Programming a 5816 Sensor

This video is about Programming a 5816 Sensor.

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This video is about Programming a 5816 Sensor.


hey DIY ours I'm George alarmgrid today we're gonna be going over how to learn a 5816 wireless wireless door window sensor into a security system now these this 5816 it can learn into any any Honeywell security system as long as it has a wireless receiver built in it also learns into a into all the 2gig panels and if you have a kosis panel with a Honeywell daughter a daughter board card in it then you can also learn it into the IQ panel as well we don't have one in ours so today I won't be demonstrating it on that but I will be showing you how to do it on the lyric l7000 the gc3 and then later on on my Vista panel which is over here and I'll explain a little more when I get into that so first thing we're gonna do is the lyric now for the lyric you want to make sure that you put it into programming so to do that we start off on the home screen I'm gonna go ahead and hit the security button on the top left I'm gonna make my way over to tools enter in my installer code I have it defaulted so my default installer code is for one one two yours could be different if you or your if you or your monitoring company has changed it I'm gonna go over to program then I'm gonna go to the zones and as you can see the first two are actually hardwired zones I'm gonna skip past those if you just simply hit add new it'll take you to the next zone available up there you'll see it says zone 3 that's my next own available for the 5816 we do need to learn it in manually so we have to go to serial number and now you can do the auto learn so if you trip this three times I'm gonna go one you heard the panel beep again put it together now it's populating a serial number and a loop number and then I do it one more time to confirm and it backs it out to the home screen now if you guys want to confirm that the correct device learned in you can match the serial number up there with the serial number on the sticker zero four two three eight zero zero and the thing with the 5816 s is that it actually learns in as loop number two loop number two is means that it's using the actual read switch in the 5816 if i simply open this up real fast for you guys let me show you you'll see that it has the read switch right here I'll put it in this camera here read switch right here and then it has the terminal block so you can actually use a wired contact in the 5816 and use loop number one if that's something you guys ever wanted to do but since we're using the wireless read switch right here yeah that's the actual wireless device that's what we're gonna be using then we have to set it to loop two so for any links panel any lyric and the Honeywell system that you use you always want to use loop two for the 5816 if you're using it as a wireless device loop one if you're using wired contact in the terminal blocks and just so you guys know the terminal blocks only takes normally closed sensors yeah so door window sensors anything that's normally closed alright I'm gonna go ahead and close this back up just hook it from the bottom and then slide the top on now after I'm done here you can set the zone description whatever you like device type it could either be set to door window you have a lot of options I'm gonna leave it as door response type if it's a front door I'd want to want to leave it as entry exit if it's a door that nobody enters in from usually I probably want to set it to a perimeter that makes the alarm go off right away supervision that's whether or not you want this the sensor to be supervised or not so if any one tampers with it if it loses a battery life someone takes a cover off anything like that you do want it to be supervised alarm report you want to make sure it's set to yes if the sensor is reporting to the Central Station and then chime the lyric you can switch the chimes for the sensor after you're done you want to make sure that you hit save and then if you go back into your front door you'll see serial numbers in there everything that you put is saved I'm gonna go ahead and back out now and my panel will start beeping because it is not active so moving on to the l7000 we're gonna go ahead and start off at the home screen again it's going to be basically the same process as we did on the lyric so the l7000 we're at the home screen we're gonna hit security we're gonna go ahead and hit more make our way over to tools and again my panel is defaulted so I'm going to use the default installer code for one one to make my way over to program zones and the l7000 if you look at the first zone it has one available hardwired spot into it so if again if you just hit add new it'll take you to the next available zone which for me is zone 2 and again you have to hit the serial number as you are programming this manually so you go to serial number now you can activate the sensor put the magnet next to the read switch you connect it disconnected it panel beeps once connect/disconnect beeps 2 starts populating the serial number and the loop number and then one more time to confirm 3 again the loop number is set to 2 I have mine set to front-door device type is door response type entry exit again you can switch it to perimeter you can change stuff around the alarm report is the same supervision is the same in the chime again ever sorry Oh same everything we did on the lyric right so after you're done with that again hit save make sure you save your work or if you'd be just back out nothing will we work and you'll be frustrated why your sensor is not making your panel chime yeah so for this to exit programming one important thing hit the back arrow key all the way to get to this screen next thing I do is gonna prom if I want to allow the Installer to reenter program this is something different we didn't see on the lyric for the links panels you always want to make sure you say yes what happens is if you say no you lock yourself out of programming and then you have to backdoor into it which is quite time-consuming sometimes if you do if you run into some issues so that was the lyric that was the l7000 now we're gonna move our make our way over to the gc3 so so start off with the gc3 first we want to tap the screen on yep it's gonna take us to our home screen what we're gonna go ahead and want to do is on the top right hit the 2gig icon it's gonna bring you to the installer toolbox right away which is what we want I'm gonna enter in my default installer code since my panel is defaulted so that's one five six one I'm gonna make my way over to system configuration I'm gonna go to wireless zones because that's what I want to configure and then for this one it's gonna show me all my zones listed to the left-hand side you can go to a zone you can scroll down hit I'm gonna start off with my zone one just because there's a fresh panel I'm gonna go ahead and do edit zone that's how you go into the edit screen sensor type right now it says unused you can open up the drop-down to look through the menus and you'll actually see us as entry/exit perimeter so this is the this is the response type on a links panel right sensor type response type so I'm gonna go ahead and set the response type as a perimeter the equipment code sorry equipment code again you can open up that drop-down and you'll see here it gives you a list of 2gig options I'm gonna go ahead and just click and scroll down I'm gonna find my Honeywell a door sensor HW says right now mine is a 5816 so my code is zero 637 so Honeywell door/window 5816 I'm gonna select the 5816 serial number if you want to learn it in by trippin it the same way we did on links panels all you have to do is hit learn it says it's listening so I'm gonna grab my contacts my sensor place them together boom serial number hits in you want to make sure it matches zero four two three eight zero zero that's what I see there perfect hit accept equipment age you can always leave as new it's fine with that sensor loop remember loop two you're using the read switch so you need to use loop number two so I'm gonna change that transmission delay now this is something an option that was not given to us on the Lynx lyric panels into zone programming it is something that's found in the settings for the system well for this transmission bility if you're being monitored just simply please disable that we don't want it to be any transmission delay if an alarm goes off for this zone we want the signal to be sent right away so transmission delay I'm gonna disable that because I want it to go off right away voice descriptor ooh sorry voice descriptor you can edit it you can add front door side door back door living-room window whatever you want whatever you decide to use this for sensor reports we want enabled because you want it to send a signal if you're being monitored supervision again enabled and then the sensor chime if you want the door to chime every single time you can choose voice only and then it has other options dingdong which is I could doorbell and you can do they have different kinds of chimes just like the other panels once you're done we here we're gonna go ahead and for this one we actually don't need to save them till the very end so we're gonna do return to system configuration it actually has it highlighted in orange that I've changed something my wireless zones if I just hit the back arrow key it'll show you what I've added or what I've changed it here says for example wireless zone the shows a serial number which matches everything you can review if you've done more you can always scroll down again I'm gonna sit save and now my door is learning to my dc-3 and it shows ready to arm again I'm pretty sure all three panels are gonna beep right now because it's learned and so every single one so I won't set sensor one open lyric says not ready to arm there's a false a no trouble and then the l7000 is also not ready to arm because this door is faulted I connect it should go back ready to arm that's gonna bring us to the end of our 5816 programming video I showed you how to do it on Honeywell panels on a 2gig panel if you guys do have any questions feel free to email us at support at alarm grid comm if you found this video helpful make sure you hit like subscribe to our YouTube channel and enable notifications that way whenever we upload new content you guys do get notified my name was George with alarmgrid thank you guys I'll see you next time