Programming a Keyfob to an Interlogix Simon XT

Programming a Keyfob to an Interlogix Simon XT

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hi the outliers go from alarm dried and today we're going to talk about how to enroll a key fob to our Simon XT system now the system can hold up to 40 different zones and each key fob is only going to occupy one zone and system programming at the central station the zone that the key fob is programmed to that is the zone that is going to come in on the signal report and it will work like that now the key fob can be programmed into the system in a few different ways for a few different functions mainly concerning the panic button on the key fob if you go into the installation manual for the actual Simon XT that's where you're going to find information about the key fob and that's where you'll figure out how you best want it to be programmed if you did buy a key fob that we're going to be using today this is an inner logics key fob a 1090 for the installation manual for this isn't going to tell you anything about programming to the Simon system so definitely check out the Simon install guide and I'll tell you the different things that we're about to review now the key fob based on the group number that it's programmed into the system as that's going to tell it how the key fob is supposed to work there's four different groups that are recommended to be used for a key fob they're going to be groups number one groups number three groups number six and groups number seven groups number one has the panic button on the key fob active and it's going to have it as an audible police panic group number three has the panic button active and it has as a silent police panic group number six has the panic button active and it has it as a medical or auxilary button which means that it won't sound the main alarm but it will have the system beep it's great to be used as I said for medical panic or other such thing and then group number seven as a portable auxilary button which we're not going to review today most likely you'll be using groups one groups three or groups six to program and your key fob now on the system it programs and like any other security sensor everything on our system is defaulted so the first note we're going to have to do is go into system programming as you can see we're on the main dish storm screen it's gonna fresh down down down down down there you go so system programming we're going to click OK to confirm and then our default our codes are all defaults so we're going to do 4 3 2 1 and ok now we're in the programming submenu so if we press it down we want to access the zones so right here sensors that's where we want to be we're in a hit ok to go into that and then right here it says learn sensor so we click ok so it's saying to trip the sensor so now if we take our key fob and I press and hold the top two buttons it just learned the sensor in and now it's prompting us to enter the group number for the sensor as you can see you can enter really any group number so you're going to want to make sure that you do pick the right one or your key fob may not work as expected for now let's set it to be an audible police panic so if I go up you'll see that the group number changes or actually down that's the direction we want to go and it's going to toggle between the different groups that are available so group number one that's what we want so I'm going to click OK and then it's going to jump down it's going to let us change the Alpha for the zone we want to name it what it is so I believe if we look for the key fob we have a preset name called keychain so we can click OK and then you're going to see that a little digit or cursor opens up next to it which you can click to add a second word to the descriptor if you like I believe if I click status we go back ok cool I didn't want to enter that word so if you have an edit in here that you don't want if you click status it's going to jump you back to the previous menu and then you'll be able to redo the programming and set it in the way that you would like so as you can see it's telling us to trip again so I'm going to trip the fob I'm going to set it to group number one click okay then I'm gonna go down until it says keychain and I'm gonna click OK and then I'm gonna click OK just to confirm that and then we're all set see how it says trip sensor number 3 that means that the key fob is enrolled into zone number 2 we have a security sensor in zone number 1 so we can use the key fob now or you should be able to use the key fob to arm and disarm the system and use the panic button so I'm gonna click status to go back status status status status now we're back on the main screen so now that we have our key fob programming in the system it should work as we had programmed it the unlock button is going to unlock the lock button is going to armed and let's see what that actually does so if I press the lock button you'll see that it says doors and windows so one press means that the system is going to just armed the doors and windows this is your stay mode on the system if I press the lock button again it's going to do the doors the windows and the motions so that would be your away setting on your system now if I click the unlock button you'll see that we're disarmed and then a little light down here what this is going to do if I click that it's going to turn all the lights off so if you do have lights program to the system via Zee web you'll actually be able to use your key fob just click this button really quickly and then it'll turn all your lights off when you're leaving the house this last button is our police panic and because I don't feel like having my ears bleed this morning I'm not going to press that but if you do press and hold that it will trigger a loud panic from the system that's how you program in a key fob to your Simon XT thanks for watching if you did enjoy the video feel free to subscribe if you want to be updated when I post future videos click the Update button below and we'll send you an update when we do so if you have any alarm questions about alarm systems or alarm monitoring head over to our website give us a call at eight at eight eight one eight seven seven to eight or send us an e-mail to support at alarm grid comm thanks for watching and have a great day