Powering the Interlogix Simon XT

Powering the Interlogix Simon XT




hey di wires I'm George from alarm grid today we're going to be going over how to get power to a Simon XT system now if you bought the Simon XT system brand-new then it should it came with the actual system it should have came with the 9 volt AC transformer and it should have came with the cable needed to power on from the transformer to the panel now this cable is an 18 gauge cable it's I think it's a six to eight feet long and one of the ends is actually has the Spade connectors already spliced in and then the other end is unfinished I'm going to show you guys once we open up the panel so I'm gonna go ahead and just get right to it so first thing we're gonna want to go ahead and do is make sure the whole system is powered down right if it's brand new nothing's connected so you're starting off from scratch first thing I'm gonna do is get my Spade connectors my finish ends and connect them to the terminals on the transformer so I'm gonna go ahead and plug it in here you want to go ahead and secure tight you will need a screwdriver to get power if you can't tell already boom that ends connected connect the second end now if the six to eight feet long cable is not long enough for you guys if you guys need to extend it make sure that you guys do you than 18 by to gauge wiring and just connect it to the other end which you guys are gonna see in just one second here so now that I have my Spade connections connected to the terminals on the nine volt AC transformer I'm you're just gonna double check to make sure that you know they're not loose they're not coming off that's good make sure you leave this unplugged for now yeah so make do not plug it in just leave it off to the side the system I'm just gonna go ahead and swing it open here and you're gonna see I have the backup battery unplugged and this is the other end of the of the cable of the 18 gauge cable so if you guys needed to extend it this is where you guys would connect the other 18 gauge cable that you guys are using to extend you would splice it into here connect them and then the other end will go plugged into the terminal bus now just so you guys can see the terminal bus I'm gonna take it off the hinges you'll see here there's two nine volts AC in terminals I believe that's four and five yeah so these first two terminals right here that's where these are gonna plug into now since this is an AC transformer you don't have to worry about getting positive to positive or negative to negative you just have to connect the wires into the actual terminal bus on the Simon XT so to do that first thing I want to go ahead and do is just go ahead and bunch this bunch of this stranded wire together so it does makes it easier for me to connect to the terminals now these terminals should be loose so again like I said you just have to put it underneath the plate and then secure the terminal down go ahead and do the other one underneath the plate screw terminal down and remember I have the AC transformer unplugged so there should be no power going to the system just yet now before we plug the actual AC transformer in I need to connect this back up battery now this one's gonna give us a little bit of problems just because these two latches here make it a little difficult to take the battery out and to put the battery back in but at least now you know the backup battery isn't gonna fall out easily because of those two latches so first thing you need to do I'm just gonna hold one latch out I'm gonna pull it out from the bottom right from the the part that doesn't have the part opposite of the actual connectors pull this back a little bit take the end out comes right out now you hear you have a red and black connector so you do need to make sure you connect it to there and black on the back of battery so I'm just gonna connect the red here and then the black connection to the black now what I'm gonna do I'm gonna insert it top down actually I'm yeah you could this is this is what this is the part I was telling you that's difficult right if it's difficult for me I'm sure you guys are gonna have issues too with it you want to make sure you try to get one end in first and then the other one if you can just pull back the latch a little bit should make it easier to just snap in the two wires are gonna go on to right beneath the latch here so it locks into place we're gonna go ahead and connect this back there make sure you latch the bottom plate onto the back plate swing it up locks into place now here it does look like the backup battery actually powered the system on usually the system does not power on until you got the AC transformer connected so now I'm gonna go ahead and connect this sorry and as soon as I connected the AC transformer it looks like the back light the blue light display came on so it looks like the the backup battery just powers on the system itself but to get that back light powered on you do need to get the AC transformer plugged in now real quick thing one one thing I forgot to mention here while you guys are plugging the system in make sure that you fish the wire through the small little hole here first what happens is if you just if you don't fish the wire through the back plate you just connect it to this and then you put the back plate on there's the wire can get caught in between the actual cover the actual system and the back plate itself and it could cause a tamper issue because it won't allow the system to close properly so make sure you fish it through the back plate so that way everything snaps shut and there's no tamper from other of the cover of the system now that was just a quick easy way to get power to the Simon XT system if you guys do have any more questions you can email us at support at alarm grid comm if you guys found this video helpful make sure you hit like underneath subscribe to the YouTube channel and enable notifications that way whenever we upload new content you guys are notified I'm George from alarm grid I'll see you guys next time