panel device, which makes it easy and convenient to use every time rather than struggling to figure out how it works. The dimensions are 4.25" H x 7.5" W x .33" D and the power supply has an Input 100-240VAC 0.3A/ Output 5V 2000mA.

Like the IQ Panel 2, it is a “tool less” design, which makes it more portable and easy to use immediately.

Connecting the Remote to WiFi

The remote pairs with the IQ Panel over a secure WiFi network and must be connected to the same network as the panel before it can be added on to the system; connecting to the WiFi can only be done by the user with the Master code.

Simply go to your settings, touch “WiFi settings”, make sure the WiFi is turned on by swiping right and select the network from the available list. After you enter the WiFi network password, your remote should be connected.

Pairing the Remote with the IQ Panel

Pairing your remote with your IQ Panel is easy, as long as your software is updated and the remote and panel are connected to the same WiFi network. Select “settings” and enter the installer code. If you don’t have it, the default is 1111.

Next, select “installation” then “security account” and then scroll to the bottom of the page to make sure the box next to “IQ2 Panel” is checked. Then you should select “Back,” touch “IQ2 Devices,” select “Add New,” and touch “Quick Name” to open a selection of default name choices.

You should enter the IP Address of the IQ2 device into the correct field on the IQ Panel and then select “Save.” These steps should synchronize your remote and IQ Panel.


As with other Qolsys IQ devices, if you encounter any issues, you may be able to reboot the system. If you are unsure whether or not rebooting your system is the best option, contact customer care.

Failure to follow the directions when troubleshooting your IQ remote can void any warranty that you may have on the device.


Unfortunately you can not because the transformers main purpose it convert to low voltage power for the panel to work on.
Is there a way to use the previews power cables in the wall instead of the AC adapter? House is prewired and I would rather not have an AC adapter plugged in. Thanks.
What do you mean by the panel plugs weren't working right?
HAHAHAHA! All 4 of mine that came in the mail, none of the panels plugs work right.. I want to unscrew it and just uses the pos and neg on the inside wiring of an outlet but apparently thats too much power.
Have you attempted to use another outlet to see if this gives power to the remote?
My IQ remote is not charging. Now it shows 0% and . Will not turn of the app after the charged percentage depleted down to Zero.
Hi Mark, we have confirmed that the remote keypad will not have the GBD or the motion built in, but you will be able to bypass sensors from it.
Wondering if this has the built in glass break like the panel? Also, I know qolsys had talked about a built in motion in the panel (that hasn't been enabled yet) wondering if the remote has that? Finally, I assume you can bypass sensors on this remote?
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